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Neville Jarland Personal log:

Posted on Fri Mar 15th, 2019 @ 4:06pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Neville Jarland Personal log:

Oh where to begin? Things are pretty much how I expected. Every one is like a stick in the mud, riled up against me. That really isn't anything new however. No one likes a pot stirrer.

Captain Hawkins seems to be handling this very well, to be honest I'm impressed. Despite our previous encounters and my temper we have not really butt heads at all, in fact he had defended my job. I really expected him to provoke his crew against me. Come to think it... I don't think any of them know Captain Hawkins history with me. Most people think its unfair I got a pass on the two sexual assault charges, and to be honest... maybe I did. I sorely misinterpreted situations with one woman here, and the other... well we got in to a heated fight. Don't make it right, and I feel like the last four years of being unwanted everywhere I went was a worse punishment than time in the brig and dismissal from the fleet. No one likes an investigator.

Except maybe Mackenzie... we'll need to keep an eye on her, she's a smart cookie, she's going places.

Still I had been looking forward to making this right with Kavi, I wish she had not reacted as she did when she saw me. My uncle is looking for an in, a reason to get rid of Grayson, and Hawkins along with him, Kavi gave him an in. I can't help but feel a little guilt in this. Had I not approached her at a public event she may not have had opportunity to react so unbecomingly and set up this scene.

Still... Has Kavi grown? or has Hawkins given her a pass on all her misdeeds? Is she really cut out for this job? Hell is she even ready to be in command after her captivity. Shit... what those people did to her.... I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

I hope I don't find more obvious missteps here. I think Hawkins is the right kind of man to command in this area of space. It needs unconventional, creative, and bold. Hawkins is very much that kind of man.

I can see the cargo ship we are escorting out my window. From what I hear they have been running silently, but their parting words from Memphis Island stick with me. They wanted no communication. These guys don't want to be friends, its attitudes like that which make me wonder why we are even pushing forward with this venture.

Maybe the new Romulan Liaison on the Gladiator will soften things. What timing! a command investigation with a new Liaison officer assigned to the ship. I'm sure the Memphis Island Prefect is LOVING this...


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