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Doctor Doctor

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2016 @ 1:33pm by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Mother Base
Location: CNS Office
Timeline: A slight backpost

Anger Management issues, depression, survivor's guilt. All of those were entries in Julian's psychological profile over the past several months. Black marks on his record, or at least he considered them that, and he wished he could erase them. But he couldn't

He just had to deal with them, the way he dealt with most things. Head on.

He made his way to the Counseling office, not sure what to expect. His uniform was freshly replicated and hung well on his small frame. As he stepped inside he looked around to see if someone was there.

Lizzy grinned the man who entered, as she got up from where she was doing some vivastra yoga completely sans clothing, "Hi, I'm Lizzy Caldera."

Getting up, she walked over to him without at all worrying about being nude and stuck a hand out, "Guessing you are new aboard ship, so welcome."

She then added, "Hope you don't mind, but well, its kinda normal for me as I'm half Betazoid. I can put a robe on if you want."

He didn't ogle her,exactly. But his eyes did moved down then back up her body. With a shrug of his shoulders he said, "There's no need for that. Akadians are pretty liberal about such things. Although I must say, I haven't had a counseling session quite like this one is starting out."

Lizzy grinned, "Okay. One thing you will find aboard this ships is that no one really is completely mentally stable. We are a pretty wacked out bunch. Come have a seat. Do you want anything from the replicator?"

"Some cranberry juice,please,"he requested.

Returning with a tray, she sipped from a Thai Oliang iced coffee she got for herself and handed over his drink, "How are you finding the ship and crew? Any issues or things you want to talk about?"

A haunted look crossed his face, which he quickly covered up. "the ship and crew are fine, everyone is friendly and helpful. And no, there's nothing that I want to talk about. But there is something I probably should talk about. These dream, well truthfully nightmares I've been having."

"Glad you are getting along. Sure, Counselling can help with dreams. What sort of things have been happening in the dreams?"

"They're not so much dreams as they are a dream, or really I keep reliving my last mission. Eight of us went in, I'm the only one that came out."

"Oh, okay, and I'm sorry. It sounds like you might be suffering from a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder, which is common in situations like that. I've seen the toughest Marines that have been through terrible situations and then get it suddenly on what seems like an innocuous-looking one. It’s common to have bad dreams, feel fearful, and find it difficult to stop thinking about what happened. For most people, these symptoms gradually lift over time. But this normal response to trauma becomes PTSD when the symptoms don’t ease up and your nervous system gets “stuck” and fails to recover its equilibrium. There are a number of self-help things that we can work on and a number of professional treatments to help it become unstuck. Firstly, doing exercise where you really focusing on your body and how it feels as you exercise. What sort of things do you do in way of that?"

"I do work out, almost every day. and I try to meditate, sometimes that helps, but lately even that's being blocked. I cant seem to focus as you suggest." Julian answered.

Lizzy mused for a bit, "Hmm.. It is one of the side affects that can happen. Secondly in the things to try, connecting and socialising with others helps. Thirdly, how do you do for relaxation, sleep, eating right? There are activities like yoga, pilates and meditation, avoiding excessive alcohol, eating well and getting enough sleep."

"I do try to eat right. I've never tried yoga before, that is more of a Terran thing. And in addition to working out, I've found that sex usually helps take my mind off those issues."

Lizzy grinned, "That's good. Yoga is about a mix of movements or poses while meditating & controlling your breathing. Some forms are more quiet and spiritual, some are not. I do yoga, and tend to do it in the holodeck or quarters with the heat cranked up & nude with loud music playing."

Laughing, she smiled, "Oh yeah, and sex does work for boosting endorphins and adrenaline. That is an option that can be explored. I know that I pretty much got the reputation of ship's harlot within a few days of coming aboard and find it amusing."

Reaching over to one side of the couch, Lizzy pressed a button and from the floor, the concealed stripper pole raised by and connected to the roof, "Even have a stripper pole as part of therapy. Which leads me onto the next bit. We have a number of therapies, including hypnosis, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and possibly the use of some medication to try and help. I am a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist."

Julian eyed the pole as it was revealed and the corners of his lips turned up slightly. "Well I'm willing to try whatever you think will work," he said, hypnosis would be my first choice, but only because I am more familiar with it. But tell me, you really use sex therapy as part of your practice? With the notion that most Federation Species have towards the subject, I'm rather surprised."

Lizzy shrugged, "I'm very particular on patient privacy, in fact quite paranoid. So unless the patients tell, no one knows what happens in Counselling. As long as it works and the patient is comfortable with it, we will use whatever methods work. In my time aboard the Gladiator, I've used it before. And for one couple, I was also involved in participating with both partners in bed as a threesome. The pole is mainly for exercise when I'm waiting, but I have used the pole in some sessions."

"Hey, that reminds me.. Have you tried using holodeck sex programs? Although my wife was not amused initially, I do have a nice collection of programs."

Julian's smile widened slightly, "Your wife must be Betazoid, or at least she would make a good Akadian. I may take you up on the holodeck idea, though my preference is for the real thing. What kind of options do you have?"

Lizzy laughed, "Actually, she's Vulcan. Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Madh in Science. I've been with her for a few years and she has always accepted me like I am. It was quite a scandal in Vulcan society, but then, she's always been quite different and her family has always been accepting. I don't mind helping out though. Humans are kinda prudey, but I've been aboard long enough for everyone to know what I'm like. And well, I've probably been through a decent amount of the engineers at least for services. and some really cute Security ones too.

"I see, " Julian replied, "you mind telling me the names of the cute ones?"

"Honestly, the situations pretty much ended up waking up in bed with massive hangovers, and a lot of swearing to keep identities secret. The 'walk of shame' as some people call it is sort of a regular occurrence for me, even though I have none. But there are definitely a few. "

"I have no shame either,"Julian said wearing a small smile.

"In general, people get used to things, but I know that I kinda freaked out some when I came aboard. Pretty much everyone has gotten used to seeing my boobies and body out on display. I think that going forwards, we probably need to work through the issues you have and use other means to keep you on an even keel.. Sound good?"

"Sounds good, "Julian agreed.

"I'll do some research on Akadian physiology and psychology in case there any techniques that could help better. For example, I know that with Vulcans, there are certain methods that work far better and others that are pretty much a waste of time & effort."

"Well, I'm no Counselor, so I'm afraid I don't have any real insights, but, I appreciate your efforts."

"Okay. Unless you can think of anything else to talk about, might as well wrap up. We probably should setup regular appointments too."

"No, I can't think of anything else," came the reply


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