A new perspective

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After Captain David Hawkins went on the run, accused of murder, and his first officer Mercia Kavi accused of assaulting an officer the USS Gladiator was left with a broken command structure. With Admiral Jarland on a continued hunt for any edge to take control of the Memphis Island and her attached ships Admiral Grayson scrambled to shore up his bench, or else lose the confidence of Starfleet Command.

Lt Commander Halan Zeti is transferred to Memphis Island for the time, and a new Captain and XO are put in to place on the Gladiator. Captain Oryth Th’vaarik is a by the books type Andorian Captain, known for being dedicated to running a tight ship. With the opportunity to command a family ship, he is eager to get started, bringing his famous Actress wife, Seza, and their young son Athas, along with him.

The crew is allowed a little shore leave time on Memphis Island while Captain Th'vaarik gets to know the staff and see if he can find any clues to where Hawkins may have run off to.

The Prime Challenge

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Mission Leader: Commander Kavi

When the USS Gladiator detects a new warp signature in an isolated system they proceed to initiate first contact. With the Romulan and pirate activity in the region they can not wait for an official entourage to arrive in the area for First Contact.

When they enter the system they find that the whole system is teaming with life, with total population coverage on two worlds. Once Captain Th’vaarik makes contact with the local government to introduce them to the Federation they find that this first contact mission is far more complicated than it seems. Placed in a moral, political, and directive dilemma the crew of the Gladiator puts their new leadership to the test.


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Mission Leader: David Hawkins

Hawkins is on the run, accused of murder. With the Romulan and the Federation hunting him down he finds tht old enemies he thought long gone have begun to resurface. Is there anyone in the universe that doesn't want to kill him?

Prime Characters:
David Hawkins
Azvy (Played by Zeti)
Zovah (Played by Kavi)
Emmah (Played by Kavi)

Medical Assistance - Moon of Nidren

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The Moon of Nidren has suffered a recent epidemic, and the federation outpost on Kaslou has been in need of a ship to drop off medical supplies. Since the moon is only 24 hours off rout to SB47 the USS Gladiator is ordered to drop off the supplies on their way. These supplies are very sensitive to changes in environments, and must be very carefully handled.

Part of Season 1

NX Series - The Romulan War

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The Earth-Romulan War, also known as the Romulan War, was a major interstellar conflict fought from 2156 to 2160 between the forces of United Earth and those of the Romulan Star Empire. Earth was assisted by its allies Vulcan, Tellar, and the Andorian Empire.

Part of Season 2

New Horizon

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Part of Season 4

The Rogue Planet

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Mission Leader: David Hawkins

The USS Gladiator is sent to investigate a large astroid moving dangerously close to several populated systems. What they find when they arrive brings the Gladiator back to the root mission of the Federation... Discovering what is new.

Operation Red Garden

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A stranger with an agenda of his own manipulates Starfleet into sending a ship to a world on the verge of stability.

Part of Season 3.5

Photons Everywhere

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As the Project Phantom reaches its field testing stage on a massive scale, Commander David “Helaku” Hawkins is given his final project to manage. The project is given the newest Sovereign class starship, which has now been renamed the Gladiator. With this new assignment, he and his skeleton crew are given a simple mission to test out the field capability of Emergency Holographic crew members.

Part of Season 1

Resurrection Day

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Has the search for the religious group titled Unholy Trinity has come to an end? The Gladiator warp after the group as they take their new sacrificial lambs. But when they find the place, they are forced to decide if the needs of the many outweigh the few.

Part of Season 2

R&R Coming Home

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After the aftermath of the Alcatraz still fresh in their minds and reports, the crew of the Gladiator come home to Memphis Island in order for them to rest and relaxed while the command staff head to Earth to get a close friend a second chance.

Part of Season 3.5

The Light of Emmah

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Following the battle, Captain David Hawkins and the remaining crew of the Gladiator find themselves returned to the home base in the neutral zone between Romulan Star Empire and the Federation space. A couple weeks after the attack, the captain is found attacked by his assistant, Emmah. Now an investigation is start but in the end, will Emmah be cleared of all charges before Starfleet has her program deleted out of existence?

Part of Season 5

Returning Home (Shore Leave)

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As the crew of the Gladiator head back to Memphis Island after completion of their mission, crew debrief and take time for themselves to regather themselves and their senses. Most seems fine at first, but

Part of Season 3.5

New Horizon

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A half a year has passed as the crew have now found themselves struggling to survive at what seems to be a collapsed life. What all they knew and loved has now been replaced with a galaxy that has been crippled beyond repair. With several parts of the quadrant accessible by threats or space anomalies, their only hope is to get the Gladiator back to her former glory.

