Lieutenant Neville Jarland

Name Neville Jarland

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 192
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Blue


Personality & Traits

General Overview By the books
Hard nosed
Struggles with compassion
Always seeking approval from his father or higher up brass
Demands the best from his staff, while giving the best of himself
Strong work Ethic
Quick thinking
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Stickler for the rules
Thinks before he moves
High sense of Justice
Tends to elicit the best out of people


Seeks approval from higher ups no matter the cost to those he deems less worthy or skilled than he is
Ambitions To command a ship
To have an exemplary career
To Erase the blights on his command record
Hobbies & Interests Holodecks, xenobiology

Personal History Neville Jarland comes from a long line of distinguished, stand out Starfleet officers. He learned early in life that there was no point in trying to break the mold Jarlands were career minded people, and the same was expected of him. The Jarland’s had always served and the Jarlands always would. As was repeatedly explained to him by his father and his grandfather, Jarland men served the Federation with honor and dedication for as long as possible. It was the least they could do. Anything less was dishonorable to the family name.

There were no other options but the military life, but it wasn’t just about serving, there was another side to tradition in the Jarland family. Not only did you have to serve with honor, you had to be the best of the best. It was not enough to merely serve – you had to do so with distinction. As the centuries passed the bar was set ever higher to achieve greatness. Idiots who made foolhardy choices in their career were practically disowned from the family, and were an insult to Jarlands. They have never abided fools. They drive a hard line. Be great or die with honor.

Neville Jarland did not feel at ease in the first years of Starfleet Academy. He was not a flashy officer in the James T. Kirk mould, leading from the front and never flinching from danger. He was never the athletic, adventurous type. He was studious, achieving good academic grades but to the constant dismay of his father he did not perform well in field exercises. Time after time he trudged back to base camp well behind his classmates. He also did not socialize easily, preferring the solitude of his own small group, if that, compared to mass.

He graduated from Starfleet Academy with excellent results in tactics and advanced xenobiology but while tactics might be useful, the Jarlands did not sit behind a desk plotting how others would manoeuvre; they got out there and got the job done themselves. As for xenobiology, that was never mentioned in Neville’s father’s presence. He considered it a disgrace; besmirching the proud name of Jarland.

To make matters worse, Neville’s younger brother, Douglas – two years younger – had entered the Academy and was excelling at all the things Neville had singularly failed at. Athletisism and fight came easy to his little brother. Douglas was the apple of his mother’s eye and, to their father, the true heir to all that was good about the Jarlands, because Neville was not good enough. Douglas’s seemingly easy success outshined Neville’s own hard work and dedication within a short amount of time. But this wasn’t a complete surprise since most of his life he had stood in his younger brother’s shadow. Now it was leaking into his career and this only pushed him harder to strive higher, only to be outshined at every turn. He turned bitter, and yet still determined to make his father proud.

Neville rose slowly through the ranks despite consistently good reports from his superior officers. Meanwhile, Douglas – with their father’s influence firmly behind him – was jumping ahead in leaps and bounds. It seemed he could do no wrong, shining with daring exploits during the Dominion War. There were murmurs that he was too rash for his own good at times and placed the lives of those under him in needless jeopardy. Father quickly quashed any such talk, and Douglas bathed in the glory, making it plainly obvious he knew who was the favorite.

Neville finally got his own command yet even here he has been treated as second best. His father, unable to stand the disgrace of an underachieving son any longer, used his influence to ensure the ship was assigned to missions that, as he put it, no-one will be around to watch when Neville screwed up. If Neville went out in spectacular fashion it should be easy to spin some tale of epic bravery to regain ’family honor’ that his father was obsessed with.

Even though it was a command, the Wallace class escort was assigned to a deep space station which only a handful of personal. Neville strived to be confident, but his command was cut short when he gave the mistake his father has been so sure he would make, putting the ship and the crew in the middle of a conflict between a Romulan escort and a rogue Klingon bird of prey. He gave the command to open fire on the bird of prey, thinking that it had started an attack on the Wallace class escort ship, which in the end was fully disabled and had to be towed back to its primary station, and because he nearly started a war Jarland was stripped of his command and his rank returned back down to Lieutenant Commander from Commander. He was reassigned as an executive officer, but now he really has something to prove.