2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville

Name Zoe Jessica Saville

Rank 2nd Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (England)
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 110 lbs
Hair Color Natural light Brunette, but changes often - ranging from blonde to ash brown to chestnut brown at a whim
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Zoe has a genetic predisposition towards behind very thin, and has to practically eat like a horse to keep a normal weight.

Zoe is rather flat-chested, and sensitive about it.

She loves wearing bright lipstick and eyeliner or shadow. Zoe has a number of piercings, including her tongue, ears and belly button. During her late teenage years, she had a few more piercings but she allowed them to close up.

Zoe practises parkour and soccer as sports, believing that agility and strength are necessary. She enjoys pushing her body to the limit.

She wears a Marine Combat Engineer duty uniform normally but other times, her clothing is normally quite more varied. Zoe loves wearing bangles & boots.

At all times, Zoe has a set of lockpicks, an 11" mother of pearl-handled Italian Stiletto switchblade and a Victorinox Swiss army Deluxe Tinker knife concealed somewhere on her person - believing that you should be prepared for everything. When on duty, these are normally is tucked into her boots or strapped in a leather lockpick wrap around her lower leg.

Marine Uniform Patches:


Father Earl John Saville, the Earl of Halifax. ex SFMC General
Mother Countess Rebecca Saville
Brother(s) Major Thomas Saville, SFMC

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zoe is definitely a geeky nerd. She delights in her love of engineering, and takes it to obsessive levels. She can often be found tinkering on smething having completely lost track of time & skipped things like sleeping. In fact, obsessions drive most of Zoe's life choices.

Zoe shows a propensity for making friends easily, and likes to be around people and animals.

Zoe has a very thick British accent, and looks down on those who cannot speak proper English. She brings a sense of upper class and glam, preferring the finer things in life, although she has no problems with getting down & dirty. She plays the violin quite well and sometimes does performances. Zoe drinks quite a lot of tea.

She choses not to use her formal title as she does not believe that it holds any superiority over anyone else and prefers to be known for her skills & experience instead. Besides, she is so far down the line of United Kingdom royal succession anyway - not that it really means much in the concept of the Federation more then a figurehead.

She lives in the here-and-now, and place little importance on introspection or theory - she looks at the facts of a situation, quickly decides what should be done, executes the action, and moves on to the next thing.

Zoe loves games of skill and cunning – even more so when only she knows the rules, not her opponents. In her eyes, even a game of chance could turn out to be really a game of skill and cunning.

Zoe has a tendency to be a bit too promiscuous combined with a bit of immodesty.

Strengths & Weaknesses Zoe is an excellent combat engineer with strong engineering and problem solving skills. Her specialty is jury-rigging and demolitions.

Zoe has been trained to use the standard Marine weaponry. In addition, she has trained high up in a number of martial arts - Aikido, Wrestling, Kickboxing and Pankration (an Ancient Greek boxing & wrestling style

Zoe is an adrenaline junkie, who puts herself in situations that she probably shouldn't.

Zoe's dealings with civilians have shown that honestly, she would prefer them to just be quiet and follow directions with a tendency to be a bit patronizing. This has a tendency to get people off-side.She also takes stubbornness to a new level and can be mouthy with a temper that is fiery to say the least.

She also shows more then normal aggression and is a diagnosed pyromaniac.

Zoe is an insomnia, although she finds that she doesn't really much sleep anyway. Zoe enjoys smoking cigarettes, being quite addicted to it.

Ambitions *shrugs*
Hobbies & Interests tinkering, building things, explosives, violin, archery, swimming, parkour, climbing, adrenaline sports, gambling, games of chance, lockpicks and sleight of hand, martial arts

Personal History Zoe was born as Lady Zoe Saville, daughter of Earl John Saville, the Earl of Halifax, and Countess Rebecca Saville, in the City of Westminster in Greater London, United Kingdom. After serving in the SFMC to the rank of Brigadier General, he retired and took up his hereditary position in the House of Lords in the United Kingdom parliament. During the time that Zoe was born, her father was attending a session of the House of Lords and had brought along his wife and young son, Thomas.

Over her childhood, Thomas and Zoe would move between London and the family estate in West Yorkshire. One thing that John made sure of was that neither of his children would grow up spoilt, and made sure to provide them with a broad education & strong work ethic.

In schooling, Zoe showed a lot of technical skill and quite good mathematic ability. When she graduated from school, she applied to the SFMC for she wanted to explore the galaxy and continue in her family's tradition, which can be traced back to the Royal British Marines during the Napoleonic Wars.

She headed to the MCRD Parris Island in Port Royal, South Carolina, North America for the 16 week training program. After her graduation, Zoe was reassigned to Combat Engineering/Artificer training at Camp Pendeton.

Once she completed that training, her first duty station was to the USS Borgia as a basic MOS of Combat Engineer, where she rose up in rank to Private 1st Class after completing her time in rank & sapper training. Her service continued with high standards and she was promoted to Lance Corporal, adding full Demolitions specialist to her skills. For a number of periods after that, she was sent to various facilities by the Marine CO who had noticed her to complete her full Pathfinder training - Desert (at Camp Sirius, Vulcan), Jungle (at Camp Amazon, South America, Earth), Arctic (at Camp Kumari, Andoria), Deep Forest and Urban (both at the Marine Warfare Training Centre, Berengaria VII).

Zoe was down on an away mission to investigate an attack by unknown forces on a Federation border world, helping out with recon and protection of civilians, when the aliens came back in force. The Borgia came under serious fire and was forced to retreat. The Marine and Starfleet forces withheld a siege before eventually having to surrender or face complete annihilation. The civilians were spared, but the Marines and Starfleet crew were not. Zoe held out along with some of the others, and received commendations when they were rescued. She does not talking about what happened. One day soon after, she was called into the Marine CO's office where he asked her to consider a change in her career - attend Officer Candidate School.

Due to standard SFMC policy, enlisted staff moving to officers moved duty stations from where they were enlisted, so Zoe's next duty station after the Borgia was to the USS Thames, a Sovereign-class vessel.

Zoe did quite well in the job over the new few years and has moved to the USS Gladiator, where she will work jointly in both Engineering and the Marine Detachment, the Berzerkers.
Service Record - Private, Parris Island Basic Training, MCRD Parris Island, North America, Earth
- Private, Marine Rifleman, Combat Engineering/Artificer Training, Camp Pendleton, North America, Earth
- Private, Combat Engineer, USS Borgia
- Private 1st Class, Combat Engineer/Sapper, USS Borgia
- Lance Corporal, Combat Engineer/Sapper, USS Borgia
- Lance Corporal, Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) School, *RESTRICTED LOCATION*
- Lance Corporal, Non Commissioned Officer Training, Starbase 28
- Lance Corporal, Combat Engineer/Sapper, USS Borgia
- Corporal, Close Quarters Battle School, Andoria
- Corporal, Combat Engineer/Sapper, USS Borgia
- Corporal, Officer Candidate School, Quantico Military Academy, Earth
- Second Lieutenant, Combat Engineer/Sapper, USS Thames
- Second Lieutenant, Engineer / Marine Combat Engineer, USS Gladiator