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New pip, I wonder if it squeaks

Posted on Sun Oct 1st, 2017 @ 9:56am by Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV

Theodore left the meeting between the captain and his boss, heading to his cabin and smiling gleefully so that no one could ever wipe that smile off his face that day.

He entered his cabin and as soon as the door closed behind him he was ready to record his news. "Computer, music, artist Mel Torme, song "Live alone and like it" loop song and begin log recording.." The computer beeped and the music began filling his quarters, making his smile even wider as he hummed along (music: ).

"Assistant tactical chief officer's personal log.."

He took a breath and walked to the mirror in the bathroom part of his cabin, gazing at the new pip on his collar. "After only a couple days aboard ship, I have been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. I am completely floored by this and shocked that it happened so quickly. I know that with this extra pip comes more responsibility and I do not plan on letting Lieutenant Winchester or Captain Hawkins down..."

He then grabbed a nearby glass of cold cheerwine, something he always kept in his quarters and sipped the deliciously chilled red soda. "On a side note, I sense something different about Lt. Winchester, something about her, far more aggressive than any of the aggressive ladies I've ever met. I'd honestly like to get to know her better, just on a professional level, so as to better work with her.." He then sat down on the edge of his bed. "Again, our counselor is a crazy lady and I do have a strong liking for our doctor. Kind of reminds me of when Great Grandfather fell for an Andorian of the imperial guard..."

He then sipped his soda again.

"End recording computer.."

The computer beeped and he sat there bouncing as his music continued...

Lt. JG Theodore Treadagar IV
Assistant Tactical/Security Chief
U.S.S. Gladiator A


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