Lieutenant JG Llania

Name Llania

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 180
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Llania is particularly lanky and athletic for a Deltan. While most are soft and delicate seeming, Llania exudes an energetic aura of perpetual motion. When one gets past the completely bald head, she's pretty, with bright blue eyes and an expressive yet slightly large mouth in her pale face. She favors fit clothes to looser garments. She tends to wear a self-depreciating smirk, while some effort is made to look professional or serious, the sense of humor is barely concealed and always visible lurking somewhere in her features.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Banir
Mother Lamma
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Manii
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Llania is a Deltan, and all that comes with it. A sensualist in all things, she loves any new experience, even those that at first blush are not pleasant. She's content to experience even the painful and catalogue it. But like most Deltans, she's most curious about pleasant things. Music, good food, 'beverages', games, movies, books, and all types of entertainment. Because Deltans in Starfleet take their own personal vows of celibacy, she focuses her considerable energy on pursuit of other pleasures. For the most part, she is quite satisfied with this trade off.

Llania is naturally charismatic, and usually makes a good, if somewhat irreverent first impression. Its easy to like her, though its not often followed by immediate respect. Respect comes from those who can see her large heart and care for those she is with any any given moment. She lives by three truths: The most important time is now. The most important person is the one you are with. The most important thing to do is to care. But the first opinion that most have of her is that she's somewhat flip, and more serious minded people might find that off putting. In reality, she's pretty good at what she does ... she just feels no need to be serious about it.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Charismatic

- Can be over-emotional
- Sometimes challenges authority
Ambitions Llania is not ambitious in a sense of personal accomplishment. What she wants is only the continued experience of the new and exciting; new sensation, new emotion, new friends and new dangers. And she wants to help those she can. After a slow start in Starfleet because of some uh ... focus ... issues, she's now quite motivated to do the best job she can, having found that it is actually more interesting and even more comfortable to work with those around her and do it well.
Hobbies & Interests Llania loves to eat. She can usually be found with some sort of snack on her person. Her particular fondness is for sweet things; something sweet and delicious from any culture will do. One of her crewmates from the Pueblo used to teasingly call her the Candy man a reference that never made a whole lot of sense to her.

Parisses Squares - not the safest of hobbies, the athleticism and inehrent danger (read, adrenaline) of the game has always appealed to the Deltan. Since mellowing somewhat she isn't quite the advocate of it that she once was, but still appreciates a good rousing game with willing opponents.

Tri-dimensional chess - considerably safer. Llania enjoys this not so much because she's good at it, but because its a way to exercise her 'logic circuits', as she likes to call them. Despite that, she doesn't really play logically, rather, reactionarily. She doesn't win very often, but she does find it fun to try. Its particularly fun to play against Vulcans. Mostly because her erratic playstyle often irritates them.

Personal History Born in 2371 to a loving middle class Deltan family on Delta IV. Her child hood was more or less normal and grew up with one sister. School was always easy for her, and so she never put much work into it, a fact that constantly frustrated her parents and teachers alike as they found themselves irritated and unsure what to do with her lack of application.
Her family stayed on Delta IV. Llania was never interested in that, though growing up her ambitions flitted from here to there among the stars. In the end the real reason she joined Starfleet was because those were the exams she passed (by the skin of her teeth, mind), and the path of least resistance was always the most appealing to the young Deltan. She didn't make Deltan diplomatic corps, or science academy. As always, an impulse decision on her part seems to have landed her where she belongs. Or so she would tell you now.
Llania remembers her first sight of the stars from space, on the shuttle from Delta IV to the ship that would take her to Earth. She found a place to look out at the blackness of space for the first time. Giving herself completely to feeling as she has always done, she found that first experience of how small she is in the universe to be oddly pleasant.

--The Academy--

In the academy she drifted from science, helm to communications until engineering proved the most fulfilling for her.

Llania was popular in Academy, but probably not for the right reasons. Known more for the fun time she had and others had with her than her school work, she was constantly in some kind of trouble ... which at the time she liked to call living on the edge. Now she counts herself lucky she didn't piss the wrong person off too much. She had a lot of friends, finding that humans in particular could appreciate her easy going nature.

Llania was particularly close to a Bajoran that was in a lot of her engineering classes; Raina Renin. They are still good friends today, and Llania treasures the always steady and practical influence of one of her oldest friends ... despite or because of being polar opposites. Raina played foil to the somewhat outrageous Deltan's 'shenanigans', and learned to hold Llania back before she got into real trouble. Most of the time.

Llania's most famous stunt is still probably talked of at Starfleet. On one school holiday, she let loose pigs in the engineering building. Nobody knows where she GOT pigs, or how she snuck them into engineering, but there they were. They were numbered 1, 3, 4, and 5. Llania and her friends watched in some amusement as security went crazy trying to find pig number 2, only to conclude after emptying the building that there never was a pig 2. The incident was never proven to be Llania, specifically, though she came under review for it.

Llania always enjoyed biology classes the most, despite never majoring in them. Most of her electives would end up being biology. Aliens interest her, and the universe is exciting in its diversity. Still, her aptitudes always lay firmly in the mechanical and she always tested best at engineering.

