Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Name Lor Lorix

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human-Denobulan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 154lbs
Hair Color Dark auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Lorix has soft but clear Denobulan ridges on her forehead and some exoskeletal Denobulan features e.g down her spine and she also has feet that, whilst looking more human than not, are still, much to her shyness, larger and heavier than those her mother had.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Denox
Mother Jennifer Denox (Nee Roberts)
Brother(s) None direct but several step-brothers
Sister(s) None direct but several step-sisters
Other Family Vast and complex - Her father was polygamous as are most of his race and culture.

Terran Step-Father: Commander Steve Burns
Terran Step Brothers: Michael Burns
Jaden Burns
Terran Step Sister: Sharia Burns

Denobulan Step-Father: Phexor
Denobulan Step-Brother: Phanx
Deobulan Step Sister: Pelarax

Maternal grandparents and two Terran uncles - all current or former Starfleet
Other complicated Denobulan step-relationships with other wives of Phexor and their children

Personality & Traits

General Overview : Lorix, having been brought up initially on Denobula is accustomed to a civilisation that is polygamous and to some, quite decadent seeming in their complicated relationships and families. However, with a Terran mother Lorix’ terran-hybrid genes caused her to meet with some problems as a youngster at school but later when her father was killed on duty with Starfleet, her mother returned to Earth and Lorix became the denobulan-hybrid with the predjudice she met now being aimed at the opposite side of her genetics.

It was confusing and Lorix learned to defend herself verbally and physically so her mother decided she needed to learn control and took her to Martial Arts classes. As Lorix grew up she studied medicine and found her own way to help and mend others, physically and mentally too. She enjoyed the Counselling part of her generic medical training all of which she enjoyed and found easy to excel at.

Lorix’ family is vastly complicated as all Denobulans are. Her mother only married one Denobulan man who was a serving Starfleet office and when Lorix was born the couple lived on Denobula for a while. Lorix’ father returned to his duties but he and his wife decided that mother and daughter should stay put for the child’s stability.

Lorix’ father had two other wives already when he met Lorix’ mother Jennifer Roberts and she, being the junior of the three found her senior co-wives a great support and extended family.

Lorix’ experience however, of the treatment metered out to her by the superior-feeling *pure* denobulan step-siblings was not so kind nor so happy.

When Jennifer discovered that Lorix was becoming withdrawn and showing signs of what appeared to be bullying, it was first alleged that this came from school but later more emerged after her father’s death and Jennifer decided to take a grieving Lorix to her own family on Earth.

Once there Jennifer remarried and a new step-family began being born with all her new siblings once again pure-bred but this time to her mother’s side – Terran.

Lorix grew up with a sense of solitude, exacerbated by her grief at losing her father when she was only 12. She devoted herself to her passion, becoming a doctor, and did well at this which gave her a better self-esteem and when she was old enough to attend the Starfleet Academy, she fitted naturally into the Medical Section.

Strengths & Weaknesses As Lorix grew up she studied several forms of martial arts skills but her main leaning was always towards medical and healing which she focussed on.

Whilst she’s not an overly large person she’s surprisingly strong and agile. She majored in surgery and did a Thesis on research into Genetics which interests her greatly. She didn’t have any trouble cultivating the “doctors’ stoneface” which is essential to stop a medic from giving away any horror, sad news or confusion, any of which would be detrimental to the health, healing and welfare of her patients. Lorix understands the psychology of healing and how a patient’s stress levels sabotage their recovery and even their initial outlook towards their affliction, temporarily or long term.

Her weaknesses include her deeper feelings, grief from the loss of her beloved father, mentor and hero together with her past relationship hurts which can make her withdrawn on occasions, quite difficult to fathom. Yet there is an ironically lonely side to her who, despite pushing the universe away instinctively, craves to be loved one day.

Languages: Federation Standard, Denobulan, Bajoran and an understanding of Cardassian

Ambitions Lorix had a lot of grief, solitude and confusion to release at first but as this helped her to progress she learned to like the feel of promotion, awards and praise. She loves helping others and gets enormous satisfaction from being good at her job which comes naturally to her.

She would give a great deal to one day win her step-father’s respect, but doubts if he’ll ever notice. In the meantime, she accredits all her successes to her natural father’s memory and wants to climb as far as she can to ‘made him proud’.

She also wants to make a difference against disease and injuries of all kinds, making people’s lives better, because those were his aims too..
Hobbies & Interests Lorix is a Martial Arts student which she enjoys and uses for relaxation as well as physical fitness. She is keen on Hover-ball and walking, or hiking to be more precise. She also loves music from all centuries and types. She leaned to play several instruments as a child but does not practice as much as she should, preferring to have the computer play recorded music instead now.

Personal History * please see "General Overview" section
Service Record On graduation from the Academy aged 22, Ensign Lorix went on to do two more years at the Zephram Cochrane Memorial Hospital in New San Fransisco to complete her qualifications to become a doctor.

She was then offered a posting on the USS Partheon which lasted 2 years. Progressing through ‘Junior Medical Officer’ she made her way up through the department, transferring to the USS Inspiration at Lt (jg). She remained on the Inspiration for four more years, working hard to achieve a promotion to Full-Grade Lieutenant, having been appointed Assistant Chief Medical Officer after the first three years there.

A year on from that promotion, Lorix’ current for Chief Medical Officer on the USS Gladiator is a result of her desire and ambition to move up and widen her experience and adding the next level of challenge to the career that has occupied her whole life since leaving home at 18 yrs of age.