Season 1

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A new crew come together under the skillful Commander David Hawkins on the newly built Sovereign class Starship, the U.S.S. Gladiator. With a new crew, they are bound to the depths of space to assist where is needed and learn about the endless cosmos.

Group Post Count: 847

Included Missions

The Arena

Post Count: 38

Meanwhile, the ‘missing’ crew find themselves in an old and stale under water domed city. Finding ruins and bodies every where the crew must figure out how to return and how to communicate with the ship. Clues be surface, indicating that the dome used to be some sort of survival game, and they must make it to a certain location to be free of the dome. As the hours pass the crew finds themselves being stalked by some creature, and inexplicably, some of the members of the crew begin to willingly and obsessively give themselves up to the creature.

Photons Everywhere

Post Count: 136

As the Project Phantom reaches its field testing stage on a massive scale, Commander David “Helaku” Hawkins is given his final project to manage. The project is given the newest Sovereign class starship, which has now been renamed the Gladiator. With this new assignment, he and his skeleton crew are given a simple mission to test out the field capability of Emergency Holographic crew members.

Photons Everywhere Part 2

Post Count: 153

On their way back from a successful field test, the U.S.S. Gladiator is rerouted to investigate an attack on a cargo ship in the neighboring system. As the cargo ship is found with minor damage, the ECH, under supervision from Commander Hawkins, leads an investigation to find out the issues which leads up to the crippled ship as repairs get under way.

Green Thumb

Post Count: 13

When holographic crew are expected to assist with normal routines of the ship, they turn into making mistakes.

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!

Post Count: 16

The Durrighash respond to the Wasp's distress signal and come to the Gladiator on a "cultural enrichment" mission for both crews. While there, they discover a severe allergy to a plant that has escaped the hydroponics lab and accidentally track it back to their own ship. Now the diplomatic department must convince the Durrighash to stay put so the mess can be leaned up and NOT returned to their home planet where it would run rampant and quite possibly kill many of their kind.