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A Holodeck Adventure, Part 1 [DONE]

Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2016 @ 5:49pm by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Holodeck


Julian was dressed rather incongruously for a person living on a tropical island, but he wasn't going down to there. He had something else in mind. He had started with a layer of thermal underwear, then put on a pair of jeans and a grey compression shirt. He'd used this scenario before, as a training mission, but only once before for fun. He thought Zera might enjoy it and so he'd invited him along. He hadn't told him anything about it, only warned him that it could be intense and that he should dress warmly.

He wasn't even sure he would be come, but he was waiting nonetheless. leaning against the bulhead, just outside the holodeck he'd reserved.

The invitation wasn't expected. Zera noticed it while he was tinkering with one of his projects, and at the time he had ignored it. Shortly after, however, he found himself reconsidering, and five minutes later put his things away. Now walking to his quarters, he reread the message, which he had put onto a tablet. "Intense... dress warmly... holodeck one," he reiterated. Setting the tablet onto the bed, he donned the thermal gear he had for special missions before putting a dark jacket and silver pants on top. Grabbing insulated boots, he slid his feet into them before taking one last look at the tablet and leaving, picking up a pair of black gloves on the way out.

Julian glanced at the chronometer on his PAaD. He thought it was five minuets past the time he had set and he was about to give up on Zera. It wasn't as if he'd been stood up, the Bajoran hadn't even agreed to the whatever it was.

He shrugged his shoulders and was about to give up, when he saw the other man approaching. A small smile played at the corners of his lips."Glad you could make it," he said, "I wasn't sure if my wit and charming personality were enough."

It had taken Zera less than a minute to get up to the holodeck, and when he arrived he saw Julian there. His fellow nighttime drinker. The Bajoran had no idea what was going to be behind those doors, but if they didn't go soon he was going to start sweating from the warm clothing. "You had me at intense, and I needed a break from my project anyways."

"I've got the safety protocol at seventy percent. We'll actually feel things, might even get a little hurt if we're not careful. Is that okay?"

Leyar chuckled. "For now, I suppose, if that's how you want it." Dangerous things were not new to him, and he usually didn't have safety buffers. He started putting one glove on and asked, "so, winter excursion, I take it? Please tell me we're not snowshoeing."

"Yes a winter excursion, and it might come to snowshoeing. We're going to be on a shuttle that crash lands. We start out in the mountains, and have to make our way to an extraction point. From mountain, to jungle, to a river. Oh, and one more thing, were being chased by some nasty Klingons. I've used Cardassians and Romulans in the past, but given both our histories, I decided Klingons would be better."

"Sounds like fun," the Bajoran replied, silently thankful for the lack of Cardassians. He slipped on the other glove before cracking his knuckles. Whenever you're ready," he nodded.

Julian keyed in the code and the doors opened. The stepped through the arch and the orange and black grid was almost immediately replaced by the interior of a shuttle. "Are you flying this thing, or do you want me to?" he asked.

Zera gestured to the helm. "You've always wanted to be a pilot, according to your file. So let's see what you got, Flyboy."

"I didn't just want to be a pilot, I'm a damned good one." he retorted.

"Fair enough." As they entered, the Bajoran took a seat at one of the consoles and immediately rerouted the other systems so everything could be done from where they were sitting. He glanced at the coordinates pre-determined by the computer. "Looks like we'll be starting in a low orbit, about 12 kilometers above the surface. Why do I feel like we're going to be shot down?" Zera asked with a small smirk.

"Predictable, I know, "came the short reply as Julian strapped himself in "But I have to ask, what were you doing looking at my file?"

Zera couldn't help but give a smirk at that as he continued to look at the data. "Nothing too intrusive, I look at everyone's files. Or skim them, at least. I like to have a general idea of what someone can do, like your piloting skills and reflexes. Those will come in handy."

Julian nodded, accepting the explanation. "That makes sense, " he commented with a hint of a smirk himself, "I just thought you might be checking to see if I was dating material or a serial killer."

He briefly looked up at the other man, raising an eyebrow, before turning back to the console. "Computer, begin the simulation," he stated, strapping himself in. A bumpy ride was sure to come. He heard the hum of the shuttle powering to life, and a moment passed before the Bajoran felt the faint push of movement, which the inertial dampeners compensated for. "Warp and impulse power are at maximum. We got two phaser banks and three photon torpedoes. Jeez, who the hell prepped this thing?" He quipped. "Helm, what's our heading? I suppose we're follow the flight path given." He saw a copy of the intended flight path on his console and a brief look showed that Julian had a copy as well.

Julian was focusing too much on the control panel in front of him to answer immediately. Then rather tight-lipped, he replied, "We were, the Klingons little welcome party threw us off track some. See if you can raise someone on sub-space radio."

Zera caught them on sensors. "On it! You got one off the starboard nacelle and two on the port side. See if you can shake him with evasive maneuvers!" He said to Julian. The Bajoran tried to hail someone, and frowned at the console. He entered his Intelligence code and tried using an encrypted signal, to no avail. "The atmosphere is interfering with the signal... I can't get through-" the shuttle jerked when one of the Klingon ships fired at them. "Shields are at 70 percent!"

"Damn, " the Akadian muttered under his breath. Then a second later he said, "Hang on, this is going to get interesting. " He then uttered up a prayer and performed the most evasive maneuver he could think of, an Immelman. Then suddenly they were on the Klingon's tale.

"Fire what we have," he ordered, "let's try to take this one out."