Part of Season 4

Photons Everywhere Part 2

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On their way back from a successful field test, the U.S.S. Gladiator is rerouted to investigate an attack on a cargo ship in the neighboring system. As the cargo ship is found with minor damage, the ECH, under supervision from Commander Hawkins, leads an investigation to find out the issues which leads up to the crippled ship as repairs get under way.

Part of Season 1

Dream Catcher

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Federation gets a notice from a deep observation probe which has been down for months, but finally repaired, that its sensors picked up a Borg signature in its range. The data indicated that the Borg ship, which is a diamond class borg ship, crashed on what was indicated to be a pre-warp society planet several months before probe was able to send the information back. Gladiator is ordered to Investigate possible threat and recover any and all technology that survived without violating the Prime Directive.

Part of Season 3.5


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With the new U.S.S. Gladiator-A, an Excalibur class Battle ship, gets under way, she sees an unexpected first mission to the planet Halden where the Federation know of a warp capable, but refused species, named the Haleens, used to reside. But in the recent months, Intel has picked up communications coming from the primary home of the Haleens. But once they get there, they are meet with a society of people which they never expect. Soon after the quick report to his supervision, high level Federation personal demand that the Gladiator crew to proceed with the Haleens to bring them into the fold. Captain Hawkins and his crew now find themselves split as they must find the best side to fight for.

Part of Season 3.5

Green Thumb

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When holographic crew are expected to assist with normal routines of the ship, they turn into making mistakes.

Part of Season 1

Anarchy in Alcatraz

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When an inmate brings word that Prison Colony 37122 was attacked, the Gladiator is supplied and sent to hold down the fort while reinforcements arrive. With the station under lockdown and power failing, the crew must determine who or what is responsible for the attack while keeping some of Starfleet's most dangerous from escaping, or worse...

Part of Season 3.5

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!

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The Durrighash respond to the Wasp's distress signal and come to the Gladiator on a "cultural enrichment" mission for both crews. While there, they discover a severe allergy to a plant that has escaped the hydroponics lab and accidentally track it back to their own ship. Now the diplomatic department must convince the Durrighash to stay put so the mess can be leaned up and NOT returned to their home planet where it would run rampant and quite possibly kill many of their kind.

Part of Season 1


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The Coalition of Independent Labor, or COIL, believes that holograms should be used for entertainment purposes only, and find issue with them functioning in jobs where real persons should be working. With the launching of the Federations newest ship the USS Gladiator, with the Phantom Command project in full swing aboard, COIL is upset. They have set into motion events that will put an end to the farce that is Phantom Command.

Part of Season 1

Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission

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The USS Gladiator towed the SS Wasp to the nearby system of Kaslou, where they surrender the ship and her crew to the Federation outpost to handle. The crew is given 48 hours leave to clear their minds after the Wasp tragedy, the difficulties with saving the lives of the Durrighash, and then their own trials in fighting off the plants, every one needs a break and some fresh air. 48 hours of fun and relaxation, or trouble, depending on what each member of the crew seeks.

Part of Season 1

A test of Patience

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While there the Federation orders Commander Hawkins to assist in transporting Lady Patience Maeru, her staff, and her two children, a difficult heir to a figure head throne from the Merinasu System, a non federation member, but ally and a major importer of dilithium . The federation makes it clear that her comfort is paramount as is her protection, which has been threatened. Already having been attacked on her way to Star Base 47, for a diplomatic conference, the proximity of the USS Gladiator is lucky chance. Or is it?

Lady Maeru is known for being difficult, but the Federation authorities insist that Hawkins and his crew bend over backwards to give her what she wants, as their importing of dilithium is hanging in the balance and could be offered in trade to another power, giving them an advantage.

Unbenounced to the crew of The USS Gladiator Lady Maeru is a hunted woman, although her demanding nature would make it no surprise. When during the drop off of medical supplies the USS Gladiator is ambushed. How did her enemies know where to find her, and how did they have such fire power and courage to stand up against a Sovereign class Federation starship? Will the crew fight to defend the difficult dignitary? Or will the woman have irritated them all enough they hand her over, and wash their hands of her.

Part of Season 1

Pitch Black

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While in route to the 9th Fleet, the Gladiator drops out of warp with power black out all over the ship. As investigation is underway, they notice that the newly born nebula is a major possibility to the power outage. The crew now has to figure out how to get out of the nebula and continue on. Nerves are pushed to the limits as people try to figure out whats going on.

Part of Season 1

Starbase 47

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It has been a long road, but the USS Gladiator has finally made it to their new home base, Star Base 47. While the ship is docked for six weeks of scheduled systems updates, leaves, and intake of full crew compliment the crew has a chance to meld together even more... or not...

