Master Sergeant Megan Cross

Name Megan Lynne Cross

Rank Master Sergeant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 2"
Weight 138 lbs.
Hair Color Raven Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Bronze skin and an outrageously muscular build. This woman looks like she’s been built out of cinderblocks. She looks like she could have been the model for Shehulk. If not for her prominent chest it would be easy to mistake her for a man. When aboard ship or on shore leave she applies makeup in an attempt to recapture her femininity, but in the field she doesn’t bother, preferring scentless deodorant that won’t give her position away to the enemy. She seizes every opportunity to wear something that reveals her figure or shows off her muscles because she’s so bulky that concealing clothing makes her appear overweight. With regulation uniforms, though, there aren’t very many options. Expect to see her in fatigues, specifically tank top tee shirts, camouflage trousers and combat boots if her CO allows it. Otherwise she’s in uniform. When forced to wear long sleeves, she proudly wears her Marine One Hundred, Pathfinder, Sapper, and Zero-G tabs.

Biceps: 15"
Quads: 24"
Figure: 40DD-26-36


Spouse Major Steven Cross (deceased)
Children Cadet Clark Cross (son)
Father Ricardo Ortiz
Mother Rosalyn Ortiz nee McCrossin
Brother(s) Gunnery Sergeant Jethro Ortiz
Sister(s) Selina Smith nee Ortiz
Other Family (marine) Captain Roger Smith JAG, Nephew

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although Gunnery Sergeant Cross appears to be a marine’s marine, there is a woman inside trying to get out. The death of her husband and her son’s departure for Starfleet Academy has given her an empty nest complex causing her to subconsciously ‘adopt’ a young officer and ‘nurture’ him. She is always respectful of her superiors and maternal to her subordinates. Surprisingly level headed for a marine, she’s been in the corps long enough to not let her coworkers bother her anymore. Now that she’s reaching the end of her career, she’s attempting some of the stereotypical ‘girly’ behaviors in anticipation of civilian life, with various degrees of success. Despite her muscular and somewhat ‘manly’ physique, Megan is heterosexual.
Strengths & Weaknesses Megan Cross is an expert in small arms fire, close quarters combat, small unit tactics, and unarmed combat. She has been trained in security procedures, sniping, covert ops, and the maintenance, aiming and firing of artillery and vehicle based weapons. In addition her physical strength and endurance is impressive. Unfortunately, she’s not trained in piloting, technical skills (aside of weapon or basic mechanical technology) or diplomatic, scientific, or any of the skills needed in 90% of the episodes of Star Trek. In addition, her emotional connection to whoever she’s ‘adopted’ may make her do something stupid in a combat situation.
Ambitions Megan never wanted any more than to be a marine and to marry a marine. She accomplished both but now she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Her current ambition is to get promoted to Sergeant Major or Master Gunnery Sergeant and stay in the corps as long as she can. Her second goal is to find someone her age to marry so she won’t be alone when she retires or find some other group or organization to join when she musters out. A third goal that she’s not even aware of is to find a young second lieutenant and make him a colonel in less than a decade. Those maternal instincts don’t go away overnight y’know.
Hobbies & Interests Bodybuilding, Combat Training, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Volley Ball, Pareses Squares, Antique Firearms. If it’s a sport, odds are that she’s interested.

Personal History Megan Ortiz of Proxima Colony in the Alpha Centauri system hails from a family that’s served in the marines since before the invention of warp drive. She enlisted right out of high school and never looked back. Her career was threatened when she committed the cardinal sin of marrying an officer, Steven Cross of San Diego, Earth. Fortunately officers and enlisted personnel were officially allowed to fraternize in the 24th century even if in practice it was still frowned upon. They had one child, a son named Clark. When she lost her husband in the Dominion War she had to raise her son alone. Although proud of her son, she can’t help feeling a hint of betrayal that he’s joining the fleet instead of the corps!
Service Record 2370: Basic Training
2371: Promoted to Private First Class. Assigned as junior yeoman to marine Captain Steve Cross.
2372: Marriage and Maternity Leave.
2373: CQB School, Pathfinder, Sapper, Zero-G, and SERE Schools.
2374: Promoted to Lance Corporal. Deployed to Chin’toka system.
2375: Assists in evacuation from Chin’toka system, Deployed to Cardassia.
2376-2377: Promoted to Corporal and assigned to Deep Space Nine Peacekeeping Force.
2378: Non Commissioned Officer Training. Promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the USS Galaxy.
2379-2381: Assigned to Obsidian Colony as Squad Sergeant.
2382: Promoted to Staff Sergeant and sent to Aleron as part of Federation peacekeeping force.
2383: Assigned to San Diego Starfleet Marine Facility on Earth as Drill Instructor.
2384-2385: Assigned to Leto Colony as Platoon Sergeant.
2386: Second Tour on Aleron as Platoon Sergeant
2387: Senior Non Commissioned Officer Training at San Diego Starfleet Marine Facility, Earth.
2388: Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant, Assigned to San Diego Starfleet Marine Facility on Earth as Senior Drill Instructor.
2389: Assigned to Cloak and Dagger Team Six, 2nd Company as Company Gunnery Sergeant.
2390: Promoted to Master Sergeant, assigned to USS Gladiator as Chief Marine NCO.