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Tiki Torches Part One

Posted on Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 6:15pm by Admiral Charles Grayson & Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon & Ensign Charity Prince & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Mother Base

Admiral Grayson glanced at at his civie clothes and chuckled. The beach was still fairly empty and the sun wasn't set just yet, but it was close to disappearing behind a neighboring Island. Hawkins had gone all out for this party. There were tables of food and drinks every where, loungers, tables, and loads of Tiki torches to light the place up.

There was music playing in the air, and Grayson enjoyed the fact he'd been invited. The whole Gladiator crew, and some guests and friends were welcome to join the fun. An off duty event like this was important, and he was glad to see that Hawkins was making an effort.

Julian was new to the ship still and had been excited to hear about the party. It hadn't taken him long to decide what to wear. He kept it pretty simple. A pair of tan cargo shorts and a teal Terran Hawaiian shirt, which he'd left completely unbuttoned. He liked the kiss of the sun on his skin. He' brought a pair of swimming trunks and a large beach towel in case he got a chance to get in the water.

He hit the food table first, grabbing some kind of local grilled fish over rice, which smelled amazing, then after getting himself a beer, he found an empty lounge chair and sat down.


Peregrine Wong came from behind a stack of crates carrying some more bottles of booze. She was dressed in a slightly over sized white button-up with long sleeves, and khaki short-shorts, and was happy to not have spilled anything on either yet. She would not admit it, but she was a bit disappointed in the casual dress code; she had been so proud of her new lieutenant junior grade half-pip that she'd polished the black button to a fine shine. Still, the opportunity to interact with officers seemed much less daunting now that she didn't feel as though she was out of place or an impostor at the grown-ups table.

Gwen had just put the twins to bed, and was quite tempted to stay with them. She wasn't very comfortable wearing casual attire in public, let alone at a party. She wore a long blue Hawaiian tye-dye dress that her husband had bought for her many years ago when he went back to Earth for a conference, and she supposed that the style would be appropriate for a beach party. Nonetheless, she felt exposed without her uniform on. She went over to the drink table, smiling and nodding politely to the other party-goers, and tried to find something non-alcoholic. She was relieved to find glasses of water, and took one before walking over to a more quiet part of the beach so she could wait for a familiar face to arrive.

Commander Peridot Samsoe was pretty much always one of the first to arrive at parties. Celebration, she thought, was something that Starfleet did far too little of these days, and she was happy that her sister's crew had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves after everything they'd been through recently. She had some sort of colorful, frosty blended cocktail in her hand, with a long twisty straw, wedge of fruit, and umbrella. It was overkill for most, but Peri reveled in the festiveness. She watched as the early arrivals made their way in, dancing to the music by herself, and saw Gwen arrive and seek out a quiet spot out of the way. The doctor skipped over, as best as one can skip in sand, stopping her antics before getting too close to prevent spraying any sand on the woman. "Gwen!" she greeted her with a grin. "It's great to see you again. Where are your... oh, I suppose it's a bit late for them to be up and out, hmm?"

Gwen smiled and nodded, standing up to talk to her friend, "Yep, I just put the twins to bed before coming here. After all, people came here to get away from work, not to babysit." She laughed, "But it's great to see you! How's command been treating you?"

"It's commanding me, as usual!" The blonde Elasian laughed. She looked around. "Are you waiting for someone in particular? I wouldn't want to be a dampener on any potential island romance..." she winked.

Gwen shook her head, "No, I'm glad you came along. You have no idea how much I dislike parties, especially casual ones. It's all more bearable when you have a friend with you," she replied as she smiled softly.

"If you dislike parties, you're doing it wrong," Peri said, matter-of-factly, though still with her ever-present smile. "Tell me," she continued as she plopped down in the sand next to Gwen, "what's on your mind?"

"The more accurate question is what isn't on my mind," Gwen replied with a chuckle, "Between nursing, raising two kids, having all sorts of new responsibilities... It's a wonder that I've got an ounce of thinking space left in my brain!" She left out the ever-present looming fact that she was running from her husband, because she would hate to be the damper on Peri's good mood.

"Bah, thinking is overrated," Peri joked, though looking sympathetic. "It does sound like you have a full plate. All the more reason to let loose a little bit now..."

"How about you? Anything interesting happening lately?" Gwen asked.

"Besides cleaning up after the messes that the Gladiator leaves behind?" The doctor winked. "I've been doing some cultural exchanges with the Romulans here, checking out some of the local flora for medicinal uses, taking advantage of the beaches. But mostly I've been trying to get my stubborn sister to return my phone calls and have dinner with me." Peri finally stopped smiling for a moment.

Gwen smiled sympathetically, "She's been busy, I know. But you can pull a doctor's order and make her come visit you for a 'checkup'," she joked, hoping to make Peri feel better.

