Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Name Halan Zeti

Position Director of Fleet Engineering

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Zeti has long dark hair, soft brown eyes and olive colored skin. She grew up in a more tropical climate on Bajor and it shows in her complexion. She has an athletic build and is quite strong for her size.


Father Halan Zebc
Mother Halan Naria
Brother(s) Kinju Ribru
Paalu Sheyr
Sister(s) Halan Yaji
Halan Grene

Personality & Traits

General Overview Zeti is a strong, brilliant Bajoran woman, who has always had a knack for electronics. She’s very creative and has always been good with people and machines, but she has a lot of energy and has always been good at rallying people behind her. Her childhood has made it hard to earn her trust, but she’s loyal to a fault to those that had proven worthy of it. When she’s on duty, she works hard and gets the job done. Off duty she is far more relaxed but that doesn’t stop her from being efficient and full of life.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Efficient
+Strategic Thinkers
+Charismatic and Inspiring
-Stubborn and Dominant
-Poor Handling of Emotions
Ambitions Zeti loves being an engineer, not only does it use her natural talents, it gives her an outlet for her creativity but she’s always been a natural leader and in the short term she wants to head up an engineering department, but in the long term she wants to get into command and finish out her twenty years as the Captain of a star ship. After Starfleet she intends on retiring to a tropical Island, where she can live out the rest of her days working on her own patents and projects.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering, Electronics, Technology, Reading, Surfing, Swiming

Personal History :::Growing up:::
Zeti was born on the island of Veerzi on Bajor near the Bajoran equator that was paradise, even during the occupation. It was the year of 2362, seven years before the occupation ended, when Naria and Zebc gave birth to their first child in the only hospital on Veerzi, in the small town of Drace. Once Zeti was born and found to be healthy and happy, she was taken home to the village of Aato, which was nestled right in a cove on the water.

The island itself was three hundred and sixty four square kilometers, and twenty nine kilometers in it’s longest direction. The highest point is Rigo point and is one thousand twenty six meters high and there were about eleven thousand Bajorans living on the island and became a popular vacation spot for the Cardassians during their time on Bajor and became a hot bead for the resistance and set the stage for a lot of fighting and a lot of bloodshed.

By the time the Cardassians finally left, Zeti had seen more death and blood than the majority of most people do in their entire lives. She was only seven but the pain of losing friends and family members weighed heavily on her and her family by the end of the occupation, so they applied for Federation membership for the Halan family. Considering Bajor’s status and the Federation’s desire to bring them into the fold, they were easily approved.

Naria and Zebc resettled their family on Salva II, there they believe they could get some peace and for a time they did. They lived, and began learning all about Federation culture and life. Zeti attended a Federation school and quickly discovered a natural talent with machines, which her teachers encouraged and for the first time in her life she felt safe, the hells of the occupation where behind them and Salva II quickly became home.

Little did they know, that in 2370 the Federation would give Salva II to the Cardassians in the Federation-Cardassian Treaty and the colonists were forced to evacuate. When the Federation tried to resettle them, most of them refused, including Naria and Zebc, and they were moved to a Maquis encampment at Marva IV where they would begin to help the fight against the Cardassians.

Zeti was young, only eight, but she did what she could to help. For the next three years the hate she held for Cardassians was only reinforced, they were monsters who only wished to destroy her no matter where she tried to hide and she knew no peace. She focused on her talent with machines, learning to build and maintain everything from phasers all the way up to life support and computer systems. When she wasn’t fixing what was broken, she was learning martial arts, weapons and tactics from a former Starfleet Security officer.

Shortly after Zeti turned eleven, it looked like the Maquis were on the cusp of victory, everyone was ecstatic and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. The Klingons had shifted the Cardassians focus and they were nearly ready to declare themselves an independent nation when the Jem’Hadar came and the demilitarized zone ceased to exist and they found themselves under Cardassian rule once again.

Those that fought were shown no mercy, the Jem’Hadar whipped them out as if they were nothing and Naria and Zebc wasted no time in abandoning Marva IV in face of such an enemy. They booked passage on a freighter bound for Bajor and managed to escape the culling that would kill or capture most of the Maquis.

Once they were on Bajor, the returned to their home on Veerzi island where Zeti quickly rediscovered her passion for the sun and surfing. While the Dominion war raged, she spend her time studying engineering, catching up with the school she missed while on Marva IV and continuing her physical training, Zeti knew she’d always need the skills required for battle and for the second time in her life, things were good again.

