Season 5

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With the fall of the C.O.I.L., the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are learning to pick up the pieces. The Federation, itself, is barely holding on as the thought of a civil war in its own boarders is building. With the new flag ship over the sector's Starfleet ships, the Gladiator-A becomes prepped and ready to lead once again in protecting the Federation and her allies.

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Included Missions

The Light of Emmah

Post Count: 79

Following the battle, Captain David Hawkins and the remaining crew of the Gladiator find themselves returned to the home base in the neutral zone between Romulan Star Empire and the Federation space. A couple weeks after the attack, the captain is found attacked by his assistant, Emmah. Now an investigation is start but in the end, will Emmah be cleared of all charges before Starfleet has her program deleted out of existence?