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A timely friend

Posted on Thu Mar 20th, 2014 @ 5:43am by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Timeline: evening after ss wasp

Amity Hemlorac leaned back in the corner booth she had selected in the mess hall, after drinking half her tea, and eating only half her sandwich. She picked at the crips, as her mother called them, as she just watched the crew. It was early evening, and she’d finally gotten off duty, although she had a feeling she might get called back any time, for the moment she would consider this a break.

Her telepathic mind scanned the room, as a Level 3 telepath she was very strong, even though she was only a half Alcaren, and as such she was urged by her homeworld to use her talents for Alcar’s interests, but she had her own path, and always had. Despite her official title, she had never really considered herself a true daughter of Alcar. No. She grew up among the stars and knew she would likely always be among them.

Her vibrant red hair was tucked up in a pony, while her silvery blue eyes followed her mental scan of the room. She was still trying to get used to being on a ship again, she had honestly missed this, spending way too much time landlocked while studying.

Khelev was having a rough ride, still reeling from the events on the wasp and the conversations with his family. He looked at the glass in front of him and the amber liquid as he sloshed it around before knocking it back with a sigh. Once it was down, he grabbed the bottle of whiskey and poured another glass. One thing humans could do well was make alcohol. He loved Andorian Ale, but corn mash whiskey was incredible as well.

Glancing up, he spotted a young redhead enter. A half smile crossed his lips as he followed her curves followed by a pang of guilt. Why did he feel guilty all of a sudden? He wasn't with anyone and she was pretty, there was nothing wrong with looking, right?

Amity had been watching an Andorian who was drinking, there was a lot on the mans mind she could tell. He had a burden on him, and she wanted to try and help, she’d always been that way. She picked up her plate and tea and left the booth she had been occupying for a while and approached the table he was at, which wasn't far from where she had been sitting. “Mind if I sit down?” she asked with a friendly voice.

Khelev looked up at the redhead, he didn't remember meeting her before and she was in a blue uniform meaning she was in one of the sciences. Motioning across from him, he simply nodded before he leaned back and looked at her.

“I don’t think we've met. Can I help you with something?” he asked, feeling as if he wasn’t quite drunk enough.

She sat down and smiled brightly, “I’m Amity, and things have been rather busy, plus this is a large ship, I'm not surprised we haven’t met till now.” she said. “You look like you can use some friendly company.” she said allowing her mind to passively scan his, to ensure he had a somewhat favorable mood. Her silvery eyes looked at the alcohol he had, just one glass of that would make her rather drunk, Alcaren didn’t do alcohol well, humans had a much higher tolerance level.

The Andorian shifted in his seat, his antenna separating and drooping slightly before he knocked back another drink. “I’m Khelev, it’s nice to meet you Amity. As far as company I’d rather not have any, I’m not feeling very social right now.”

She tipped her head, “I can tell, but thats normally when someone needs a friend.” she said. She smiled, “I like your gun.” she said. “Looks like one my Uncle wears around his ship.” Amity commented.

Khelev glanced to his side and then half shrugged as his antenna moved backwards. “I forgot it was there, and yeah I don’t know about needing a friend. I just lost a couple of good ones and one that looks like you do means more trouble than it’s worth.”

She made a face, “Losing friends is hard,” she said, “Were they on the Wasp?” she asked. Having grown up on ships like that the situation had caught her interest. “And don’t worry I’m not much trouble.” she said with a gentle laugh.

“You’re a beautiful redhead, you’re all kinds of trouble,” Khelev smiled at her and poured himself another drink. “Aye they were on the wasp, grew up with one of them. I had to call his parents… So now I sit here, knowing this won’t make me feel any better but damn does it help me forget.”

