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Henry's Return

Posted on Tue Jan 19th, 2016 @ 7:03pm by David Hawkins

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Doctor LeBlanc's Apartment
Timeline: Very BACK POST

As David rested his arms on his knees, he leaned over holding the leash connected to Henry. He wasn't horrible to keep under control but he was seriously knew this pup was a one owner pup. It didn't matter as it wasn't as though he had made time to have a pet of his own, though he wasn't against it either. He had often wandered why he hadn't gotten a pet of his own.

His thoughts trailed off as a transport vehicle came to a stop and Katrina stepped out of the vehicle. A few choice words were passed between her and the operator before the vehicle left them alone. Henry quickly tugged at the collar as he tried to go after his owner.

"Henry!" Katrina exclaimed as she saw her canine companion. Looking at David with a warm smile and a glimmer about her eyes, Katrina remarked, "Thank you for taking good care of him. I'm sorry it was forced upon you Commodore. I'm actually kind of surprised to see you here. Emmah said you would probably send someone else over with Henry as you are, understandably, a very busy man. If there is anything I can do to repay you, please let me know."

After talking to Emmah earlier after her return to the office, David started to understand what she was talking about the woman before him. Though, he had a long talk about Emmah's unusual outburst, there was still the fact of Katrina. "It's nothing," he offered as he handed over the leash to her. "Just because I'm busy doesn't mean that I can't do the nice thing and bring your pet back to you."

"It was nice of you to simply keep an eye on him. It was above and beyond for you to personally return him to me. I truly do appreciate it. Thank you again." Katrina expressed with gratitude. "I hope he behaved ok for you."

"He was quite fine. It took some time, but he enjoyed the cooked steak strips I had brought up," David shrugged. "Very good animal you have."

Katrina scowled ever so briefly. Henry never received food off the table. She knew that this was a one time occurrence though, and the commodore couldn't have known that Katrina wouldn't have found that acceptable. Besides, It had been over 24 hours since Henry had an opportunity to eat. She was sure the commodore wouldn't have had dog food, especially not the specific kind Katrina made sure to feed Henry. Easing her facial expression into a smile, Katrina replied, "I'm sure Henry appreciated that special treat. All things considered, I suppose he deserved something other than his dog food."

Katrina looked at Henry and back to David, "Henry seems to like you fairly well. I'm glad he wasn't too much of a hassle. I think he's pretty special, but, then again, I'm also very biased about that."

"Nothing wrong with that," David stated as he stood up and handed her the leash. "How are you doing?"

"All things considered, I'm doing fairly well. Thank you for inquiring." Katrina remarked. Letting her medical nature take over, "What about yourself, Commodore? How's that bum leg healing up?"

"It's fine," he responded as he slapped his thigh before smirking. "Thank you for your inquiry as well, Doctor ."

"I'm glad to hear it." Katrina smiled, unsure if it would be appropriate, she inquired anyway, "I know you are a very busy man, but would you care to come in for a quick drink? I made some chocolate chip cookies before heading out on the hike that landed us here. They probably need eaten soomer rather than later. If nothing else, would you allow me to send those with you? Maybe you could share them with your staff."

This made him sigh as he hadn't planned on staying, but he was not the type to turn down cookies. It was his kryptonite. "You made them? Like home made, not the replicated ones?

Katrina could tell there was some hesitation about the Commodore. Even though she knew he was busy, her moral sunk a little. She still had hoped he would want to spare a few minutes to get to know each other further. He was one of the first individuals she had met on the island, and there was something about him that she found herself attracted to.

"As a matter of fact, yes, they are 100% homemade. Baking kind of became a go-to stress reliever when I needed a break in medical school. Anyway, if you want to step inside and give me a minute, I can pack them up for you." Katrina said as she entered her small, cozy cottage home.

"No need to pack them," he replied as he followed her up the walk way to her home. "Get settled in ok?"

"Ha! I'm still trying to unpack, so you'll have to excuse all the boxes." Katrina smirked as they walked down the hallway entrance that opened up into a tiny, but welcoming, living room. Several boxes lined the wall adjacent to the kitchen breakfast bar. The cottage had a lovely view of the beach and was in a decent proximity to the hospital.

"Please, have a seat." Katrina said as she motioned to the small couch in the middle of the room. "I'll go grab those cookies. Can I offer you anything to drink? Milk? Coffee?"