"Firing phasers!" Zera pressed in the command, and red beams shot out from the shuttle toward the birds in front of them. "No effect... adjust your course so our bow is in between the two up there, and keep current speed. I got an idea."

Julian chanced a glance in Zera's direction before glancing back at the controls and following the other man's instructions.

Once they were in position, Zera launched a photon torpedo. "Wait for it..." he calmly said, watching the red dot like a hawk as it advanced. His finger hovered over the button to fire phasors, and once he determined it was close enough he pressed the button. "Decrease speed to give them space!" He ordered.

Julian didn't ask how much, he just pulled back on the thrusters slowing the shuttle down to the point where it was a breath from stalling. And he waited.

When the phaser blast hit the photon torpedo, it exploded and created a shock wave that rammed into the two Klingon shuttles, sending the two shuttles veering off as they struggled to gain control. Leyar smirked as he read the results, "both shuttles lost navigational control, and their weapons are temporarily offline."

"Quick thinking," Julian commented, congratulating his guest. Until their own ship was hit by a massive barrage from two other Birds Of Prey that suddenly decloaked behind them.

"Thanks." Zera gripped the console when their shuttle shook, looking for the source of the rapid beeping. "Shields down to 23 percent, and phasers are offline!" Another tremor. "Port nacelle is hit. If it takes another blow, we'll have to land!"

Julian knew the blow crippling the shuttle was coming, he'd written the program after all. He just didn't know when. That was the variable,that kept him guessing. Still did his best to avoid the inevitable moving to the left, then right, a quick dive a juke here and there. It wasn't a bad piece of flying and he almost made it till a final blow took out the engines completely, something he hadn't anticipated, and he just managed to get the craft on the ground without killing either of them.

The ship skidded for a good fifteen meters before coming to rest at the edge of a precipice.

The Bajoran gripped the edges of the console tightly as the shuttle crashed to the ground. Normally, Zera might have laughed at the cliché of the situation, but when the bow of the shuttle slowly started to tip downwards, the gradual feeling of weightlessness hit like a ton of bricks. "We need to get out," the Bajoran stated while starting to unbuckle himself from the chair, "now." He let instinct kick in, and instinct said to get the hell out before the shuttle tipped over the edge.

This wasn't exactly the way he'd written things either, but now was not the time to figure that out. He grabbed a, tricorder and a pair of gloves for himself and a jacket for each of them from a compartment underneath his seat. Unstrapping himself, he moved to the back as the craft tilted forward even further. He forced the back hatch open or tired to. "I need some help back here," he called out.

Running to the back, Zera grabbed a phaser and a map, and shoved them into his pocket before he made it to the back hatch. It was a little difficult because of the angle of the floor, but he managed to get back. Now that both of them were in the back of the shuttle, it balanced out, but they couldn't stay forever. Last he checked, there was barely enough power for anything, so he figured that rewiring the doors wouldn't work. Grabbing the emergency hand actuators out of the box on the side, he tossed one to Julian before attaching his to the door. "Once we get it cracked, one of us can get the leverage to push it open."

"That's probably going to have to be you, I'm sure you're stronger than me, Julian informed him as he attached the actuators and got ready to pull.

The Bajoran nodded, and tensed, gripping the suctioned handle. "Ready... Pull!"

The two men pulled and strained, and just managed to get the door open a crack, which allowed a blast of arctic wind to blast through driving slivers of ice and sleet inside the cabin.

Zera grunted as he pulled against the actuators, wincing against the cold, and a moment later the hatch propped open about three inches. He quickly stuck his hand into the crack and pulled with all his might. "Keep pulling," he told Julian. When it opened enough for the Bajoran to squeeze through, he got between the doors and held them open. His back was against one side, and his arms were straight as his hands pushed against the other part of the hatch. "Out, out out!" he ordered. He knew that he'd have to be fast to exit, because the second Julian's weight was gone the shuttle would start its descent over the edge again.

Julian gave him a worried look, then deftly scampered out and immediately wished he hadn't. He wasn't used to the cold, detested it as a matter of fact. And it sure as hell didn't seem like just a simulation. It was all too real. The wind knifed through his layered protection as if he were naked and hand he had to almost close his eyes to keep the driving sleet and snow out of them.

As predicted, the shuttle started to fall off the edge of the precipice, and Zera took a breath before diving out of the craft. He fell into the snow and rolled to a stop, glancing up in time to see the shuttle disappear over the edge. Jeez, it was cold. Getting to his feet, he brushed the snow off him, the action rather pointless due to the wind blowing more of it back onto him. For now, his thermal gear kept him warm, but he knew it wouldn't last.

The Klingons. "Let's get moving," he shouted into the wind. He'd worry about covering their tracks later, the first thing they needed to do was get out of sight from the welcome committee.

Julian stood there a moment trying rather fruitless to use his tricorder. He glanced up at Zera who was only about six meters from him, bu barely visible. He pointed to the north, directly into he howling wind and shouted as loud as he could, "Over there, a cave."

Zera saw him point and nodded. He then leaned against the wind and trudged toward, getting closer to Julian so they wouldn't get separated. It was hard enough to see, the last thing they needed was to get separated in a storm like this. He couldn't tell if the noise was from the Klingon shuttles or the wind piercing his ears, but he didn't want to stick around to find out. They were outgunned and out-manned; there was no way they'd survive an encounter against one warbird, let alone two or more.

The cave was only about one hundred meters but with almost whiteout conditions, winds gusting up to thirty miles an hour and snow past Julian's knees, it was the hardest hundred meters Julian had ever experienced.



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