“For the moment.” Amity said as she sipped her tea cup. “But tomorrow you will still feel that burden, plus the hangover never helps.” she commented. “I’m sorry you lost close friends.” She sighed thinking back to when Aden Phyr had been missing in the war, they all thought he was dead, and his fiancee was dead. It had been the hardest time for the two families. Her own family was so close with the Phyrs that they really didn’t see them as anything but family. In fact her eldest brother had married their eldest daughter. Although her friend had been recovered alive, she keenly knew the pain of losing someone she grew up with. “The pain never really goes away, and forgetting is dishonor the way I see it. Remembering is the best remedy I found when I lost a friend.”

“Amity, you seem like a really nice girl and I don’t want to be rude but I don’t need a counselor or a friend or whatever it is you’re trying to be,” Khelev said with a grunt. “Please stop. I don’t mind you sitting here but I don’t want help.”

Amity watched him and took a deep breath, “Apologies, I was meaning only to chat, not counsel.” she said. She made a face, it was hard to step away from the role sometimes. She hated seeing people in pain. “So what do you do on this ship Khelev?” she asked him trying to shift gears. She may not have much more time to talk to the guy, he was drinking pretty heavily, she might have to try and get him back to his room pretty soon before he knocked himself out with it.

“I’m the chief engineer and second officer,” Khelev replied, although he was half expecting to lose second officer. When the captain made the decision to move on from the investigation he threatened to disembowel him, not exactly the move a stable man would make. “I take it you’re our head shrinker?”

She laughed, "One of em. But thats not why I came over." She clarified. "Although if you want me to head shrink you I can be accommodating." She joked.

“No, but I have a feeling I’m not going to have a choice come tomorrow,” Khelev chuckled softly, a low rumble deep in his chest. “So why did you come over?”

"Because you looked like you needed someone to smile at you." Amity said. "Your pain is obvious, and I don't have to be a telepath to know that. I dislike seeing people in pain, I can’t ignore it. Its in my nature to help."

“Someone as kind as you shouldn’t be wasting time on someone as mean as I am,” Khelev said with a grunt. “But thank you for coming to sit with me anyway. Would you like a drink? It’s whiskey.”

She chuckled, "Trust me, you are not as mean as you think you are, at least not to me." Amity laughed. "And ill have a sip, no more." She nodded.

“You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to darlin’ t’was just an offer,” Khelev replied with a friendly smile. “I may not be as mean as I think I am but that doesn’t change the grief. I don’t want to snap at such a pretty young thing.”

"I’m not worried about you snapping at Mr, and I would like a sip, its been a long time.since I tried whisky," Amity said. "I can handle you snapping, trust me."

Khelev nodded and grabbed one of the other glasses that the waitress had brought to the table. He poured in just about a half an oz before sliding the glass over to her and pouring himself some more. “I’d like to see what else you can handle,” He paused and shook his head once he realized what he said. “I’m sorry, I’ve had too much to drink.”

She smirked, “Yes you have, but I can handle a lot.” she laughed. She swirled it around in the glass before she tipped it back. She cleared her throat a couple times before coughing. “Eyeam, its been a while.” she said laughing at herself a little.

Khelev started to laugh softly before taking another drink from his glass instead of downing it. “I guess it has been. Don’t start flirting with me, it’s not good for me or you. Lot’s of trouble down that road.”

“There is a difference between honesty and flirting. Honestly I can handle a lot of trouble.” she laughed. “I grew up on a boomer ship and fought my share of friends and enemies, and pirates.” she said putting the latter in a class of their own, they disgusted her.

“Very nice, I spent from age eight to eighteen on a freighter myself, learned engineering for a hell of a good engineer,” Khelev replied with a chuckle. “I’d like to gut every pirate out there, but it’s not such an easy goal.”

“Same here, I wish it were possible.” Amity smirked, She eyed him, “You ever use any products from Slade Engineering?” she asked him with a smile. She put her elbow on the table and propped her chin in her hand.

“No, I haven’t. The ship I worked on didn’t have any parts made by them but I know they’re good,” Khelev arched one of his brows. “Why do you ask? You’re a science geek and I’m an engineering geek.”

