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Posted on Sun Jan 3rd, 2016 @ 3:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & David Hawkins & Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Admiral Charles Grayson
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Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]
Location: U.S.S. Resolute - A

--- ON ---

Passing, David wandered how his friends were going to react to all this secrecy for what they were truly there for. He hated to do this, but even now, they were watched like they were under a microscope. It was only until now in their new assignments, that gave them all the capability to do what they were wanting to do from almost two years ago now. It was time to avenge their comrades once and for all.

He looked up and before him stood Admiral Grayson and Captain Cooper. Both had assisted with their own skills, along with David's to set this in place. Behind them was the Hanger Door to the newly constructed hanger specifically designed for a large ship, no greater than an Intrepid class starship. He was astonished and greatful for the hard work and dedication required to ensure it all was put in the right place.

Mercia steppes off the lift and entered the bay, almost dropping the bag she had in her hand. "Oh wow." She breathed with wonder, at the size of the place. She had been eager to get here, a chance to leave Gladiator and smell the fresh Memphis Island air was one she would jump on.

As she approached the trio her heart sank, seeing Cooper there. She wasn't a fan of his at the moment. "Admiral, Commodore." She said as she approached masking her face with a fake smile and opening the bag to the men, silently offering.

"This is rather domestic of you." Charles commented as he looked over at Mercia and took a cookie, he smiled, through all her struggles she was one of his most needy and yet among the most successful of his recruits. He was proud of her, she was much like him in his younger years, and he could not help but see her as a daughter he never had. And yet, that sentiment was silent between them.

"Hawkins likes cookies and I've not seen him in a while." She said. "Thought I'd be nice to every one... But I bought them from the cook, Sid, on Gladiator, I can't cook and not blow the ship up." She laughed.

"Not worth the risk then." Charles said.

Zera had wondered what was built into the cliff face when he encountered it on one of his walks. Of course he'd noticed; despite the efforts put into keeping the place hidden, he spotted minute differences, which would likely not be noticeable to the civilian eye. The holographic cloak that covered the entrance made him pause before he spotted the emitters, discreetly hidden amongst the brush and rock outside. So when he entered the bay as requested, he raised his eyebrows at the size of the cavernous space, not expecting it to be so grand. He was clearly impressed, which was saying something.

Spotting a group up ahead, their voices being hushed and dispersed by the bay, he folded his hands behind his back and approached them. Something was telling him that they were gathered for the same reason. "Sirs, ma'am," he simply stated, coming to a stop just outside the circle. So it was Mercia who had brought the cookies... he had smelled them as he walked in. To the Bajoran, the smell was almost sickly sweet, but his countenance didn't show it one bit. "Nice touch with the cloak outside."

"Wait till you see what we have behind door number one," David insisted as he grabbed a cookie from the bag in Mercia's hands. He smirked before taking a bite of his first real crack. He looked back at the Bajoran and swallowed. "You already know some of the information, but to see it..."

Khelev looked down over his uniform, the yellow of his under shirt was familiar and comfortable, which made him want to trade it out for the red of command. There was an offer from another Captain in the fleet but it would mean leaving behind the Gladiator and it was something he needed to decide before leave was up on the island.

As he entered the massive hanger bay, he let out a small breath as he took in the large open room before he started walking over to the group that contained fellow members of the Gladiator crew.

"Quite the hanger," He commented as he came close.

"Not something you see every day. Or don't see, more accurately," Vanora quipped about the cloaked entry as she walked up behind Khelev. "Sirs. Lieutenant Zera," she greeted everyone. "Commodore, if there's another Project Phantom here, I may have to change my mind about taking this job," she said with a smile, though she was half-serious. "No offense, Khelev."

That stung more than she'd ever know, but he wasn't going to show it. Like Doctor Daystrom, he believed in his creation far too much and it only caused pain. Finally he just nodded towards Vanora, "None taken."

Mercia glanced between them, she could tell Khelev was lying. She shifted, "So, you have called us all here to show off hmm?" Mercia said before popping a cookie in her mouth.