"Don't mind if I do," he grinned as he slowly sat down on the couch. Henry looked at him and wagged his tail as David tried to not seem to stick out like a sore thumb in the new environment. It was a nice layout that most of the senior civilian and military staff were given. But his was slightly larger, but still was in the same status... still unpacking. "Milk is fine, thank you," He replied finally.

"Coming right up, Commodore." Katrina smiled as she quickly replied, walking into the kitchen, wondering what David was thinking.

"Drop the rank, Katrina. I am off duty and here for a personal visit, not a professional one," he spoke up as he watched her walk around and sat the tray with cookies and glasses of milk on the coffee table before them. She then sat down next to him and he just starred at her. "What?"

Katrina had a clueless expression on her face. She wasn't exactly sure when appropriate times to call the Commodore by his first name would be. Sure, she remembered that he told her to call him David when he was in for his physical, but when was that applicable? To put the use of David versus Commodore into action without being explicitly told when and where is appropriate to call him by his first name was ok was a foreign concept to her. "I'm sorry...David." Katrina remarked. "I guess I'm not used to social interactions outside of a formal, work setting."

"When its a professional thing, title and rank is fine, but when its just friends and off duty, first name is fine," David explained as he took at cookie and slightly grinned. The cookie was a chocolate chip, oatmeal cookie. The smell was a warm and soothing feeling that reminded him of when he was younger. He took a bite and was amazed. "I need to hire you full time."

"Ok, David, that 'rule of thumb' works for me." Katrina blushed as she sat down by David on the couch. "...and I didn't know you hired me at all." Kat responded teasingly, as she cocked her head slightly to the side as she ran her fingers through her, still dirty, tangled hair. "I must apologize for my lack of hygiene at the present. I promise I washed my hands before grabbing the cookies and milk."

He chuckled as he didn't care. "I think I'll survive. You look great either case."

Already flushed in the face from the name discussion, Katrina felt like her ears were starting to burn from the flattery. Letting out a nervous giggle, "Well, thank you David."

"You don't get out much, do you?" David asked before taking another bite of his warm cookie.

Katrina started to fidget, looking down at her hands, Katrina answered, "Well, no...not exactly..."

"I see, and why is that?" he questioned as he looked her over. It was obvious that she was a type of loner, but was she willing to open up or was she bound to stay like that. This made him more curious about her and her personality even more.

Katrina looked up at David, wondering why in the world he was interested in her. This was not a topic Katrina felt comfortable discussing, but she knew it had to be addressed if she ever wanted any non-animal companion in her life. "Um...well..." Katrina shifted, her body becoming slightly tense at the inquiry, "I guess I was too focused on my educational ventures to worry about being personable. Don't get me wrong, I know how to professionally interact with people, but I know I'm pretty much a social outcast." She said with a smile, trying to add a little comic relief to her excuse.

"Don't feel bad, I know the feeling..." he lied with a smirk on his face. "Obviously, I needed to learn to speak in front of people to make it this far, but still."

"Right...YOU know that feeling..." Katrina shot back at the Commodore. "I may be challenged in my personal interactions outside of my work environment, David; however, I do know a little about psychology... Honestly, you aren't the type of man to have issues with that, are you?" Kat playfully confronted him.

"In general, no not really," he shrugged as he looked her over. "It comes naturally, and I tell it how it is as well. Some people don't like it. But its got to be said for them or myself to become better than what the issue is."

Kat shifted slightly in her seat, "I suppose that is true. You strike me as an individual who wouldn't hesitate to give constructive criticism when needed. I'd say that's a good attribute...most of the time."

"Yeah, most of the time," he shrugged as he looked at her for a moment before noticing the time. "I need to leave, got to handle one last thing before calling it a night. But would you like to have dinner some time?"

Slightly stunned that David seemed to want to do dinner after the past few awkward encounters, Katrina looked at him with a subtle smile on her face, "Sure, that would be nice. Thank you again for taking such great care of Henry and returning him to me."

As he stood just at the door, he turned and nodded as he looked at her over his shoulder. David was happy to have met her but was there more or was he messing around. He wasn't sure but he smiled. "My pleasure. You have a nice night."

"Thank you. You do the same David." Katrina replied. With that, she closed the door behind David and watched as he walked to his transport vehicle.


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