A New Home

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After the USS Gladiator received her full crew compliment and construction completed at Star Base 47 she received her first orders. Heading to the Puntalok system, the crew will assist in settling a new Romulan colony along the border.

Part of Season 1

The Arena

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Meanwhile, the ‘missing’ crew find themselves in an old and stale under water domed city. Finding ruins and bodies every where the crew must figure out how to return and how to communicate with the ship. Clues be surface, indicating that the dome used to be some sort of survival game, and they must make it to a certain location to be free of the dome. As the hours pass the crew finds themselves being stalked by some creature, and inexplicably, some of the members of the crew begin to willingly and obsessively give themselves up to the creature.

Part of Season 1

Phantom King

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The USS Gladiator is docked for repairs after the so called Phantom King wreaked havoc on the ship and her crew. Needing to pin the failure of the Phantom Project on someone both Captain Hawkins, and Commander ch'Koro were removed from the ship. Now with an unknown command structure, repairs, and leaves for all the crew tries to recover from the trauma they had all endured.

Icey Veins

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After two months of repairs at StarBase 47, the USS Gladiator under command of Commander Mercia Kavi, and Lt. Commander Vanora Steele, is sent out early to respond to a distress signal. What they find brings back nightmares, with a merchant ship, found dead in space, with the crew dead, their blood drained. The serial killings must be stopped, but this time... something is different...

Any Dream Will Do

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The crew of the Gladiator begin to notice that other members of the crew are in their dreams frequently. It gets even stranger when the crew begins to realize the other people are having the same exact dream. As the dreams begin to get a stranger, and even scarier the crew try to figure out what is causing this to happen and how to stop it.

A short Break

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After collecting evidence off the SS Fates Folly the crew of the Gladiator continues their research of the evidence, and squeeze in a couple of weeks leave at Starbase 47. With this crew, who knows what trouble they can get in to!

Spys of the Banting

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Following another attack on innocent lives on a merchant ship. Lt Commander Vanora Stele, Lt. Kayden Desan, and Lt. Anna Shadow make use of the Task Groups Medical ship, the USS Banting to follow some evidence inside what used to be the neutral zone. Pretending to be bringing medical aide to some suffering colony's in a heavily controlled area of Romulus space the officers try to make contact with a few people who just might have some answers...

The Overlords

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Season Two, Mission Two: The Overlords

The USS Gladiator is sent to a section of space where strange readings have been detected by the other ships in the task group while they hunted for the killers who have been terrorizing the region. After entering a vast nebula with strange readings, the sensors pick up a well developed planet with a large population. There is clear evidence of warp technology but for some reason the Gladiator can not communicate with the planet below, nor can they transport due to unsafe conditions in the atmosphere.

Commander Kavi sends a shuttle down to make contact with the planet, but when they loose communication with the away team and war ships arrive with heavy weaponry demanding they leave, she must scramble to retrieve her crew before vacating the system.

On the surface, the away team was not greeted with warmth, but immediately arrested, and taken to a portal and sent through. On the other side they find a confused community of poor working class citizens with no technology at all. The people have never seen aliens before and are taken to a counsel of five elders who are charged with keeping the peace and ensuring the success and prosperity of the community, and they will go to any lengths to protect the peace and prosperity, for their own necks are on the line.

Little did the away team know, they were entering in to the middle of a brewing war, and must navigate the cultural missteps that border on prime directive violations, as well as keep their own lives safe, while trying to find a way home. With friends and foes, known and unknown lurking around, with the threat of a culling of the citizens from the Overlords from the planet of origin how will the Away team manage to get themselves out of this mess without interrupting the natural progression of culture?

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After the recovery of the Away team from Cherth the command crew of the USS Gladiator start heading out of the Nebula, finishing up some scans as they go. They take the time to meet and get to know the new comers on the ship, while attempting to relax and recuperate. As they discover things about each other, maybe some have more to hide than others...

The Perfect Hunter

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A mysterious station nestled with in the folds of a nebula, and no one is certain who it belongs to. As the crew of the USS Gladiator investigate they discover that death is around every corner, the staff of the station were brutally murdered, and now something is after the Gladiator crew as well...

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Part of Season 2

Heart of Stele

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Returning from an undercover mission, Chief of Operations Vanora Samsoe Stele discovers that her long-missing husband, Tang, may still be alive. To find him, Stele must do the unthinkable: betray her friends and ship, and return to the Tellun System, the last known location of her lost love... as well as the homeworld she has not seen for fifteen years.

Part of Season 2

Mother Base

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As the crew recover from the events of Trinity and their plans for the erasure of multiple species, a new frontier is before them as the gap between the Romulan Empire and the Federation disappears with a joint construction of a base in the Neutral Zone.

