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Tiki Torches Part four

Posted on Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 6:19pm by Admiral Charles Grayson & Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Mother Base

IC: As the path became easier for the two, David and Katrina walked up to the edge of the party. They were late compared to everyone else, but it wasn't a problem for David. He had it all planned out and as long as his people were taken care of, that's all that mattered. He walked barefooted on the sand in jeans and a buttoned up white t-shirt wit his hands in his pocket. He had invited Katrina to the party because his assistant was already friends with her or something. So it seemed like a good idea to offer her a chance to let her hair down.

They walked through the groups of people and he nodded to his crew with a grin and happiness to see how they were eased up and relaxing. He lead Katrina to his ranking officers and nodded at them. "Good to see that everyone has made it here, for the most part."

Mercia turned, hearing Davids voice. "Bout time you showed up!" she chided him. Her eyes landed on the girl next to him, and a smirk crossed her face. A part of her was pleased he brought someone with him. It solidified in her that they both truly had been ready to ditch the idea of dating and that friendship was really the relationship they both wanted. It was a satisfying feeling. "I'm Mercia," she said, "This is Kano," she said motioning to the big man next to her. "Khelev... and over there is Vanora..." she said motioning to each of the command staff. She glanced around, "Everyone else you will have to meet on your own," she smirked, then picked up her drink and took a sip.

"M'Lady," Kanoa said with a slight nod.

"David," Vanora greeted the Commodore informally. They were, after all, at a party. She looked over David's date and smiled. Very pretty. "I'm Vanora, as Mercia said. Welcome to the party."

Katrina smiled as she brushed her hair behind her ear with her free hand. She was wearing a hot pink bikini under a sheer grayish silver beach coverup as she carried her sandals in hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you all." She was a little surprised that the whole command team was such an attractive group and had a healthy representation of the female gender, which she full heartily approved of. Turning to David, "Thank you again for inviting me tonight, Commodore."

Khelev nodded to the new woman, she was attractive, but he didn't look at her for long, nor did he care too. He'd almost skipped the party and the more this went on, the more he was wishing he had. He took another drink from the whiskey in front of him.

"Anytime," David nodded with a slight grin as he tapped the bar with two fingers. "Rum and coke. And a Andorian Ale for the new arrival."

"Andorian Ale, huh? I've never tried it." Katrina smirked. "Good thing for you, I'm always up for trying new things." With a twinkle in her eyes, Katrina glanced at David. She was hoping her attempt to flirt with the man was just the right balance of subtle and obvious.

"David, really?" Vanora nudged him with a playful smile. "You bring a date and then you make her drink her first Andorian ale by herself? A round for everyone!" she called out to the bartender.

"At least someone has some common courtesy around here." Katrina interjected, shooting a wink and smile at Vanora before giving a playful scowl to David.

"Hey, I'm just trying to get you to loosen up here," He shrugged as he double tapped the bar as he rolled his eyes. "Make it two rounds, all around. I got a raise not to long ago."

"What is the alcohol content in this?" Katrina inquired, as she took a sip of the blue liquor. Subconsciously, she was thinking about the amount she needed to allot herself to ingest by analyzing her liver's ability to metabolize alcohol in the time frame she had before she needed to report back to work.

"If you have to ask, you need more." Mercia commented. "It tastes good, makes you have fun.... So drink up!"

"If it makes you feel better, its mandatory for every guest to get at least five shots in. So here is to a horrible morning tomorrow for the Hospital!" David called out as he rose his glass into the air.

"Well...I guess if it's mandatory...and you do oversee the base here... The hospital is technically military, so I'm counting you will have my back on any grievances I may encounter tomorrow, Commadore." Katrina said, glancing at David as she tipped her drink back.


Emmah stood along the edges of the party. She had never been to a party or an official function before. She was dressed in her uniform and feeling extreme out of place. This was outside of her protocols, and in truth she had no idea how to look or behave. When she spotted the Commodore and the other command crew by the bar she headed that direction. "Sirs..." she said stiffly. She spotted Katrina and offered her a smile.

Mercia turned her attention to Emmah and made a face, "Little overdressed aren't we..." she muttered.

Emmah looked at Mercia, "Apologies Commander, I have no idea what clothes I should display although I am concerned that as the night continues your lack of dress will cause you to be cold, and you may fall ill." she said.

Mercia opened her mouth and gasped, not sure if the hologram was teasing, seriously, or seriously being insulting.

Liquid almost shot out of David's mouth but was stopped as he covered his mouth as he held the drink he just received. After making sure he wasn't going to make a mess, he continued to chuckle before clearing his throat. "Emmah, your holographic emitter is the only thing to which would be effected by the weather if there was anything. You can change your clothing to anything that would seem comfortable."

"I can change sir, certainly, and recent events have proven my emitter can withstand inclement weather," she said. "My difficulty is, I have never been to such a function, and I am uncertain how I should be dressed."

Mercia glared at Emmah, her dislike of her still there. "Well, none of us are dressed traditionally, a traditional party like this you should be clad from head to toe in brightly colored feathers." She smirked, "Why don't you try that and impress the crew." she said.