When Veerzi turned fourteen, in the year 2376, Naria earned a doctorate in medicine and the family picked up and moved again but this time it was to earth. They settled in a small town that reminded her parents of home and she quickly found the paradise the Federation had presented was a world of boring, soft people and she easily fell in with the wrong crowd and the loved her for her tough nature and skill with computers.

After a year of being completely out of control, she met a girl named Riva Phyr, an Israeli girl who she didn’t pay much mind too at first. The girl seemed stuck in her own world and always drawing. They attended the same school and Riva was isolated, it didn’t take Zeti long to descend on her. It was small things at first, knocking her books out of her hands, shoving her when they pass in the halls and things like that.

Riva was a good artist and the school had commissioned her to paint a large mural, which the girl jumped at and got to work right away. After months of work, Zeti and a couple of her crew, broke into the art room and destroyed the work she’d done, painted over the mural and mocked Riva. Little did Zeti know, that Riva’s father had spent years running freight and fighting pirates. He’d chosen a dangerous life and a master martial artist had trained each of his children how to fight. The next day at school, Riva was devastated and spent most of the day sobbing until Zeti and her crew isolated Riva in a quiet part of the building and decided to poke the bear. She made a sarcastic remark about Riva’s painting before shoving her to the ground.

The training took over and as good a fighter as Zeti was, she and three of her friends still got their asses kicked so bad the nurse had to treat them for broken bones, bloody noses and more which got both sets of parents involved. Naria and Zebc for Zeti and Rich and Hedva for Riva, both set of parents disappointed that the situation had deteriorated to physical violence.

Naria was apologetic from the start, she knew they’d lost control of their daughter and she was spiralling towards a life they never wanted for her, but considering her history she had a hard time not gravitating towards it. Rich, being an engineer and rough around the edges himself, decided to help and took Zeti on as an apprentice of sorts and for the first time on earth, Zeti felt like she was home. They were people she understood and she learned more about herself, engineering and all about the method Riva had used to beat her senseless.

Riva and Zeti became inseparable in a very short time, they were easy friends and for the next three years Zeti learned skills she never knew she had and found a place in Riva’s family that she maintains to the present day.

Out of high school, Zeti was quickly recruited by Starfleet academy. They recognized her talents right away and did everything they could to bring her aboard. Joining the academy was one of the proudest days of her life and while the moment was bitter sweet, she attended the academy in San Fransisco while Riva chose an art school of the east coast to attend. While they didn’t live close, they were just a transporter ride away from each other.

Aside from her personal life, Zeti kept her head down and worked her way through the Academy, wanting to earn her degree with the best possible marks that she could. The four years went quickly and she graduated with honors before taking the rank of Ensign and starting her first assignment on the USS Manticore.

::USS Manticore::
The Manticore was an old Miranda class starship that was coming off of it’s fifth refit, it could be an engineer’s paradise or worst nightmare depending on perspective and was commanded by an old Vulcan named Skyr, who was as logical as an Vulcan could be. The ship itself was a challenge, parts of it built before even her parents were born and parts of it as new as a newborn babe made everything engineering did a balancing act.

The four years she spent cutting her teeth as an ensign on the Manticore were some of the most stressful and yet rewarding years of her life. She spent time learning and working on every system on the old girl and fell in love with life on a starship. She had her first love, a Human named Roy Keats, which ended badly and worked hard to prove herself worthy of a Starfleet officer.

She missed being able to see her friend all the time, but the old ship still saw earth often enough and they could always talk via subspace and it was good to see her parents and siblings as well as Riva and the second set of parents who’d been so influencial in her life.

::USS Minneapolis::
After four years of hard work and proving she could lead others, she was promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and transferred to the USS Minneapolis under the command of Shrishaa zh'Clethi. It’s where she would meet Lieutenant Khelev ch’Koro and the two would become fast friends.

Both were talented engineers and complimented each other well, for two years she worked with him and became well versed in how to run the entire department. It was formative and when Khelev asked her to come with him to the Gladiator, she readily accepted.

::USS Gladiator::
Because of the nature of the Gladiator’s mission, testing a new system, she was given a chance to gain a lot of experience running the engineering department to help Khelev focus on the Phantom Core project. It worked out well for both of them, as it gave her a promotion to a full Lieutenant and when Khelev was promoted to second officer, gave her a great deal many duties.

She remains on the USS Gladiator until she can find herself as a chief engineer on her own ship.
Service Record 2380 - 2384 Starfleet Academy, Engineering Cadet
2384 - 2386, USS Manticore, Engineering Officer
2386 - 2388, USS Minneapolis, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2388 - 2391, USS Gladiator, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2391 - Present, USS Gladiator, Chief Engineering Officer