1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark

Name Patrick Dean Shark

Rank 1st Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 185
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Patrick stands tall and muscular and normally stands with a commanding presence. He has several torso scars as well as a scar over his right eye. Due to his time spent with the Marine's he is almost never seen slouching and is normally seen with a grin on his face. His hair is usually shaved down and he keeps minimal facial hair.

After the last mission, he now has several scars on the left side of his torso from being clawed by an animal. He had a scar at his face, but he had it removed but kept the rib scar as a reminder.

After the death of his best friend, he now has a tattoo on his right forearm that says "Aerae mh'-rhienn." It is Romulan for Brothers By Blood.


Children Mina (10) - Daughter - Captured by COIL

Personality & Traits

General Overview Patrick is very sarcastic, but takes his job seriously. He loves to smile, loves to joke, but has a huge temper when he is set off. Although it is hard to make him mad, when he does get that way, he is very aggressive and very assertive. If you are joking with him, he'll take his punches like the rest, but if you start getting too serious with him, another side of him tends to pop out. His growing up in the gangs of the Boston Ghetto have taught him to do what he needs to. Before joining the Marine, then starfleet, he was not given a sheltered or privileged life, and lived mostly on the streets. This makes him live every day that he can as potentially his last, and can be very humble about it.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Outgoing
+Takes his job serious
+Loves to joke
+Very protective of the people closet to him

-When set off, hard to cool down
-Low Self Esteem
-Sometimes does not know when to quit joking
Ambitions His ambitions are to one day find some more about where he came from, and possibly Captain his own star ship, but he is content with here he is.
Hobbies & Interests Patrick loves to shoot, fly, play hockey, and drink a good scotch with a cigar.

Personal History Growing Up
Patrick did not have an easy life as some, or even most. He was not given the privilege of a family. He was born on the streets of Boston and found on the streets of Boston as a child. He never got to meet his family. Instead, a group of Street thugs found him and started to raise him. Growing up, he learned how to take care of himself and survive without any help. When he was 5, he became quickly adept at picking pockets, and started making money that way. When he hit 10, the crew he was running with got arrest in a Heist gone wrong. He was alone again.

From then until he was 15, he spent his time on the streets, scrounging up as much money as he could to survive. In this time he was in and out of boys homes due to getting caught stealing peoples money. When he was 15, he picked the pocket of a Gang Boss who caught him. The Boss took pity on Patrick and decided to give him a position in helping with the organization. Patrick took it, knowing that he had no where else to go. During this time he did things from stealing, to beating someone up for looking at The Boss wrong. When he was 17, he got into a fight with the son of a Star Fleet Marine. Patrick made quick work of the marine's boy, but was nabbed by the Marine himself. Instead of turning Patrick in to the Security forces, he trained Patrick how to be a Marine, and a better human being. It was here where he learned his humility.

Boot Camp
At age 18, Patrick joined the Marines. During boot camp, he had some issues getting along with most people with the exception of a Romulan/Human Half Breed by the name of Rohran. The Hybrid turned out to be the best friend he had ever really gotten, and the closest to a brother he ever had.

During a training exercise, something got Shark’s blood pumping and pissed him off greatly. It took six (6) men to hold him down, two (2) of them still ending up in the infirmary for several broken bones. It also took a heavy does of tranquilizers to sedate him. The problem was never figured out but Rohran worked with Shark all through the rest of his boot to keep whatever the urge was.

Shark graduated boot with honors and was given the rank of Corporal and sent to Marine Intel as a sniper.

Star Fleet Marine Intelligence

**Posting One**
Shark’s first assignment for the Intel department was . During this stationing, he was paired up with his old buddy from Boot, Rohran, he turned out to be his Spotter. During this post, he had six (6) confirmed kills.

Also during this post Shark made an enemy. A young Corporal who thought he was a little too good for his own kind, or so says Shark. During mess one night, Shark and the corporal had words that turned out to be a full our fist brawl. Shark put the Corporal in the infirmary and in traction for three months. Shark was given a disciplinary board and a warning.

After the Corporal got out of traction, he went after Shark again, this time with two (2) other men. All three men were put down again, this time the corporal was almost killed during the attack. Shark was brought up on another disciplinary board and this time demoted to Lance Corporal. He was quickly relocated to .

**Posting Two**
During his posting on , Shark continued his sniping with Rohran as his spotter and ended up with eight (8) confirmed kills. There were no other incidents with battery.

In the middle of his posting, Rohran’s newly born baby girl was taken by the Romulan Tal’Shiar as a sign to all “Traitors of the Empire.” Shark took time off, drugged Rohran and stuck him in a shuttle and headed for Romulan Space. After four days on Romulus, Shark and Rohran broke out his daughter from the Tal’Shiar and got out of there. Although they undetected, the Tal’Shiar only gave warning to the two men saying if they ever returned, they would be killed on sight.

Shark retired after his last mission due to unknown circumstances relating from the mission. The logs were deleted from the Intel Database and the hard copies Sealed.

After several months of sitting on the sidelines, Shark decided to join the Fleet to get back into the action.

Shark decided to try for a change of pace in the Fleet as he decided to major in Operations with a minor in Security details to keep things interesting. During his time in the Academy, he kept in contact with Rohran and had four years without incident.

Shark graduated the academy with honors and a Bachelors in Operations and minor in Security. He was given the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and sent to the USS Rapier with his first post as Chief of Operations.

