A test of Patience

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Status Completed Mission
Description While there the Federation orders Commander Hawkins to assist in transporting Lady Patience Maeru, her staff, and her two children, a difficult heir to a figure head throne from the Merinasu System, a non federation member, but ally and a major importer of dilithium . The federation makes it clear that her comfort is paramount as is her protection, which has been threatened. Already having been attacked on her way to Star Base 47, for a diplomatic conference, the proximity of the USS Gladiator is lucky chance. Or is it? Lady Maeru is known for being difficult, but the Federation authorities insist that Hawkins and his crew bend over backwards to give her what she wants, as their importing of dilithium is hanging in the balance and could be offered in trade to another power, giving them an advantage. Unbenounced to the crew of The USS Gladiator Lady Maeru is a hunted woman, although her demanding nature would make it no surprise. When during the drop off of medical supplies the USS Gladiator is ambushed. How did her enemies know where to find her, and how did they have such fire power and courage to stand up against a Sovereign class Federation starship? Will the crew fight to defend the difficult dignitary? Or will the woman have irritated them all enough they hand her over, and wash their hands of her.
Mission Group Season 1
Start Date Mon Apr 7th, 2014 @ 5:36pm
End Date Fri Jun 20th, 2014 @ 5:36pm

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Green to the blood
by David Hawkins & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & Master Sergeant Megan Cross
Marine CO's office
Advanced Starship Operations, Part 2
by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Ensign Charity Prince
Backpost - Way, way back... before Chap's promotion Holodeck 2
To be or not to be...promoted?
by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox
Meeting Room,deck 1
New Digs
by Ensign Charity Prince & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox
Corridors and Chap's new quarters
Field Promotion
by Ensign Charity Prince & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi
Immediately following "A Chat" Hawkins' ready room
Questions need answering
by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
A little sweat
by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox
by Commander Mercia Kavi
The art of ignoring
by Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer's Office
A "Chat"
by David Hawkins
the Day after "Pitch Black" Hawkins' ready room
The Payoff
by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark
A sudden change
by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Shrinks and Sharks (Backpost Pre-Baby post)
by 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark
Backpost Brig
by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins
Messing around
by Commander Mercia Kavi
Minuets after Patience leaves Patience room
A Sharks bite
by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Patrick Shark
Facing Evil
by Commander Mercia Kavi
JP with Leo and Zoe
by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville
Crimes of Passion (Backpost)
by Lieutenant JG L'Nivek
Backpost before blackout Counseling Offices
In Memorium
by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox
AFTER the current mission The Lounge
A Little Green and Yellow
by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville
Main Engineering
Another lady? (BackPost)
by Commander Mercia Kavi & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville
Acceptance is Deliverance (Backpost)
USS Gladiator Holodeck
Uh oh
by Commander Mercia Kavi
Magos Targets
by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

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