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Job Discussion

Posted on Tue Jan 26th, 2016 @ 4:36am by Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn

Mission: Mother Base
Location: T'Madh and Lizzy's Quarters
Timeline: MD2 1800 hours

Lizzy was doing one of her little art project sessions while T'Madh was reading through some journal articles when the door buzzed went off.

Getting up, T'Madh slipped into a Vulcan robe and pressed the door button, seeing Lixor at the door, her hand going upto give the Vulcan greeting,
"Hello, Lieutenant. Live long and prosper. I was not expecting anyone due to my current restricted duty status."

"Sorry to bother you," The man said with a smile. He returned the salute pleased to see the woman was at least pleasant with him arriving without previous announcement of his intent to do so. "i am aware you have been relieved from duties but I do have something I would like to discuss with you, and Lizzy if she's around."

T'Madh nodded, "It is okay, Sir. Come in please. I am hoping to get back on duty as soon as I can, although for obvious reasons, Elizabeth is not the person who has to certify me."

Lizzy looked up from where she was sitting cross-legged on the floor without a stitch on, working with a box of crayons and some sheets of paper to draw a bowl of fruit sitting on a table. She looked up, "Hi, Lixor."

Lixor looked in the direction of the counselor only to look away quickly blushing from the view. Lizzy wasn't bad looking but seeing her, any woman for that matter in that state was not something the half Bolion was accustomed to. "Hello," he offered lowering his head and insuring his gaze was well away from the counselor, "I'm sorry to interrupt counselor, I can come back later."

"Nah, its okay, Lixor. T'Madh, can you throw a robe over?"

The Vulcan nodded and picked up the silk robe hanging next to the door and walked voer to Lizzy, who took it and slipped it on before shifting her art stuff aside.

T'Madh asked, "Can I get you anything before we talk, Sir? Or you are welcome to try some of the iced water with pomelo & lime slices that Lizzy has there ion the table?"

Relieved that all were dressed, at least in some fashion, Lixor raised his eyes again. If he ever told Lizzy what the behaviors he had seen exhibited in the few encounters he had with her he was sure it would form a permanent wedge between them. There was something about her that made him curious though and he liked both of them though he never knew what he was going to experience. He entered into the quarters and offered a slight smile, "the iced water will be fine," he said not exactly sure what he was going to be experiencing.

Lizzy picked up on a sense of unease, and felt bad, but she didn't think it would help to mention so she shut her mouth. She had also picked up a flare of annoyance that she hadn't covered herself, but still.. everyone knew about her normal beliefs and attitudes.

T'Madh walked over to the replicator to get a few more glasses before heading over to the couch and sat down, pouring out some water for her boss and herself, before handing one to him, "Here, Sir. What did you want to discuss?"

The blue man took the glass and nodded, "thank you," he said and took a sip, "I have a proposal for you that I'm hoping you will find acceptable." He drew in a breath and continued, "when you are ready I would like to offer you, t'Madh the position as my assistant. It is an excellent opportunity for advancement and I think we could both learn things from each other." He paused for a moment, "I'm actually glad that both of you are here because your decision may affect both of you."

T'Madh raised her eyebrows a bit and then responded, "You do remeber that I am on restricted duties due to my issues with my emotional control at the moment, Lieutenant? I am not the best person for that role, and honestly, it would mean having to actually interact with other people."

"I am well aware of the fact you are on restricted duties T'Madh," Lixor replied with a slight smile, I" was not implying you would start immediately but only after you have been cleared and feel ready for the responsibility." The blue man hesitated a moment and then continued, "I realize this may be out of your comfort zone Lieutenant but so would my having an assistant at all, especially one as logical as you are. It would be a growing experience for both of us."

Lizzy leant forward, putting a hand on T'Madh's, "T'Ma.. From a counselling perspective, I believe it would be good for you to have some forced socialisation. We won't exactly order you to, but.."

The Vulcan glared a little.

Doing a sad puppy dog face, Lizzy frowned until T'Madh took a breath, "I do not want to have to neck pinch a superior officer in front of another superior officer. Even if it is my wife. I will need to think about it and discuss it.. with my actual assigned counsellor."

She added, "That is a maybe, not a definite."

"Oh I got that," Lixor said with a broad grin, "That's really all I can expect right now. I'm not going to press the issue t'Madh. It has to be your decision."

Lizzy coughed, "He won't. Can't say Counselling won't. Sometimes, a bit of forced socialisation can help. We don't want you to become a hermit.. Or like Crazy Cat Aunt Betty. Remember how that freaked you out when I took you to visit?"

Lizzy turned to Lixor, "One of my aunts has gone quite batty, and has like a hundred cats living in her house in Maine. Just lives alone.."

Lixor's head tilted and his eyes furrowed, "a hundred cats, in one house?" The idea seemed rather unreal. "How does she feed that many animals?"

T'Madh shuddered a little, "it was very disturbing for a vegetarian to watch. Okay, I will do it."

"Great," the blue man said letting a smile flash across his face, "you can report to me when you are ready but don't take too long or I'll come looking for you." He chuckled at his remark and his eyes twinkled as he spoke, "and please, please don't tell me how to feed a hundred cats."

T'Madh nodded, "Yes, sir. Is there anything else, sir? I want to be prepared in case you and Elizabeth are going to try and drag me into more uncomfortable activities."

"Not for now," he said with a smirk, "but I'd like you to oversee the updates to the stellar cartography lab and a partial refit to the holography labs."

"Yes, sir. I need to finish the analysis of the asteroid samples we collected three weeks ago. Engineering wants to reclaim the area they are being stored in. So far, the belt is meeting and exceeding the minimum mining requirements for numerous ores."

Lixor laughed, "I suppose we should try to make engineering happy." He nodded

Lizzy chimed in, "They seem very happy after I visit begging for help. Oh.. Oops.. Ignore that."

T'Madh sighed, "Unless there is anything else, sir, I need to go and strangle my wife."


Lieutenant Cmdr Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Caldera
Chief Counsellor

Lieutenant JG Lixor Nabohn
Assistant Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG T'Madh
Science Officer


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