"You all have been given clearance high enough to know about this area. I have personally done enough investigating in order for your clearance levels to be increased," Captain Cooper informed them as he started to enter in command codes to a console off to the side of the massive hanger doors before them.

"I didn't realize that seeing a giant door now requires increased security clearance," Vanora joked.

"It's not the hanger bay you should worry about," David replied as he nodded to Cooper whom placed his palm on the console screen. It scanned and then a blue scanner lit up above the hanger entrance, scanning the rest of the group. It complied by the hissing sound before latches slammed open and the hanger door hissed open.

The Commodore led the group into the massive hanger where it was several meters in height and depth. Within a couple steps past the hanger bay doors, they all found themselves standing on a metallic bridge that reached out into the openness of the open, empty hanger. He turned and looked at the group to which were all dumb founded.

"The hanger is designed to hold a large starship, max size of an Intrepid class starship. But it can also hold other starships capable designed with landing struts and atmospheric thrusters and engines. It was thought of the best way to hide things is take the idea from the romulans and hide it in plain sight. Therefore, with their assistance, we hollowed out this cliff or mountain side... whatever you would like to call it, and restructured it to handle much more than Mother Nature."

Mercia looked up as they stepped through doors. There was a huge hole with structures and supplies, but it was a whole lot of nuthin. "Ok, so empty bay... I'm going with what Vanora said... why the big security for the empty bay?" she asked folding her arms.

The Bajoran followed along, hands still crossed, and looked carefully at the vast empty space before them. He felt like something was there, but couldn't find any trace of anything there.

David smirked, as he looked at the emptiness of the hanger and nodded. "The security isn't for entering the hanger, it was because of what was being test ran in here," he explained as he tapped his ear comm. "Hawkins to Resolute, deactivate stealth mode."

Before the group, light and shadows started to seem to reflect and bend abnormally. The group watched as the outline of the layout of the Intrepid class starship came into their view and started to fill in in the several gray shapes that made the hall of the Resolute. David turned and looked at the group and rested his hands in his pockets. "Well?"

"It's a lot prettier than the last ship I saw come out of cloak," Vanora referenced the stolen Warbird that had abducted her on behalf of the Unholy Trinity. But despite her glib comments, she was very impressed. The Gladiator was top-of-the-line when it came out of drydock, and so was this cloak-equipped Intrepid class ship. "You don't just stick something like this in a mountain, though. I imagine you've brought us here because you plan to use the Resolute for some particular purpose, Commodore? Something the Gladiator, or one of the other Task Group ships, is somehow not up to?"

Mercia blinked, seeing things come in to sight in space was one thing, but to see it come to light right in front of her was impressive, and the size of the ship made her heart race. "Wow." she said slowly.

"Awww no pinup pose of Mercia on the hull?" Khelev asked, before winking at Mercia when she looked at him. "Oh, I bet I can program the stealth holo system to show it."

Zera raised his eyebrows as the ship came into view. "So is this why you gave me reading homework?" He asked, a smirk creeping onto his face. It took a lot to impress him, but the ship that just appeared before him took the cake.

He looked at the group and rolled his neck. "Yes, this starship is outfitted with a new cloaking technology. It is capable of cloaking, but it isn't cloaked, but fully stealthed. It is outfitted with several exterior holo-emitters along with sensor reflecting hall configuration. This ship is capable of looking like any ship to a certain degree. The ship's weapon systems can be modified to imitate several different species and their weapons output to a certain degree as well."

"That is the theory if we could get the weapons systems to work properly," Ian spoke up correcting the commodore.

"Maybe you should seriously consider getting some better engineers," Khelev quipped.

Zera gave a lopsided smile as he chuckled. "Can I make a recommendation?" He asked, glancing at the blue man.

Khelev looked over at the Bajoran, he didn't really know him except for a few brief interactions while on duty. He arched one of his brows as he looked at the man, "You've got one?"

The Bajoran considered an eye roll, instead choosing to turn his gaze back to the ship. "Well, Commander Oblivious, you're the only engineer I know of within several light-years who was given enough clearance to view this thing, so..."

