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First Log

Posted on Sun Aug 20th, 2017 @ 8:25am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Theodore sighed heavily as the doors of his quarters slid closed behind him. "Computer, music please.." The computer chimed and spoke back to him. "Please specify the type of music you would like." Theodore thought for a moment as his music tastes were quite varied. "Composer, Beethoven, song, Moonlight Sonata..." The computer chimed an acknowledgement chime and the sound of the tranquil piano softly filled his quarters. He smiled weakly as he made his way to the replicator. "One ice cold cheerwine, no ice.." He said as the replicator made the drink appear for him.

"Computer, begin log recording." A chime dinged signifying his log was being recorded and he took a sip of his drink to clear his throat. "Assistant security chief's personal log." he smiled again as he made his way to the closet and opened it up to look at one of his greatest treasures, his great grandfather's uniform. "This first day has been quite an experience. The captain and first officer seem kind enough, if not somewhat ruthless with their wit and sense of humor.." He sipped his cheerwine again and walked to his work desk, where a replica of a modified Excelsior class ship, the U.S.S. Cygnus sat. "I keep wondering if this is what great grandfather felt on his first assignment.." He sighed some as he picked up the ship replica and played with it for a few moments.

"This ship seems to be quite the eclectic bunch and that was proved at dinner where I was able to discern that one of my fellow crewmates enjoys skinny dipping. More on that in a later log." He felt tiredness overcoming him and he rose from his desk and made for his bed, starting to remove his uniform and placing his hand on his final keepsake from his great grandfather, a cross made of four nails, wrapped in leather and with a leather strap. "I know that first assignments are great learning experiences and that there's a modicum of fear with each new assignment but for my family and my heroes, I plan on doing the absolute best that I can, hopefully culminating in a ship of my own one day.." He then sipped the last of his cheerwine and sighed contentedly as the flavor always made him happy. "Computer end recording."

Finally in his sleep gear, which was a black tank top and black boxer briefs, he clambored on top of his bed and looked out the window at the stars. "Where no one has gone before..." he muttered to himself as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep...


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