Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Name Geneviève Adélaïde Charmignon

Position Head Nurse

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Fri Jun 24th, 2016 @ 8:43pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Black-Brown, Chest Length
Eye Color Blue / Green
Physical Description She is tall and very lean, skinny in shape with very little curves. Her skinniness is deceiving, as she is decently strong. Her long, black hair is always in a braid down her back, except on special occasions. She has very fair skin, with no tattoos, piercings, or blemishes. She has a single crescent shaped birthmark on her right hip and piercing blue eyes, which she feels are her only beautiful quality. Although she is fairly strong, her true asset is her flexibility. She is 28 years old, but her youthful looks are often deceiving, and people at first believe her to be in her late teens or early twenties.


Spouse Iago Titus
Children Gracie Rosalind Titus (twin daughter, 5 years); Gustave D’Artagnan Titus (twin son, 5 years)
Father Claudius Charmignon
Mother Bianca Charmignon
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is quiet and reserved, with an air of royalty about her. She keeps to herself, and only makes a few close friendships. Whatever friends she has, she is faithful to and will do anthing for their sakes. She is loyal and honest, and can be counted on to obey orders no matter what. Her maternal instincts are incredibly strong, and she will stop at nothing to help those she is protective of, her children most of all.
Sometimes, her secluded nature and introverted demeanor can make her seem secretive, and has lead to superior officers trusting others' opinions more than hers, no matter how valid her opinion may be.
She has several sensitive topics, including her past, her children/husband/family, and her reasons for not being so open about those topics. Any mention of these and she clams up.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Has strong morals that she sticks to.
+Loyal to those she trusts and respects, often putting their wants and needs before her own.
+Maternal instincts, especially towards her children.
+Her quiet yet kind nature often comes across as a wonderful bedside manner.
+Avoids alcohol at all costs.
-Gets angry when her past is mentioned.
-Has occasional horrific nightmares where she wakes up crying and panting as if she’d run a marathon. Only once every few weeks.
-Her secluded nature and introverted demeanor can make her seem secretive, and has lead to superior officers trusting others' ideas more than hers, no matter how valid her information may be.
-Has difficulty making friends and being sociable. She is kind and respectful, but by no means is she outgoing.
Ambitions -Escape her husband so that both he and she can recover.
-Give her children the best future possible, and keep them safe without smothering them.
-Make at least a few strong friends, real ones who like her as she is. She wants friends who won't judge her by her past.
Hobbies & Interests -Playing piano, harp, Valtese horn, Vulcan lute, and singing.
-Taking care of her children.
-Helping others to the best of her ability. (E.g. Nursing)
-Reading, especially histories of other cultures.

Personal History She was born on Earth to a well-known ambassador and his quiet wife. Since she was young, her parents taught her that women should be seen and not heard, and are to serve those around them. As a result, she was a quiet child and never got out much. Her father was very strict, and her mother was to much of a pushover to stop him from being too harsh. She was tutored privately from home, learning a broad range of topics at an alarming speed. She was fluent in Federation Standard(English), Klingon, and Rihannsu(Romulan / old Vulcan). She also played piano, harp, Valtese horn, Vulcan lute, and sang beautifully in order to entertain her father's wide variety of guests.
One of these guests, a kind older man became her confidant and trusted friend. Since she didn’t have many children her age to play with, she would have long talks with him about science and physics. He taught her things she wanted to learn, and she cherished his company immensely. He had a son, 5 years older than she, but she never really spoke with him. He kept away from girls, as they ‘interfered with his life plans’.
Her father didn't allow much her playtime, but she loved to spend it playing with dolls and pretending to be the mother to them that she never had. She found solace in that playtime, and in her music and singing.
When she was 12, her parents placed her in a private school with other students. She was nervous to be around so many other children at once for the first time in her life. She made one friend, Bella, who remained her friend for many years to come.
Her parents wanted her to go into Starfleet, follow in her incredible father's footsteps. She was an obedient daughter, so she did just that. She became a nurse, aced her tests, and was assigned to the USS Discovery. Just before she was about to set off for the stars, she was called home by her father on "urgent matters".
Her old friend, her old confidant, was on his death bed. She wanted nothing more than to thank him for all that he had done for her, and he wanted nothing more than to see her live a long and happy life. He knew that his son could make her very happy, so he requested that she marry his son, who had become a very famous and influential negotiator for the Federation. Both she and the son loved and respected this man, and would do anything to give him this one last gift. Besides, they did like each other got along very well together. So they married, and the father died two days later. The son was kind and a good husband, and after two years she fell pregnant with twins. She gave birth to a handsome boy and a beautiful girl. She was 24 years old when they was born, and the first few weeks went well.
After those few weeks, the new father began having difficulties with the lack of sleep and his lack of experience with children. He became frustrated often, and began drinking. His family had a history of alcoholism, and he quickly fell victim to its grasp. Over time, he became violent, lashing out at his wife who did her very best to protect her babies from harm.
For 4 long years, she suffered through his growing abuses. At last, she found her chance to escape. She refused to be a weak-minded victim as her mother had been. She had to leave, if not for herself, then for her children and their futures. Her husband was on a business trip on Trill, so she got passage for her and the children on a Ferengi freighter to Deep Space 7. She applied for a job there, and was rejected, yet through all this she saw the determination that had grown inside her. She knew that she had to do whatever it took to save her children, and that she must stop at nothing to get it. She searched for a job that would take her anywhere away from her past, and she hoped to get accepted by anyone. It was her last chance at freedom.
Service Record 4 years training as a nurse at Star Fleet Academy
She is a mother, which takes considerable nursing abilities.