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A Warrior Counsellor

Posted on Fri Jan 22nd, 2016 @ 12:30am by Major Delvok
Edited on on Fri Jan 22nd, 2016 @ 12:31am

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Marine HQ, Deck 10
Timeline: Current


Walking along the corridor to the Marine HQ offices, Second Lieutenant Mew'Ah stopped in the annex and saluted the assistant outside, handing over a data-padd, "Hello, my name is Second Lieutenant Mew'Ah and I have been transferred to the Gladiator's Marine Detachment."

The assistant nodded and Mew'Ah stepped forwards, pressing the door button and waiting for her new CO to give her permission to enter.

Inside, Mew'Ah stood at attention, saluting as she barked out, "Second Lieutenant Mew'Ah, Marine & counsellor, Captain."

"At ease" said Delvok without looking up from his PaDD. He rubbed a hand over his weary brow. Before he looked up there was a moments silence disrupted only by the little buzz noise the PaDD made every time Delvok touched the LCARS touch screen display. Eventually Delvok tossed the PaDD aside and looked up at the marine in front of him. She appeared to be a Klingon/Human Hybrid. “Greetings Lieutenant Mew'Ah please take a seat”

Nodding, Mew'Ah took a seat opposite, "Thank you, sir. I am looking forwards to working in your department and on this ship. I have heard it is quite.. interesting. I also wanted to mention that I am cross-trained in Counselling, and have been assigned to help work with the Chief Counsellor as well."

Delvok folded his fingers as he clasped his hands together, he leant forward, resting his elbows on the desk. "I am aware of your trainning Lieutenant" responded Delvok in his Emotionless Vulcan manner "what I do not understand is what your role will be in my company? Are you a counsellor for my marines specifically? Or is your role as a counsellor across all departments? If that is the case, when it comes to combat will you be a rifleman first like the rest of us or a counsellor?"

Mew'Ah squeezed her fists and had to fight back her Klingon side to her, hoping she didn't come off too rude, "Sir, I am a Marine first, and ready to beat down or shoot anything that is needed, Captain. If you want to, I am willing to do a spar to show you. My main Counselling duties are with the Marines, but if there is a couple of paitents who may need a bit of a firmer touch, there is the possibility of a few sessions though. The chief counsellor understands that."

Delvok wondered at the irony that the counsellor had to suggest personal combat as a way of proving her skills, he wondered what the Freudian implications of such a statement were. He raised one hand "a spar will not be required" responded Delvok emotionlessly. "So your main duties are with the marines, is this mandatory counselling or voluntary?"

"It is normally a mix, Sir. My door is always open for voluntary, unless I am on duties as directed by senior officers or off-ship. But if there are any discipline issues or departmental needs for counselling work, I am available to do it. It normally depends on how the senior Marine wishes it to. Do you have any preferences or know of any particular Marines who may need Counselling help?"

Delvok nodded "I think if you get the opportunity you should acquaint yourself with 2nd Lieutenant Taylor Price, who is going through rather a rough patch at the moment." Which was a Vulcan understatement, the man was possibly going to be charged with murder and if scuttle butt was correct, was in the starts of a new relationship.

"Sure, Sir. I will definitely go have a talk to the Second Lieutenant and arrange a plan with him about how I can help. Thank you for letting me know."

Delvok nodded "Ok. Thank you for your time 2nd Lieutenant Mew'ah. Dissmissed"


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