"Oh, so you'd thing I should trade my cushy posting on a Sovereign class ship for a dinky little Intrepid? Maybe if I get to trade this yellow tunic in for a red one," Khelev replied with a half smile. "Command sounds pretty damn good."

"Long story short, we pulled a lot of strings and in the end, they gave us the ship for a special mission," he paused as he took in a deep breath as he was finally able to tell them the full truth as to why they were at the point that they were now. "We have the green light to hunt down C.O.I.L., and put a stop to them."

Mercia scowled, "COIL? We haven't heard much from them in a long while." she said. "Are they even a threat worthy of this beauty? And Big Blue if you try to paint me on the side of the ship make sure its a good image." she winked.

Vanora shook her head in disagreement with Mercia's assessment. "That's actually not correct, Commander. We have seen them, very recently." She looked at David. "It was a COIL leader, Lion, who ambushed my shuttle on my way back to rendezvous with the Gladiator. I'm pretty sure it was his cloaked Warbird that set off the black hole."

“Kenneth also spoke of COIL’s involvement in assisting him and his rebirth plans,” David spoke up explaining part of the act that really had bothered him and even hid from them for the past couple months. “Before I returned his axe to him, he spoke of them, so it seems that they have their hands in a lot of things around here. To be honest, I don’t like it and pisses me off, they need to be stopped. Since our launch, we have had dealings with these bastards.

"At the very least," Vanora added, "Even if the factions of COIL that joined Kenneth were destroyed or severely weakened, this means that there are still COIL operatives out there that are heavily armed and willing to commit more acts of terror."

"But they succeeded," Khelev's antenna bent backwards towards his skull as his anger began to rise. "The phantom core was destroyed, the project was an utter failure and Starfleet has scraped the entire thing. What are they going after now?"

Vanora nodded. "Clearly the Commodore knows something that we don't."

Grayson nodded as he watched the group, he glanced at Cooper. While Grayson enjoyed this interaction, he understood that it may be a new dynamic for Captain Cooper. "That he does... that he does." he responded to Vanora.

"Ever since the Phantom Command project was under attack, both publicly and privately, my department in the Intelligence section have picked up small connections here and there of the COIL. As the assistant director, I was able to reassign some of our agents to look deeper into the group. But soon after, they were reassigned, and I was informed to drop the matter due to lack of evidence," Ian explained.

"Let's take a tour, shall we?" David insisted as they walked to the air lock of the starship. They entered into the starship and the interior was slightly different than the normal Intrepid class with the more up to date design of the corridors and display panels. The widths of the corridors were slightly wider to allow the group to walk more easily.

"As I have explained, the Resolute has been retrofitted with the latest designs and technologies. Also, the hall of the ship was designed to make it harder to penetrate with most normal sensors. Don't ask me how, I'm not an engineer," David shrugged again as he looked at Stele and ch'Koro. "Want a chance to see how she works?"

"If you're offering us a test drive, I'd be interested to see what she can do," Vanora smiled.

Mercia grinned, "A shiney new ship? Hell yes! I'm not even a nerdy engineer, but I like new shiney things." she rubbed her hands together and smirked at David.

"Sure, although I've got plenty of ideas of how they did that already, likely used old smuggler's tricks to hide their contraband," Khelev mused as he looked at the decloaked ship. "I take it Captain Cooper is going to be her CO?"

The Bajoran took in everything with his eyes, making a note of all the minute similarities and differences from the select couple of other Intrepid class ships he had been on. He noticed some of the wall panels and gave a brief smile. Some of the design, albeit not much, he had seen before, but they just started, so perhaps that would change. It was also interesting to see his peers' reactions; first they were upset about COIL, then it changed into some form of... delight, one that could almost be confused with ecstasy, when they got a chance to view the interior. He unhooked his hands from behind his back and shoved them into his pockets.

"Captain Cooper was selected to command her but for now, he will be assigned as the commander of the Gladiator. I will be taking the Resolute and a team with me to go and hunt the COIL down," David answered as he looked at the group and took in a deep breath. "I have already hand selected the crew and when we find them, the Gladiator will come in and give us the assistance to put those animals down."