Peri's eyes widened. "That's a GREAT idea!" she bubbled, completely missing that Gwen had been joking. "Why didn't I think of that years ago? Gwen, you are a genius." She gave the nurse a big hug; her excitement was palpable. "You know, if you keep up being so helpful, I may have to steal you away from the Gladiator. The Banting is always looking for good Medical staff." She laughed at herself. "That was redundant, right? We are a hospital ship, after all."

Gwen chuckled and said, "Well, I'll have to ask the kids first..." She was joking again, she loved working on the Gladiator. The kids loved it there too, but the thought of joining Peri's crew also sounded wonderful. She shook her head with a smile, "But I'm afraid the Gladiator might miss them too much, some of the crew seems to have grown quite fond of them."

"I'm not surprised. You're definitely an asset I would want to keep around, even without the cute children. Although they certainly help!" Peri laughed. "Consider it an open offer. But more than that, I hope you'll consider me a friend; definitely know that you can come to me at any time that you have any problems. Even if it is somehow related to my big sis."

Gwen smiled, "Thank you, and the same goes for you, too. Don't hesitate to call if there's anything I can do for you." She was glad she had finally made at least one strong friend here, she never had made any friends prior to this, as she had seldom gone anywhere unless her husband needed her at a diplomatic event of some sort. Her time in Starfleet was really beginning to show her kinder side, and she could learn to relax and be happy.

They continued to chat and watched the party-goers trickle in.


Beaches were not Lixor's favorite place, too vulnerable and too exposed if dressed appropriately for the climate and conditions. It wasn't that he was conclusions of his appearance, he actually knew he was fairly good looking and muscular so exposing her person wasn't that trying, unless it meant showing of his tattoo he kept covered for the most part to save the trouble of explaining it. He wore swimming trunks in a effort to fit in with the other guests. The light blue shirt he wore was a collared long sleeve one with pocket in the front. He had rolled the sleeves up almost to his elbow and left it nearly completely unbuttoned except for a single one near the middle.

To be honest the half Trill, half Bolian felt as out of place as he felt he looked and as he made his way to get something to eat he tried not to seem too frigidity.


Walking down the beach barefoot carrying a pair of sandals in one hand and hold T'Madh's hand in the other, Lizzy smiled. She was dressed in a very skimpy lime-green bikini that was actually glow-in-the-dark. Unlike her, T'Madh had dressed in a much more elegant white dress that was in Vulcan style.

Grinning, Lizzy squeezed T'Madh's hand, "You sure that you are okay with this? They won't mind."

T'Madh nodded, and turned, reaching out to hold Lizzy, "Yes, Elizabeth. I will be okay. I did a lot of meditation earlier, and you are with me."

Lizzy hugged her wife, "Yep, okay. Just stay close and if you need it, hold my hand. But we only have to stay as long as you upto it."

T'Madh nodded and gave Lizzy a kiss, "Thank you. Now, come on. It is illogical to be late and may give idea about why."

Lizzy laughed, and headed along with T'Madh. Arriving at the party, Lizzy headed over to the drinks table and T'Madh raised her eyebrows as Lizzy hooted.

Pouring some vodka, Cointreau, lemon Juice and syrup into a metal cup with ice, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and half a mango, Lizzy used a hand blender to blitz it together. When the blushing dragon cocktail was done, she poured it into a glass and topped it with some fruit.

Sucking through a straw, she purred, "Mmm.. Want one?"

"No, I will have water, Elizabeth."

Lizzy shrugged and handed over a glass of water. She loved mixing drinks and called out, "Anyone want something interesting?"


Paula had heard on the grapevine of the party on the beach and wondered why, but leave was leave and all the Gladiators crew would be there, She was dressed in a white blouse with white Pants. Whilst her daughter Davina was dressed in a white t-shirt and multicoloured shorts.

Davina looked up at her mom and said," Mom, this feels like home," as they walked along the sand, As Davina had been brought up on Obsidian Colony.

Paula replied," Yes it does Davina," as she started to take in the smells of the sea breeze, She continued," and Davina, I heard that the Admiral will be attending,"

Davina replied,"You want me on best behavior, I know Don't show you and the Commodore up," looking back at her Mom, she continued,"I'll go and see if Lieutenant Wong wants any help,"

"Very well Davina, but this is off duty," replied Paula as her Daughter left her side, she said," be careful," as Davina headed towards where the Lieutenant was.

Lieutenant Wong saw the teenager approaching. "Hello again, Davina. Are you enjoying yourself?" Peregrine asked as she finished unpacking another crate of bottles.

