1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Name Leo Johnathan Fox

Rank 1st Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft2in
Weight 245
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description built like a tank for what some people consider a small stature. His black hair is cut rather short but he tends to keep the front top a bit spiked up,but nothing crazy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Leo Fox SR - Deceased
Mother Priscilla Fox - Deceased
Brother(s) Brother Michael "Mikey" Fox was KIA by a Romulan Terrorist cell. Revenge was taken. Details are generally classified.
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hailing from Dublin,Ireland,Earth...Leo enjoys professional wrestling of the 21st century as a way to stay in shape. With no parents to speak of he has a strong front and a shy inside. When speaking about family stuff he tends to keep to himself. His list of friends is short as he has trust issues. With how mean kids were around his childhood he grew up as a scrapper so he wouldn't get picked on so much.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Heck of a hand-hand fighter
+ Fighter Pilot Skill
+ Extensive Survival Training

- Trust Issues
- Tries not to make friends
- is rather accident prone
- Keeps to hismelf
- Would rather work himself into ground then 'hang out'
- Has no issue with death
- highly allergic to citrus and seafood.
Ambitions - To make Colonel before he dies of old age
- To be a SO somewhere
Hobbies & Interests - 21st century professional wrestling
- horseback riding
- Combat situations in holodeck with lowered safety protocols to make it more "realistic"
- Working out

Personal History After the death of his parents at the age of 5 he ended up living on the streets of Dublin,scrapping with other kids so he wouldn't be picked on. Driven into Marine Corps because of his parents death as a child. It was more a career choice for him made by circumstance. Around the age of 18 he enrolled himself into Starfleet, there he learned Discipline,Honor and Duty. After he majored in Security/Tactical in Starfleet he went into the Marine Corps to further his capabilities and grow as a individual.

He excelled in Officer School with the highest marks in long-range marksmanship and began looking for proper assignments that fit his training.
One of his finest moments was he was trapped on a pre-industrial world (Like WWII era) and stuck in a birds nest with a old sniper rifle when a borg sphere came to assimilate the planet. he snipped down 150 borg drones with old-fashioned bullet weaponry before the bird nest was hit by a photon torpedo. He barely survived the explosion and 60ft fall. While laying on the ground wounded with borg drones closing in,he was finally beamed up by a cloak and dagger team that was picking up stranglers.

During a incursion with the Dominion, he successfully held the line solo with a phaser machine gun and a pistol while his entire team left to get reinforcements. he held out against 200 Dominion troops for 1hr before he was finally hit in the shoulder. By that time his team returned with a platoon of marines and they extracted him. The overall incursion against the Dominion was won, there was many fatalities and casualties on both sides. But the generals decided that his actions that held the line ended up saving over 100 civilians and marines alike. The paperwork for his medal on this action was lost. Since then, Robert has held a grudge toward the "brass" or "the man" of the Starfleet Marine Corps.

With those two major engagements in his live over,Robert hit depression with the fear of not seeing action again, and never being able to hold a command slot. Until one day,he saw that the USS Gladitor was in dire need of marines.. and a Marine Commanding Officer. With hopes of command and the call of duty back in his heart,he applied as quickly as possible.
Service Record Graduated Starfleet at 22

Graduated Marine BCT at 23

Graduated Marine OCS at 25

Applied for USS Gladiator MCO at 25