Vanora rolled her eyes at the hologram. She knew that Emmah had been an immense help to the crew, helping to save them from the malfunctioning ETCH, Elian, but she wasn't sure that keeping her an active part of the command team was the best idea for the Task Group, or the Gladiator more specifically. If COIL was still out there, as both Hawkins and Starfleet Intelligence believed, parading Emmah around was like painting a target on their backs.

"Leave her alone Merci," Khelev looked at Emma. "It's a beach party, you should have a database of appropriate attire."

Mercia laughed, "Well aren't you a wet Blanket... Come on Kanoa, let's go check out the food." she said looping her arm around his.

"And leave the banter just as it approached its apex?" the bounty hunter could be heard saying to Mercia as they walked off.

Katrina looked at Emmah with a heaviness in her eyes. She had just witnessed what Emmah had seemingly been bothered by in their short discussion of Merica. Letting the bothered look turn into an encouraging smile, Katrina remarked, "Show us what you got in that database. I'm sure with the knowledge you posses in those databases of yours, you can out-dress us all for this event."

Emmah glanced down at herself, and shifted a little. When she reappeared her hair was down, and cast to one side, showing off the shaved half head and the vine tattoos. She wore a small bikini, but with a white semi sheer dress, with a silver rope under her bust to accent it. It hung only to her thighs and every bit of her dark gren vine tattoos could be seen. She smiled, "Better?" She turned her head to show her shaved area better, lined along the seam in her hair was a row of purple feathers. "Satsifactory Commander Kavi?"

Mercia covered her mouth with her hand. "Ok who gave the light ball a sense of humor?"

"OH chill out for crying out loud," David snapped at Kavi. "She ain't going to bite you so chill... Or is she?" he smirked with a grin. "Mud pit?"

"THere is no end of water and dirt.." Emmah commented.

"I'm not worried about her biting. I'm more likely to bite." Mercia winked. "Relax, I'm just having some fun." she shrugged and took another drink from the glass in her hand.


Paula still hadn't had the chance to speak with the other members of staff, However; now that Davina was off helping out she decided to head over to where the Captain was and have a word with him.

Taking in a sip of his Rum, he looked up just in time for him to see a mother and her daughter walk up. He nodded in respect as he walked up to the two. They seemed as though they were looking for him. "Good evening, Winchester, and who may this be?"


Leyar had found himself down by the shoreside with Zeti, having a drink and for once enjoying himself. The sun was low against the horizon, and out in the depths of the ocean fluorescent creatures started becoming visible. Maybe he would spend more time down on the surface.

Zeti found a good spot and sat down where the water would lap around them as the waves came in. She held up the glass that was now full of whiskey before taking a drink. "So, what does the Intel officer with the stick up his ass think of the island so far?"

"I do not have a stick up my ass," Zera protested, taking a seat next to her by crossing his ankles and squatting to lower himself. The water that crept up towards them was warm from basking in the sun all day. He looked out over the water before adding, "but I think I might spend more time down here than anticipated."

"I'm beginning to hope you do," Zeti took a big drink from her glass and reached over and ran one of her fingers over his chest before she let out a giggle. "You're a handsome fellow."

Leyar had no idea what to do. He had never had someone do what she was doing to him now. If he were as drunk as she was, then maybe he wouldn't feel as awkward as he felt at the moment. But he was buzzed at best. "You're... uh... fine, as well?" The end of his statement curled up into a question, as he was unsure of the appropriate response.

"I'm fine?" Zeti arched one of her brows as she laughed at Leyar, she shook her head at him before knocking back what's left in his glass. "I'm a hot Bajoran island girl and you're dumb luck has me hanging out with you and that's the best you got? Maybe you need to drink some more."

That he laughed at, despite the faint flush that colored his cheeks. "Funny, I'm usually told I drink too much."

"Drink until you stop being so damned awkward, I've given you quite a few signals. Do I need to put a sign on my ass that says 'do me Leyar'?" She asked with a smirk.

Zera cocked his head. "You have a sign?" He then gave her a smile before taking a long drink from his glass.

Zeti slugged him in the chest, not hard enough to hurt him, but it was enough to make him feel it.

"Hey!! Watch the drink!" he chuckled, rubbing his chest. Zera managed to keep his glass from spilling while taking the blow.

Without a notice, Zera was thrusted into the water and water exploded all around. David smirked as he kept on walking. "Good time to cool off, Mr. Hot head," he smirked as he kept on walking back to the bar for a refill.

The drink in his hand went flying, and a moment later Zera broke the surface of the water, shaking his head to clear the water from his face. The water was only about knee deep, but he got thoroughly drenched. The Bajoran just stared at David as he walked off; he wasn't angry, but rather shocked. "Oh, you're on," he said. Shaking the water out of his hair with his hand, he trudged back onto the shore.

Zeti had jumped up onto her feet when David shoved Leyar in the water. She took a deep breath and turned to look at him and back at the Captain before breaking out into a fit of giggles. She moved close to Leyar and pressed close to him before leaning up to give him a kiss. "What'd you do to the Captain?"

Zera watched Zeti burst into giggles, and turned his headd ever so slightly so that her kiss landed on his cheek. "Apparently enough," he replied. It could've been his talking back, or his talent to annoy people, but either way he probably deserved it. He'd take it over a jaw punch any day.



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