She was not popular with most of her teachers - notations to the effect of 'lack of application' dog her records to this day. Still, she remembers those who put up with her fondly. What they must have dealt with. She scraped through with a concentration in Engineering and a lukewarm recommendation from the department head. Llania had never taken time to cultivate her faculty friendships, which may have helped her later on...

--Star Fleet Career—
Her first assignment on the USS Orion brought about one of the first complications of her career when she met Ensign Tommy Rainer. The brash young human was a flight control officer, and seemed most intrigued by the Deltan especially since she didn't seem to feel any moral qualms about flirting as most of her race seem to. While she never actually broke the vows she made upon entering Starfleet, she did manage to rather infatuate the young man and promptly broke his heart with her flippant attitude about their relationship upon her inevitable reassignment. In reality, Llania feels bad about hurting him, but couldn't let herself get too emotional about it, she hasn’t dared contact him since moving ships but she still thinks about him often.

Llania had a hard time on the Monitor. In fact she was only on the ship for about a month. Probably her worst assignment, she immediately butted heads with her immediate superior, an older school engineer that expected his ensigns to follow orders without asking questions. Llania is never much of one for 'because I said so', so Lieutenant Harkins immediately grated on her nerves. To be fair, sticking a Deltan on transporter duty all day by herself was probably not the kindest assignment, especially repeatedly. In her opinion he did it to annoy her - in reality it was probably because she had taken some specific classes in transporter technology, and the current mission of the Monitor involved a lot of beaming of materials to planets they were visiting.

Within a week Harkins had her cited for insubordination and the captain began to look for other placement for her. Llania has the unfortunate habit of making fast friends with young officers and enlisted men alike very quickly ... and Harkins had a near paranoia that she was undermining him with them. Probably because she was. The captain considered it best the then still-quite-young-and-hotheaded Deltan be transferred elsewhere before that came to a head. Llania is aware now that that decision was as much to protect her and her career as it was the peace of his crew.

The Nova suited Llania better. Her superior there was a Bajoran that reminded Llania of Raina, named Niraen. She worked for almost a year without incident on the Nova ... though she found the smaller ship to be somewhat boring. Perhaps boring was alright, though ... at least it kept her out of trouble.

Her assignments on the Nova included a lot of running about; Niraen was of the opinion that young officers needed to try a little of everything. At least it wasn't interminable shifts standing around waiting for instructions to beam more bags of rice. Some of Llania's flexibility that helped her transition from Ops stems from her work on the Nova, doing everything from fixing sonic showers to helping upgrade some storage spaces to refrigerate them to effecting repairs after an ion storm damaged the ship considerably. Llania discovered that she truly enjoys variety as much as any one thing here. At the end of her tenure on the Nova, she was promoted to Lieutenant JG, and relocated.

Llania's station on Bernaditi was entirely an experiment. She'd been somewhat restless by the end of a year on the Nova, and with new Rank, it was generally felt she should try something new. Having kept to herself mostly on the Nova to stay out of trouble, Llania was excited for a change. Besides, Bernaditi was a colony, not a ship. Not ideal given her fascination for the stars, but new and exciting. She was also switched to Ops.

Ops on a Colony was a pretty big jump for Llania, and for a while, she found herself quite busy staying afloat, as it were. A challenge, a real challenge! So much to fix and monitor and learn, the Deltan honestly stayed out of trouble ... for a few months.

The problem was, in a Colony there's so much more scope for fun to be had than out in space. Having tortured herself long enough on the Nova by trying to stay out of trouble, Llania threw herself into the social aspects of staying in a place with a population like Bernaditi's wholeheartedly. She made friends with the engineering boys, same as she would have on a ship, and after her initial burst of productivity, found herself backsliding into laxity and focus on recreation rather than work.

Ops work became somewhat slapdash for her, and she never really finished her education in it; eventually she was transferred off, on the recommendation that she continue her education in Ops in a place more suited to it than a colony that didn't really have educators or time to educate anyone in its work.

When she transferred to the USS Pueblo the Vulcan Captain had very little use for the unprofessional and largely illogical behaviour of Llania and constantly reminded her superior to keep her in line.

Commander Ryan – the chief engineer and her direct superior on the USS Pueblo saw the lanky Deltan as more than a 'problem', and was more or less responsible for her personal as well as professional growth. Llania has always appreciated his somewhat fatherly approach to her, and incorporates as much of his style into her own dealings with others as she can. Since it was an engineering corps ship, Ryan carried a lot of authority even though he wasn't captain, and Llania was allowed to flourish despite their Vulcan captain's disapproval of her in general. She still talks to him frequently after her transfer.

The Pueblo was something of a home for her, but she has since realized that she wants that more than an easy route to the stars. With her new-found responsibility, she wants to prove herself.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS Orion - Ensign, Support Craft Engineer
USS Monitor - Ensign, Engineering Officer
USS Nova - Ensign, Engineering Officer
Bernaditi Colony - Lieutenant JG, Operations Officer
USS Pueblo - Lieutenant JG, Operations Officer
USS Gladiator - Lieutenant JG, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer