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Posted on Tue Mar 11th, 2014 @ 5:59pm by David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Edited on on Tue Mar 11th, 2014 @ 6:09pm

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 3 - 1315

"What did you find out over there?" Hawkins asked as he looked at his away team minus their doctor.

They all stood in the observation lounge as he sat on the edge of the long table with some of his top officers he had aboard. They had been over on the cargo ship for almost an hour, and he wanted details. There was a lot of confusion but he was ready for the details and to figure out their next plan of attack.

Mercia took the first chance, "To be blunt, I don't know what the hell we found." she said. "The Doctor is still looking in to how, or even why, but all the blood in every body was drained." She tapped on her tablet and put a picture up the symbol on the wall. "We found this, painted in the blood of the victims... All of the bodies were arranged in a way that seemed like they were set up around that spot." she said. "There was blood every where," she commented sliding her finger across the tablet to show the pictures. "No cargo was missing..."

David scanned the image for a moment as he tried to figure out what it meant. He didn't know how to take this but it was obvious that the symbol represented something to the attackers. "So it was some ritualistic worship?"

"Thats what It looks like to me." Mercia said she glanced at the other two, "You guys lived in this sort of environment, have you ever seen any thing like this?"

"It was some kind of ritual, you don't do what they did and still be right in the head," Khelev said, trying to keep his blood from boiling in anger. "There are countless example of cultures that used blood for religious significance. Perhaps this is some kind of cult attempting to resurface."

Vanora frowned. "In all my years on a freighter, I've never seen anything coming even close to this. As Mercia pointed out, there's no way this was pirates or slavers." She thought hard about the xenoanthropology lessons her father had forced on her. "In ancient times, on Elas, there were some cults who worshiped using blood and would try to appease the gods of war with such talismans. And I belief there was human sacrifice on Earth, as well. In ancient times, of course."

"I want to know who would have the strength to pull this off." Mercia said, "That wasn't a mild fight, and that crew was not weak by any means... Who could be strong enough and yet we've never heard of?"

"If we haven't heard of them, then we don't know who they are," Vanora replied. She clenched her jaw. "I know it's hard right now, and it has significance for the investigation, but I think we need to try to look past the ritual element and call this what this is: an act of terrorism. Whatever their personal motivations, whoever did this wanted to send a message to the Federation that they are here and able to conduct these wanton acts of violence within our own borders. We have the residual samples from the weapons' burns on the crew and on the interior of the ship. We should get Josh and Sciences to see if they can figure out where the weapons came from."

David nodded in agreement. If it wasn't a sign directed towards the Federation, it was to life in general. They had desire something, anything and this was rubbing them all the wrong way. But he couldn't help but wander about the symbol. "Get with Josh and see what he can find. I am still convinced that the symbol is the only lead we have. The act of Ritual or Terrorism doesn't just happen, it is planned out, and if history has taught us anything, is that the symbols are derived of what they believe in and there for, is what I'd like to find out about. But all other clues will be researched as much as this."

"The other question, I don't know the answer too... What do we do with all these bodies and the ship itself? Is our morgue even big enough to accommodate them all? We can't just leave the ship here can we?" Mercia asked. "Not to mention this is privately owned ship, and the cargo." she glanced at the other two people both coming from that background, maybe they knew? She glanced at Hawkins, maybe he knew the procedure.

Vanora frowned. "We'll have to tractor the Wasp and tow it to the nearest Starbase. They'll know how to deal with the merchant authorities and the disposition of the cargo. As for the deceased, I wouldn't leave them on the Wasp as is for too long. The environmental systems there are unstable, so decay is going to continue. Our cargo bays are pretty full, but we should be able to clear enough room in Cargo Bay 10 and seal it off with morgue conditions."

"We need to tow the ship to the nearest Starbase and impound lot, Like Vanora said. Once the bodies are in 10, we vent it to space and that'll keep them preserved," Khelev said with a soft grunt. "I'll get to work on this symbol, put the word out with my contacts and see if we can't get some more information on it. In the mean time I'd like to send over several teams to scan and inspect every millimeter of that ship."

Vanora knew that Khelev shouldn't be put in part of this investigation, for more reason than one, but she also knew that no one could stop him from doing what he was going to do. The best they could do was make sure he didn't get hurt in the process. "You'll have all of Ops at your disposal, too, if the Commander and Kavi are okay with it."

"Make the required adjustments and once we are ready, engage the tractor beam. Once done, take us to warp speed. Whatever speeds are safe," He remarked as he looked around the group. "Mercia and I will be in Med bay. We are going to try to get some of the answers, whatever we can get."

With that, the group nodded slowly amongst themselves as Hawkins stepped off his position on the table. He looked at his people one more time with the emotions obvious on their faces. It had taken a great deal for them to handle this case and knew it wouldn't be easy to just get over it.


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