Part of Season 3

Anarchy among us

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The USS Gladiator is called to action when they receive word that the USS Kelstar is dead in the water. Not only is the Kelstar a long way off from her mission, but the distress call indicated that the commanding officer had been murdered. Commodore Hawkins returns to the USS Gladiator to help with the investigation while Captain Ian Cooper gets his feet wet, commanding the ship. When the Gladiator arrives they discover the ship in command of an old disliked acquaintance. With this acquaintances crew in anarchy he needs help, but can Hawkins help restore military order to the Kelstar before it's too late or will the anarchy spread? Or has it already under his very nose?

 photo anarchyamongus1_zpsm3ep9lcy.png

Part of Season 3

Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]

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Under the guise of being civilian supporters of the terrorist group C.O.I.L., LtCol Jonathan Hayter of the USS Thunderbird and LCDR Tayla d'Jax of Memphis Island have made contact with Hemlock, a mysterious C.O.I.L. agent and local power broker. The USS Resolute--a state-of-the-art stealth Intrepid class cruiser--and its makeshift skeleton crew are given an undercover mission: Meet and gain favor with Hemlock, by any means necessary, in order to gain intelligence on the organization, and to discover the whereabouts of the surviving C.O.I.L cell leaders.

 photo hemlocksfield_zpsxnanwkxo.png

Part of Season 3

Facing the Future

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After the drama the USS Kelstar caused the crew of the USS Gladiator, they are all eager for some down time before being assigned their next mission. Drinks for every one!

Homecoming (Reborn)

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With the old crew of Gladiator and it's Task Force gather for the launch of the new star ship carrying the name of Gladiator... A blast from the past cause them all to question if they truly did complete their mission to protect the Alpha quadrant and the Federation.

 photo reborn_zpsnqjolb9d.png

Part of Season 3.5

The Undesireables

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When a feral child is found on a raft near Memphis Island the crew rushed to find out who he is, what race he belongs too, and the hidden place where he came from.

 photo Theundesierables_zpshtnidkqe.png


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Mercia Kavi has always struggled to keep herself together, her life has never been easy. When COIL found a way to target Mercia, and use her to gain intel against the Command Crew of the USS Gladiator, she was dragged in to a world she never expected.

Tortured and intarrogated at the hands of her enemies Mercia struggles to retain hope that those she called her family were missing and searching for her.

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Holiday Seaon R&R

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With the Holidays among us, the crew relax and enjoy downtime.

Part of Season 3.5

Whispers of the Past

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As the Gladiator crew take the Resolute from its stasis from Memphis Island, a new feeling of hope is restored to the crew once again. It doesn’t take long before the crew find themselves back with their true home and wake up the rest of the crew. Things seem to go well until during the towing stage of the Gladiator, a distress signal is picked up. With an overwhelming feeling of the restored Federation and its principals, Hawkins leads Resolute to answer the call. But on arrival, it is a blast from the past as the crew of the ship is found dead and blood drained from their bodies. Now they find themselves struggling to try and hunt down an old foe or force themselves to ignore what is going on to attempt to go back home.


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Part 1
THe USS Liberty (soon renamed to Gladiator) arrives at Memphis Island and the crew begins to settle in to their new quarters and ensure their departments are ready for taking on new missions in the sector. But as they prepare a new issue surfaces on Memphis Island.

As the attack and accusations against Emmah are finalized the Romulan Neighbors starts to fuss. In the middle of the investigation a Klingon Romulan hybrid was discovered to be at the center of the attack, and this information was withheld from the romulans. When they finally do find out it was in the form of questioning their involvement with the hybrid. Insulting their neighbors was terrible mistake and Starfleet was forced to send several local high ranking officers. Consult Genevieve Gratron, diplomat, arrives on Memphis Island to smooth things over along with an entourage of peers and advisors to be prepared for anything. Among her Entourage is Admiral Jarland a JAG officer who has questioned Hawkins and Kavi’s leadership abilities before.

In a bid to sooth the relationship between Memphis Island and the Romulan Command center that occupies another close by island Consult Gratron organizes a formal diplomatic reception event in which the officer(s) involved with the insult will issue formal apologies. Things do not go as planned and an outburst further strains things between the Federation and the Romulans, and a member of the Gladiator crew is left holding the bag.

Divided and Conquered

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There was chaos and violence, and many had perished under COIL’s hand during that dark day fourteen months ago. Many had assumed that she was another number in that death toll. Under close watch by the New Federation Order and Doctor Arvix Walters, it becomes a fight for survival as M’Gann must find a way back to her own universe.

Part of Season 3.5