Amity smirked, “My mother Is Bly Slade, best damn engineer out there.” she said, “I may be in the sciences, but thats due to me being closer to my father, but thanks to my mother I can fix my own replicator if it breaks.” she chuckled.

“That’s too bad, I would have to come by and done that personally,” Khelev said with a playful smile. “Your mother is really Bly Slade? I know she’s got quite a few patents to her name. I’ve heard all about the Slade refits they sell.”

She nodded, “It makes my family a comfortable living.” she said. She grinned, “I’ll make sure that if something else breaks I’ll call you.” she winked. “Its good to know I have the personal guarantee of the chief engineer.” she laughed.

“I’m a sucker for pretty human women,” Khelev shrugged his shoulders and took another sip from his glass. “You might find that I’d give your mother a run for her money. I’m a very good engineer, when I’m not drunk.”

She laughed, “Oh you have no idea, if we’re ever near my parents my mother would jump at the chance to have a competition with you.” she said softly. “I should also mention that I’m not completely human.” she laughed.

“Beating an old woman in the engineering room hardly seems fair,” Khelev said, smirking at her as his antenna shifted around a bit. “I’m curious about you not being completely human. What are you?”

Amity laughed, “Old woman… You’re lucky she’s not around.” she said. “And I’m half Alcaren.” she said. “My father managed to nail down my crazy mother and tame her a little… just a little.” she said.

“Alcaren?” Khelev asked, arching one of his brows. It sounded familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. “I’m not familiar with that species although somehow it sounds familiar.”

She nodded, “Well there aren’t not a hell of a lot of us out there, just enough… We’re telepathic.” she said wanting to disclose that. “Nice people though.” she chuckled. She smiled at him, “We’re a deep culture.”

“Have you ever heard of the Aenar? They’re an off shoot of Andorians that are telepathic but are completely blind. They lived in the northern wastes for a very long time and many still do,” Khelev replied. “I met one once when I was very young, but there isn’t a big population of them. At any rate I’m familiar with telepaths.”

She nodded, “I’ve heard of them, we had several Andorian on the Antioch.” She said. “I was friends with a couple, growing up.” Amity smiled, “I’m glad to know that it doesn’t bother you, some people get scared off so fast I hardly know what their names are.” she laughed.

“It’s surprising considering how many telepaths there are in the Federation,” Khelev finished off what was in his glass and decided not to pour himself anymore. “Look, I should probably get going and sleep this off. It was nice to meet you Amity. I’d love to swap stories sometime.”

“Any time.” Amity said with a grin, “You think You’ll make it back to your room, or would you like someone, namely me, to walk you?” she asked eyeing how much he’d drank.

“If you think that’s a good idea, I’ll defer to your expert medical advice,” Khelev screwed the cap back onto the whiskey and grabbed the bottle, he wasn’t sure he was finished with it yet. “I’m not sure you’re big enough to carry me though.”

She giggled, “No I likely can’t.” she said. “But thats alright, I’d rather make sure you get back alright.” She downed the rest of her tea and grinned. “You sure you want to bring that?” she asked motioning to the bottle.

“At the very least it can go up in my cabinet,” Khelev let out breath as he shook the bottle at her. “At the best, I can finish of this bottle and pass out for most of the night and tomorrow.”

She tipped her head at him, “You want to be out that long?” she laughed, “Maybe you need a project, or maybe you should find a girl to get friendly with.” she said. “You might feel better getting… revitalized, rather that depressed.” she laughed.

"Are you making an offer?" Khelev asked with surprise, he wasn't exactly looking for that kind of a relationship at this point.

"I'm not that kind of a girl..." she smiled. "Have a good night, I'll see you around, and from an official point of view, if you need to talk or vent feel free to call me." she offered.

"Thank you," Khelev said, a little relieved that she wasn't offering anything. "You have a good night as well Amity. Thank you for sitting with me."



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