Mercia folded her arms, not liking this Cooper thing. At least David had told her about it before springing it on her like he was every one else. She looked around, trying to keep her face masked to hide her displeasure.

Grayson could read Mercia's body language, he knew his recruits, she was clearly struggling with this. He would need to pull her aside and speak to her about it later.

"I'd volunteer for that mission." Mercia spoke up. "COIL hurt me and threatened my home, I want to take them down as much as any one." she said tightly.

"I need you on the Gladiator. I'm sorry but the Gladiator is being watched and we don't have a good reason as to her XO going dark. Stele and ch'Koro both have cover stories as I do. Cooper placed as my replacement on Gladiator also fits with it as well. I'm sorry, Mercia," David explained.

Mercia licked her lips doing her best too be mature about it, and understand. He was right, however it wasn't easy to ignore the fact she felt totally left out, and it hurt. It must mean something deeper, like he couldn't trust her. Hawkins could do any thing he truly wanted to, she knew that much about him. She humphed as they continued walking. "I could go on leave and still help." she muttered.

"Mercia." Graysons deep voice warned quietly. How could she not see that leaving her behind meant that Hawkins was trusting her with far more than she saw. She was keeping the 'home base' safe and ready. "Lets talk about this later." he said leaning closer to her.

Mercia's shoulders slumped again. "Yeah great." she sighed and then took a deep breath. She masked her face again, pasting a smile that didn't really touch her eyes. "So how is this shiney little ship going to help you find and take out COIL?" she asked.

"It is designed to go undetected by most sensors not designed to detect it's true signature. But it's not been field tested. So, Khelev, I need your hands on this. I trust you and want your two cents on it. Stele, you have strings that are going to be required to pull on when we get out there," he explained. "And one last thing, the whole crew will be in civilian cloths. If we get caught, we can't have a trace back to the Resolute or the rest of the fleet. So most of our starfleet tech will be left behind on the Resolute. I want us to be ready for anything."

Vanora was glad to hear that she was going to be part of the team. This was the type of work she'd been looking to do more of when she moved over to Strategic Operations. Beyond that, though, it was COIL, and there was no way she was going to miss the chance to wipe them out once and for all. Everyone on the Gladiator had a score to settle with COIL, but she had been kidnapped and tortured at the worst time possible, putting the rest of the crew in more danger than she'd already put them in. It was the least she could do. "If we get caught, won't the giant state-of-the-art ship a giveaway that we're Starfleet?" she snarked. "I assume you've simplified the auto-destruct protocol on the Resolute, then," she said more seriously.

"Get caught!" Khelev laughed. "They won't catch us."

"He is right. Getting caught isn't an option. Otherwise, we risk thousands of people’s lives," David countered as he shrugged. "Failure isn't an option anymore, not with these people. They need to be put to the chopping block, and at this point, I don't care how."

Zera frowned. The Bajoran had yet to hear why he was picked to be inside the loop. "So, am I here for shits and giggles, or is there an actual reason for my presence? I've yet to see where my expertise comes in." He maintained his casual stance, with his hands in his pockets.

"You're Intel, you're going to tell us where we need to go," Khelev reached over and slapped the Bajoran on the shoulder. "Now shut up until called on."

The Bajoran rubbed his shoulder and glared at the blue man before turning his attention back to the rest of the group.

"We don't have a lot of time, and the Resolute launches in 40 hours. Anyone ready to drop out yet?" David asked as he looked at the group.

"This is what I signed up for," Vanora replied. "Besides, you'll probably have to kill anyone who leaves now, since this is top secret and all," she joked.

Mercia scowled, "Yeah sounds like a hoot." she muttered, hating that she was being left out.

Grayson glanced at her again before he nodded to Hawkins, "Who would be fool enough to drop out?"

“Great, then get your civilian gear and any personal weapons you desire. I promise to find you all the revenge you all justly deserve,” David looked over his group before stopping on the Admiral. “Everyone is dismissed. Get your gear. I’ll be assigning the ship’s command staff soon enough. The Admiral and I need to talk for a bit.”



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