"Yes ma'am I am, " she replied, looking back at her new superior Officer, She continued," Just reminds me of home," as she wiped a small tear from her eye. She finished," I am here to help Ma'am,"

"Great," the lieutenant junior grade nodded. "More hands make short work, my father always used to tell me. We probably shouldn't have you handling liquor, since you're still a minor, but if you can help me put those glasses behind the bar," she pointed at a crate, "and those foodstuffs on the big buffet table, we should be all set and can get to enjoying ourselves, as well."

"Aye ma'am," as Davina walked over to the crate and started to unload the glasses, she knew that events like this gave her the opportunity to show the Lieutenant that she was eager to prove herself to the Department head and to her mother.

As she continued to finish the unloading of the crates, Davina noticed some of her classmates enjoying themselves, but she had volunteered for duty Still the experience would help her in the long run.


Delvok took a mental deep breath as he prepared himself for tonight's frivolities. He stood in front of the mirror in his quarters on-board the gladiator, he wore white linen trousers and a linen white, short sleeve shirt, accompanied by a brown pair of Roman style sandals. He blew out a long nervous breath then requested a direct transport from his quarters to the party.

Zera had been there for a while already, but he was observing from a distance, not quite at the party but close enough to see how this thing worked.

Delvok seeing Zera from a distance gave him an acknowledging nod of his head then went to find a drink.

Halan Zeti arrived on the island, she had a bag slung over her shoulder with some extra clothes depending on how late they were staying but in reality the island would hardly dip below eighty. She was dressed in a black and tan halter bandage bikini and a pair of sandals and was happy as could be considering they were on leave. She said hello to a couple of people before finding an old dusty bottle of rum and a glass and poured herself a drink.

Delvok got himself a warm spiced rum like drink which was coloured blue then, making a consertive effort to be sociable found his way over to a Familiar face. Delvok gave Zeta the one handed Vulcan 'v' shape salute. "greetings Mr Zera"

The Bajoran man returned the gesture. "Good to see you, Delvok." Slightly furrowing his brow, he leaned in some and asked, "is this a... normal thing, generally speaking?"

Delvok stroked his beard thoughtfully "not that I am aware of Mr Zera. But I have not been part of the Gladiator's crew for much longer than you. Perhaps it is?.......They got nothing on a marine party though, wait until the rest of the company get down here, then it will be a party."

Zera gave the man a faint smile before he turned his head to watch the party.


The blue man had heard Lizzy offer to make mixed drinks and Lixor furrowed his brow. He really wasn't a fan of the frilly stuff, the add this to that and that and that sort of thing. To be honest he really hated the feeling of being intoxicated, that out of control feeling that meant if there was danger you were unprepared.

Still there was something about her offer that intrigued him. Perhaps this once, he thought, I should try new things right. for a moment longer he struggled with himself and then walked over towards the counselor and her wife and just looked at her for a moment.

"Exactly what are you mixing together Counselor," he asked trying to bring himself to ask for something more exotic than his usual ale.

Lizzy grinned to him, "Whatever you want. There was supposed to be a bartender, but his lazy ass isn't around. Anything in particular you want?"

The blue man thought for a moment, "can't say I have had too many mix drinks before." He furrowed his brow and tilted his head, "go ahead and make me something you think I'd like."

Taylor arrived late, his mentality was that if he arrived late he might not have to stay as long. Social events weren't his thing and he didn't really want to get to know anyone on a personal level. Although, the party would allow him to get to know everyone, at least, the basics. He arrived in what he considered to be casual black slacks, complimented by a black and white shirt. He sighed as he looked over the crowd of officers. Some of whom he already knew by sight.

He went and got himself a drink before settling down in a seat to watch the comings and goings.

M'Gann wasn't sure if she was going to enjoy this. To her, it was going to be nothing but noise. Hopefully, it won’t be as loud as the pier. When Strem asked her if she was alright, the blonde nodded and took a breath. "Let's do this," she said. Lixor's voice had caught her ears, and she had Strem redirect her in that direction. "So what have we got over here?" She asked, putting on a small smile.

"Our chief counselor was offering to make mixed drinks," the blue man replied pleased to see his superior, "go ahead and tell her what you would like and we'll make sure you get something to eat too."

The blonde found the counter and gave a small smile. "Surprise me."

Eventually, Lizzy smiled when she saw a man walking over who had a bit of a look on his face, and she shrugged as the bartender arrived. She looked up at him, "Hey, it wasn't like I didn't do a good job."

He nodded and T'Madh pulled on her arm, "Come on, Elizabeth. He can take over, you little booze hound. And I need to calm."

Lizzy nodded, putting a hand on T'Madh's. "Sure. I'm not gonna get smashed tonight. I can see some beach chairs. "

Wrapping her arm through her wife's, Lizzy followed along, taking a seat on a banana chair with T'Madh laying next to her on it, with Lizzy's wrapped around her for a bit to calm her.


Continued in part two and three and four and five...


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