Lieutenant JG Joshua Hoss

Name Joshua Benjamin Hoss

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 240
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Josh is tall and built solid. He has thick, straight, brown hair and very full eyebrows. Josh tends to sport a mustache and goatee (neatly trimmed). Josh has very broad shoulders and is fairly athletic. One of his best features are his eyes, which change color slightly depending on his mood.


Father Benjamin
Mother Angela
Brother(s) Johnathan
Other Family Grandfather Wayne (paternal)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Josh comes from a long line of Starfleet Officers. Josh' dad achieved the rank of Commander and was an Executive Officer of a starship before resigning, and Josh's Grandfather is a retired Admiral. Josh's decision to join Starfleet did not go over well with his father and the two of them have not spoken since Josh enlisted. Josh does speak to his Grandfather, who has promised not to interfere in Josh's career.

Josh is very outgoing, loyal, friendly guy. He loves to spend time with friends but is just as comfortable relaxing with a history book in his quarters. Josh is slow to anger, but when upset tends to take a long time to forgive and forget.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Hard working
- Integrity
- Friendly and outgoing

- Headstrong
- Hates to admit being wrong
Ambitions Short Term:
- Become a better Starfleet Officer
- Make friends

Long Term:
- Become a ship Captian
Hobbies & Interests Josh loves to read (mostly history) and play sports. Two of his favorite sports to play on the holo deck are football and golf. Josh also loves to be outdoors exploring nature, regardless of what planet he is on. Josh's biggest interest though has to be in spending time with his family and friends.

Personal History Josh was born on a starship to two Starfleet parents. Josh' father, Ben, was promoted to the rank of Commander while Josh was still young. Josh and his younger brother spent most of their childhood onboard ships. Things changed however when Ben resigned his commission in protest of Starfleet's growing military focus. Ben's decision to resign led to a fight with Josh's Grandfather, Wayne, who was at the time an Admiral for Starfleet. Josh was prohibited from seeing his Grandfather by Ben, although Wayne found ways to let Josh know he was still his Grandson.

The family returned to Earth were Ben and Angela took civilian jobs. The change from sterile ships to nature took well with Josh, who spent his time outdoors getting dirty. Josh achieved high marks in school, was very active in extra curricular activities, and made many friends. Ben began to push Josh towards college, but Josh's childhood memories of Starfleet held more power and the two began to argue. Things got worse when Wayne retired and attempted to spend time with his grandsons. Although Wayne tried to let the boys decide their own path, Josh's interest in Starfleet was too much.

Josh enlisted the day after graduating. Josh asked Wayne not to involve himself in Josh's career as he wanted to "earn a ship" on his own. When Josh told Ben the two got into a very heated argument, and Ben refused to acknowledge Josh's decision. When Josh prepared to leave Ben "disowned" his own son. Josh has not talked to Ben since that day, although he keeps in contact with the rest of his family.

Josh entered Starfleet academy with a lot of excitement, but without a plan. Ben had first started in Operations, and Wayne in Security/Tactical. Josh knew he would be good in either of those, but also wanted to be unique. Thinking back to his days outdoors, his love of reading (especially History), and his good academic past, Josh decided to begin his career as a Scientist. His advisors saw a student who wanted to be good at everything, who wanted to someday be a ship Captain, and helped round out Josh's studies by including Operations and Security/Tactical courses. Again Josh graduated with very good marks and no reprimands.

Josh kept in contact with his brother John, who enrolled in Starfleet as well. Josh also made several friends at the academy and was known to professors as a "good kid". Although Josh was physically large he never used that bully anyone, instead only using his size to protect others. Josh was the "steady level" in his group of friends, often talking situations down and keeping things calm. This helped Josh make friends and earn the respect of Officer-Professors at the academy.