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Wong and Zera

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Mission: Mother Base
Location: Intelligence Offices


It didn't surprise Zera that there was a lot of work that needed to be done. He managed to get a couple more people to fill spots in the department, but it was still lower than he liked it to be, which led to odd hours. But he didn't mind the extra work; on the contrary, it gave him time to think. Currently he was lying flat on the ground, elbow deep into the guts of a console, trying to determine why it kept on giving irregular data. The Cardassian teen who showed up earlier to fix the computer gave him a bit of a scare- 'no.' Zera shook his head. He wasn't afraid. He'd rather die than admit such a thing. During the Occupation, sure, but it's been years... surely that fear should've healed by now.

But was it really a fixed problem? Just because he hadn't been around many Cardassians for at least a decade... perhaps the fear was just dormant. Considering what the Cardassians did to him all those years ago, however, it felt like an instinct to prepare to defend himself against them. Leyar set his jaw as he worked, all the while musing about how he might be able to overcome it. If he can't beat it, then perhaps he could use it to become stronger.

Now that she was Acting Chief in a more secure position, Peregrine was able to send support and repair teams to tend to problems like malfunctioning consoles. But between the fact that she'd been stuck in her office for what felt like weeks, and the fact that there was a new department taking shape that she had yet to check in with, she had made an exception and trekked down to fill the ticket herself.

Peregrine walked into the offices and looked around, but didn't see anyone. "Anyone home?" she called out.

"Down here," came the reply from under the console. He then hissed when the console gave him a zap, making him retract his hand with a grimace. Lightly rubbing his hand, he pushed himself out from under the console to see a woman standing just inside the doorway. "Ops, right? What can I help you with?"

"I'm pretty sure that's my line," Peregrine answered. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Peregrine Wong, Acting Chief Ops, at your service. Heard you were having some system problems."

The Bajoran man got to his feet, mumbling something about the damned console, before straightening his uniform. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Zera Leyar, Acting Chief of Intel. Would you like to see the list, or start with this console? It's been giving incorrect data."

"Let me take a look at that list. It's often the case that these issues come in groups, rather than happening in isolation by coincidence. Probably similar in some ways to intelligence, huh?" She linked up her PADD to the Intel Department's system error record and began looking it over. "So, Acting Chief of Intelligence? I guess the Gladiator could have used one of you over the course of our last several missions."

He was speaking sarcastically, but let her look over the record anyways. A couple of the items that were on the list he was able to get working again on his own, but the complex stuff he would need help with. "So I hear... there was someone assigned here a couple months ago, but I've yet to find out where he went. The department looks like it went downhill from there."

"Lieutenant Kayden," Peregrine nodded without looking up from the list. "Bajoran, too..." she noted before looking up apologetically, realizing that could have come off as stereotyping. "Sorry," she said simply. "He was brought in to help investigate the mass murders that we eventually tied to the cultists, but he never made any breaks. Honestly, he was here for such a short period of time, he never really got the department going. So maybe it wasn't so much that things went downhill as that they were down there from the start."

A part of him was glad that the Lieutenant was gone, otherwise it might have made things incredibly awkward. It was still disappointing to hear that Kayden didn't get much done, however. "Fair enough," he replied. Zera then slightly tilted his head, "Acting Chief of Ops... what about Miss Stele? She got moved?"

Peregrine made a face for a moment. "I've been Acting Chief for two months now but... yeah, the commander was reassigned. Not to a new ship," she quickly clarified. "She's been asked to head up a new Strategic Operations department for the Gladiator. And for the Task Group, I guess, since this is the flagship and we also have Memphis Island under our jurisdiction now."

"Good for her," he stated, noting the face she made. So that's why she was in red earlier. Giving a short sigh, he asked, "so, what's the verdict?"

"The verdict is... probably our fault," Peregrine said, matching Zera's sigh. "Ops has been overwhelmed by repairs in the last six month, and to be honest, no one was really using these consoles, so they got bumped to the bottom of the list. Looks like one of them might even have been used for parts in the patchwork repairs after that last battle." She pointed to the console that Zera had been working on. "Guess which one?"

"Go figure," he scoffed. The Bajoran looked around at the damage and overall lack of functionality. "How long do you estimate repairs to take?" He inquired. It was going to take a while, Leyar didn't doubt that.

"Getting Intelligence running is a top priority for the Commodore. Or Captain Cooper... whoever is in charge today," she grimaced. "I'll have a team down here this shift and get your sorted out in 24 hours. Probably. It's hard to make promises that I can keep these days," Peregrine said with a sigh.

"Then don't make them," he simply replied. "If you can get them down here, that will be satisfactory enough. Once the systems get up and running I can take it from there." There were surely a lot of things for him to go through, and hopefully the data that was in the department got backed up. He would ask around, as it was likely that the handful of crewmembers in the department had something saved, but he also considered wiping the slate clean to save the trouble.

Peregrine rolled her eyes at the sarcasm. "Very helpful," she said as she tapped the priority order into her PADD, instantly bumping Intel up the queue. "You're all set. Good luck," she said by way of farewell, as she began turning to leave.

Zera noted the eye roll and chose to ignore it. "Thank you," he replied. The Bajoran had made a mental note to try and be a little less... cold, especially if he was going to work with these people. That started with more polite words. "Hey," he called after her.

"Yes, Lieutenant?" she said, stopping in the doorway.

Leyar gave a brief nod to her. "Anything I can do for you in return, let me know."

"Define, 'anything," she smirked. "I can be quite literal. It gets me into trouble sometimes."

He almost told her to nevermind what he said at that. "Work related and some personal favors. Think 'eye for an eye' if it helps," he stated simply.

"Never know when you might need an extra pair of eyes. I'm not Commander Stele, by any means, but I picked up a few tricks from her about getting hard-to-get, non-regulation items. In case you're ever in the market for favors, yourself."

Zera looked her over before giving a closed-mouth chuckle. "Fair enough. Maybe you're not so bad, I may take you up on that. If you'll excuse me..." He gestured minutely to the room they stood in.

"Of course. Until next time you need something," Peregrine said with a chuckle, before turning again and leaving Zera to his own devices.


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