Major Delvok

Name Delvok

Rank Major


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 17stone
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Delvok’s once physically fit frame and build has begun to develop weight around his waist line due to his extended leave of absence. His hair is shaved almost to his scalp and his beard and moustache are a little unkempt.


Spouse Classified.
Children Classified.
Father Telvok
Mother Shilan
Brother(s) Mek’Vok
Sister(s) Helnina

Personality & Traits

General Overview Delvok maintains the image of the straight logical Vulcan. But dig a little deeper and one will discover the odd quirk that might indicate a not so straight mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Delvok is good at what he does; he is a highly trained and skilled Marine with everything that this entails. However he dislikes even knowing his combat skills and abilities, seeing them only as a means to an end, believing strongly in a Federation that shouldn’t even need Marines or a combat force.
Ambitions To complete one last tour with the Starfleet Marine Corps, settle his differences and move on. To decide what he wants to do next after completing his tour with the Marine Corps.
Hobbies & Interests Federation Architecture, bush craft and other survival skills, nature conservation, environmental science, Teachings of Sarek & Vulcan Spiritualism, Efrosian wind pipes, gardening.

Personal History Delvok was born on Cestus III in 2327 at Pike City Hospital. He grew up amongst the familiar city scape of the colonies capital. His father was a City Planner and his mother was a local politician. Growing up he had found the city a fascinating place to grow up because as a Federation Colony its Citizen’s comprised of many different Federation species living together in harmony. Delvok had been fascinated by each species culture, politics, and architecture which all made up part of Pike City. But his true intellectual interests were with the colonies open and varied countryside. Though major population centres existed on Cestus III much of the planet lay unclaimed by the growing colony, leaving vast tracks of open spaces. When Delvok was fourteen he joined the Cestus Rangers, a youth group, which learnt bush crafts and orientation skills. Delvok was the youngest of three siblings, both of which had joined Starfleet as cadets. As youth’s his brother and sister had shared a common interest in space exploration and science. But not Delvok. He wished to continue to work outdoors and expand his knowledge of bush and survival crafts, whilst still being part of a recognised and organised entity. During this time of peace in federation history, joining the Starfleet marine core had seemed the logical conclusion.

In 2327 Delvok enlisted with Starfleet Marine Corps, with the aim of learning new and advanced skills to improve his practice and to teach others what he had already learnt. To this end he had enlisted into officer training. However lasting peace in the federation was about to break with the onset of the Federation Cardassian Border War, and in 2347 Delvok was sent to the front line as a newly qualified 1st lieutenant. Delvok and his platoon patrolled the colonies on the Federation border. They skirmished with Cardassian recognisance patrols and defended Colonies from raiding parties. As the war escalated so did the level of ground skirmishes and in 2352 Delvok was captured by Cardassian forces after a full scale siege of the colony he was guarding.

Delvok spent his first year as a prisoner of war being interrogated for intelligence about fleet and ground compositions along the border. However it soon became clear to his captors that as lieutenant he was not privy to such information. To this day Delvok still does not understand why they kept interrogating him. Delvok was then transported to a prison labour camp on Bajor. During his time as a POW Delvok was able to escape his labour camp for a short time and worked with the Bajoran Militia before being re-captured. However even when the Federation cardassian boarder war ended in 2360 he would remain a prisoner until 2369 until Bajor was liberated by the resistance. The Cardassians simply put this down to a “clerical Error.”

Following a recuperation and reorientation period in Betazed Psychiatric Hospital Delvok took an Extended Leave of Absence on Vulcan meditating for two years in a Vulcan Monastery, under the watchful eye of the clerics. Delvok then returned to duty, believing it the logical time to return to active service.

No sooner had he returned than in 2347 two successive wars broke out for the Federation; the Klingon Federation War and then the Dominion War. Delvok found himself entrenched into four years of bitter fighting that would become well recorded in Federation history, and as it records the war came to an end in 2375. But Delvok was not there to see it.

Near the end of the war Delvok was approached by Starfleet Intelligence to go undercover on Romulus as part of an intelligence task force to spy on the higher echelons of the civilian government. Delvok would remain on Romulus undercover for the next twelve years passing on intelligence to his handler. He spent his time as a gardener in the grounds of the Imperial Senate. Starfleet intelligence had developed a plant which could absorb sound waves then transmit them on a different wave length. Delvok’s job was to plant and maintain these plants as part of his cover around the senate buildings parks and public spaces. There the plants could absorb all the noises from arguing senators and then transmit them to the rest of his team. To further his cover he took a Romulan wife and became an adopted farther to her children. Delvok and his task force were removed from Romulus in 2386 following their discovery by the Tal Shiar.

Delvok took another extended leave of absence again returning to Vulcan to learn and study under the Monstary Clerics. After several years he returned home for the first time to Cestus III. Delvok had thoughts of retirement and settling down. But as he spent time teaching a new generation of Cestus Rangers, he felt he had unfinished business with the Marine Corps and returned to duty in 2391. Despite his long service record Delvok has never once been injured in combat nor achieved much in rank due to a combination of extended leaves of absence, being a POW and undercover work for Starfleet intelligence.
Service Record Born 2327 (Cestus III)

Joined Marine 2345; 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, Bravo Company, 3rd Platoon.

Federation cardassian border war 2347-2352

POW 2352-2369 (Cardassian Prison Facility) Bajor (Not released until liberation of Bajor)

Extended Leave of Absence & Re-orientation 2369-2371 (Betazed/Vulcan Temple)

Federation-Klingon War 2372-73

Dominion War 2373–2375

Star Fleet Intelligence 2374-2386 (Undercover Operation: Romulus)

Extended Leave of Absence 2386-2391 (Vulcan Temple/Cestus III)

Returned to Active duty 2391 assigned USS Gladiator.