Homecoming (Reborn)

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Status Completed Mission
Description With the old crew of Gladiator and it's Task Force gather for the launch of the new star ship carrying the name of Gladiator... A blast from the past cause them all to question if they truly did complete their mission to protect the Alpha quadrant and the Federation.

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Mission Group Season 3.5
Start Date Sat May 7th, 2016 @ 9:53am
End Date Mon Sep 12th, 2016 @ 9:53am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Back from the brink part 1
by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]
Kavi House - MI
Something I ate....
by Lieutenant JG Lydia Whitlock M.D., J.D. & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Day 4 1307 Sickbay
The new Doc
by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Mellicent Borden
Captain's Ready Room
Unannounced Visit
by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Slight backpost Gladiator
Conversation with an Old Pal
Backpost :: March 2393, before 'Faces and Places' Memphis Island
by David Hawkins
Commodore Hawkins' Office - Memphis Island
Sun Set
by David Hawkins
Captain Harrison's Cabin - Memphis Island
Pulling Double Duty = Exhaustion
1626 - 2215 Sickbay
Shopping with Phelps
by Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Samuel Phelps
Even Chief Engineers need to take time off, okay?
by Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Counsellor's Office
Slight Backpost Memphis Island
Delivery to Paradise
Before the Mission to the Island Memphis Island Hospital
Needing to be poked and prodded
by Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes
2015 hours sickbay
Target Practice
Candy's first day -2025 hours Sickbay
Trying for that Second Impression
An hour after 'Welcome Aboard' Sickbay
And it begins...
by Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes
current main engineering
New mobile home
by Lieutenant JG Sean "Shack" Byrnes
current various
House Visit from Counselling
by Commander Mercia Kavi
Mercia's Quarters
Welcome aboard
1500 Hours USS Gladiator Gym
Swing And A Miss
by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm
Candy's first day - 2145 Sick Bay
Meeting the New Boss
by Lieutenant Mellicent Borden
After Reporting In - 0830 USS Gladiator - CMO's Office
Reporting In
by David Hawkins
Morning after Welcome Home 0800 USS Gladiator - Captain's Ready Room
Not Quite by the Books
by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
3 Days After 'Is It Really You?' Memphis Island :: Apartment Complex
Welcome Home
DS7 & USS Gladiator
Is it Really You?
by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn
Memphis Island Hospital

Mission Summary

Two years have passed since the crew of the Gladiator were together as one crew. Since that time, Gladiator had lead the final fight against C.O.I.L., which lead to multiple losses on both sides... one being the destruction of Gladiator's saucer section. But in the end, C.O.I.L had been defeated and dismantled in its entirety. Or so they truly thought...

Now the old crew, with their family and friends, have moved on with their lives from all that passed. But they would all come back together to celebrate and watch as the new starship launches, carrying the name Gladiator.

But things aren't as peaceful as they all had hoped for. The retired Commanding Officer is called back to action to lead the reassembled crew and the new Task Force as rumors and even failed assassination attempts point to possible loose ends. Even rumors had spread of civil war in the Federation itself as reports came in of Federation ships turning on one another…