Season 3.5

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2 years have past... all is well as the new Gladiator-A launches to lead the fleet against a new threat.

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Included Missions

Operation Red Garden

Post Count: 88

A stranger with an agenda of his own manipulates Starfleet into sending a ship to a world on the verge of stability.

Holiday Seaon R&R

Post Count: 13

With the Holidays among us, the crew relax and enjoy downtime.

R&R Coming Home

Post Count: 130

After the aftermath of the Alcatraz still fresh in their minds and reports, the crew of the Gladiator come home to Memphis Island in order for them to rest and relaxed while the command staff head to Earth to get a close friend a second chance.

Dream Catcher

Post Count: 164

Federation gets a notice from a deep observation probe which has been down for months, but finally repaired, that its sensors picked up a Borg signature in its range. The data indicated that the Borg ship, which is a diamond class borg ship, crashed on what was indicated to be a pre-warp society planet several months before probe was able to send the information back. Gladiator is ordered to Investigate possible threat and recover any and all technology that survived without violating the Prime Directive.


Post Count: 112

With the new U.S.S. Gladiator-A, an Excalibur class Battle ship, gets under way, she sees an unexpected first mission to the planet Halden where the Federation know of a warp capable, but refused species, named the Haleens, used to reside. But in the recent months, Intel has picked up communications coming from the primary home of the Haleens. But once they get there, they are meet with a society of people which they never expect. Soon after the quick report to his supervision, high level Federation personal demand that the Gladiator crew to proceed with the Haleens to bring them into the fold. Captain Hawkins and his crew now find themselves split as they must find the best side to fight for.

Anarchy in Alcatraz

Post Count: 199

When an inmate brings word that Prison Colony 37122 was attacked, the Gladiator is supplied and sent to hold down the fort while reinforcements arrive. With the station under lockdown and power failing, the crew must determine who or what is responsible for the attack while keeping some of Starfleet's most dangerous from escaping, or worse...

Homecoming (Reborn)

Post Count: 173

With the old crew of Gladiator and it's Task Force gather for the launch of the new star ship carrying the name of Gladiator... A blast from the past cause them all to question if they truly did complete their mission to protect the Alpha quadrant and the Federation.

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Divided and Conquered

Post Count: 34

There was chaos and violence, and many had perished under COIL’s hand during that dark day fourteen months ago. Many had assumed that she was another number in that death toll. Under close watch by the New Federation Order and Doctor Arvix Walters, it becomes a fight for survival as M’Gann must find a way back to her own universe.