Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi]

Name Sadie Turner [Kavi]

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 130
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sadie is a natural beauty, with thick dark hair and wide dark eyes and full lips. She has a naturally shapely body and long legs. She works hard to keep her body fit and healthy. She knows she is good looking, and makes no bones about it. She is almost never seen with out some brightening makeup on her face. She makes herself look put together. Her preferred style of clothing is form fitting and tight, and is most comfortable in heels.

Tattoos: She had a small collection of stars on her left breast, a band around her right arm, with little blue flowers between two silver bars, Along her side she has a lily flower decorated with swirls. And a Gaelic knot on her rear. She also has a small purple butterfly just below and behind her ear.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Marc Turner
Mother Hannah Turner
Brother(s) Hans Turner, Gabe Turner
Sister(s) Lillian Turner
Other Family Sadie has had no contact with her family, since she was 16.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sadie is a risk taker, and often reckless. While she doesn't put others at risk, she is always seeking a thrill or trouble for her own self. Impulsive is one word that describes her. She is fairly self serving, doing what is fun when the mood sticks. She is dedicated at the same time, and will get the job done. She seems very shallow to most people, but when she lets someone in, they have proven themselves worthy of her trust and she will be open and loyal to them. She struggles to be open and a woman of substance to those who need her to be that she hasn't been able to trust yet. Sadie is also very prideful, and it takes a lot for her to admit she is wrong. It is a family trait, which is why she has not had contact with them since she was 16.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Fearless
+ Quick thinking
+ Persuasive
+ Easy going
+ Generally happy
+ Bold.

- Reckless
- Bitter
- Untrusting
- Sarcastic
- Flirt
- Good looking men
- Defensive
Ambitions To get through her service as easily as possible and live life while she's still young
Hobbies & Interests Archery
Any thing that gets her adrenalin rushing

Personal History Sadie was born to a wealthy family on Kipper 2, a Federation colony. Her parents were both archaeologists, and Kipper 2 had the remains of a very ancient culture, which lurred the family there. Sadie was the second child in her family, and always in trouble. Whatever she was told not to do, she had to do it. From a young age she was always in trouble, breaking in to places, stealing whatever she liked. Sadies family was well educated and they had high expectations for their children, and were always frustrated with Sadies lack of commitment to her education and lack of conformity.

By the time she was 13 she had been arrested six times for breaking in to various places, including some of the digs her parents were working on. She had based jumped from an old tower, and climbed old castles, contaminating the sites.

When she was 14 she decided it would be hilarious to break into the unpopular starfleet admirals home and steal his wig. She was caught red handed, and when charges were brought up her frustrated parents did not fight the sentence. She was sent to a penal colony for six months before being returned home. When she got home she was bitter with her family, her younger sister was the star of the family, and a perfect angel, and always had been. The jealousy had been part of her trouble making ways.

While she had been in the colony her parents had refused to participate in recovery counseling, stating they had attempted to correct her behavior and they wanted to see what the colony could do. When she returned they pretended nothing had ever happened, and it made Sadie more angry, and caused her to lash out more. Within 8 months she was purposefully causing trouble, just to get attention. Her family was focused on her more successful siblings, and she felt the scorn, and the bitterness between them grew. She could not live up to their expectations, and they could not see her for her own value.

At age 16 she was again arrested, and with a list of priors she was sent to a more intense penal colony. There she struggled and fought against the system. Her parents gave up on her and she was mess. It was then that she caught the eye of Admiral Charles Grayson. He was a Star Fleet admiral who was in charge of a recruitment and training organization called Project Refit. He picked up troubled youth out of penal colony's and trained them giving them another chance to be useful, rather than criminals.

Sadie struggled in the program but eventually the lessons began to take root, and she began to succeed. With the aid of the project she got through Star Fleet and now must serve at least four years in service. With her chosen path of security, she plans on serving her four and seeing where life takes her.
Service Record Project Refit
USS Gladiator - Ensign Security Officer