USS Rapier
Patrick Shark eventually promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Chief of Operations.

USS Calypso
Patrick Shark was transferred to the USS Calypso, given the rank of Lieutenant as well as made Chief of Security. Eventually made 2XO aboard as well.

During a routine recon mission, Shark disappeared completely. He was later listed as AWOL.

AWOL Status
A warrant was eventually placed for Patrick Shark's arrest due to being AWOL.

This was furthered when his DNA showed up at the murder scene of a Military Major.

Follow Up: An "Armed and Dangerous" was added to the Warrant after Patrick Shark was linked to 29 murders, three of which were StarFleet personnel. Two of these were High Military officials.

The Following are medical supplementals added to Patrick Shark's Medical Record.
*********** SUPPLEMENTAL (A) ***********
This is a supplemental report written by Master Sergeant Rohran Clestine, Sniper for Star Fleet Marine Intelligence.

To any reading, I apologize it has taken so long to get this in here, but I only now have the power to add to his history. This will be brief and to the point so please, bare with me.

During our time spent in boot camp together, Shark got into a quarrel with a Corporal Tlestine. Although it was only verbal, it seemed to spark something I had never seen in a person before. During the altercation between the two, Shark inhibited some tendencies that I can only contribute to Rage. His blood started pumping, his pulse started beating faster than normal, and he inhibited what seemed to be some uncontrollable anger and strength.

During our quest to get him down and calm, it took six of us to do so with enough tranquilizers to put down a Klingon. Two of them ended up in the infirmary with major injuries. He has been worked with to help control these tendencies, and unbeknownst to him, I have a professor of the Tal’Shiar that is still a friend looking at his genetics.

I dare not say that he is not human, but I do warn anyone reading his record that he can, and does have anger issues. Please, take warning in aggravating him or giving him any psychotics at present time.

This record will be sealed for Captain Eyes Only.
*********** END OF SUPPLEMENTAL (A) ***********

*********** MEDICAL SUPPLEMENTAL (A) ***********
[[Medical Research Log: Stardate 63682.5]]
[[Unknown Author]]
[[Classified: Secret:: Authorization Davenport Alpha Bravo Six Six Delta]]

::Begin Log::

At the request of Captain Davenport I was asked to document my findings on the genetic anomalies present in the patient Partick Shark. I am not a registered specialist in this field, but all attached records conform to the Daystrom data standards for submitted research and are reproducible in any basic genetic laboratory with Grade 7 equipment.

There are different forms of genetic engineering, you have manipulation, enhancement and masking. Patrick Shark has been enhanced. Nothing in his physiology and functioning biological systems has been redesigned to give him abilities his body was not designed to perform. What is unusual is that the enhancements were done while he was still in the womb, the traces of initial bone matter found in the cranial sample I have taken compared to current samples places the age to be at five weeks gestation. There are only two reasons to risk such a procedure, one is to combat a genetic defect that would have fatal implications and the other is to groom the child for some sort of breeding program, which is currently illegal on most Federation worlds.

After a thorough examination I have concluded that the work done was very professional and beyond my skills in the field, and most other noted Genetic Engineers. The enhancements are subtle in nature and are as follows:

* White Cell numbers are higher at full health and also possess thicker cells walls and twice the number of receptors.
* Adrenaline triggers in the endocrine system are three times more prevalent. Tests show that the synaptic pulses which start the reaction are more powerful as well
* The Telomeres have been strengthened, doubling their age
* The signalling centers on many of the extremity nerve endings have been blunted

These effects will enable the patient to ignore certain amounts of pain, fight off disease and illness at an increased rate, maintain a higher state of physical readiness than a standard human of his age and physiology. The side effect of course, is the inability to control the reaction to the adrenaline in his body. This will lead to eventual damage to his internal organs, potential mental trauma and possible heart attacks. His medical records already indicate that he has experienced seizures as a result of the adrenalin and this will need to be monitored in a regular basis.

I will append any further data I uncover to this log. It is my professional opinion that the origin of the enhancements must be uncovered before more can be learned. The abnormalities of his DNA as well as his personal history suggest that the enhancement was never completed.

::End Log::
*********** END OF MEDICAL SUPPLEMENTAL (A) ***********
Service Record 2378 - Joined Marines
2380 - Graduated, Coporal, sent to {Classified} as a sniper. 6 Confirmed Kills
2380 - Marine Case 65542-RR (Battery) Disciplinary Action, Warning
2380 - Marine Case 64325-KL (Battery) Disciplinary Action, Demotion to Lance Corporal
2381 - Relocatted to {Classified} 8 Confirmed Kills
2382 - Resigned from Marines
2382 - Entered Star Fleet Academy -- Major in Operations, Minor in Security
2386 - Graduated with Bachelors in Operations, Minor in Security
2386 - USS Rapier - Chief of Operations - Lieutenant JG
2386 - USS Calypso - Chief of Security/Tactical & 2XO - Lieutenant
2387 - USS Calypso - Listed as AWOL
2387 - AWOL
2388 - AWOL - Wanted in questioning due to murder of StarFleet Major
2388 - AWOL - Warrant placed for Arrest - Listed as Possibly armed and Dangerous
2388 - AWOL - Warrant still in place
2389 - AWOL - Warrant still in place
2390 - AWOL - Warrant still in place