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Tiki Torches Part Two

Posted on Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 6:17pm by Admiral Charles Grayson & Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi] & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Major Delvok & Lieutenant Lor Lorix & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Ensign Charity Prince & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Mother Base

Vanora arrived fashionably late, wearing the same bikini she'd worn to the senior staff meeting earlier, again with a translucent white cover-up on top and leather thong sandals. She seemed in a better mood than she had been in a while, and to be honest, was late because she'd been so eager to start working on getting up to speed with her new office. The bartender recognized her from her frequent visits to the lounge recently. "Whiskey, Vanora?" the bartender asked.

She shook her no. "No, not tonight. I'm feeling... celebratory. Tequila, maybe."

The bartender smiled at her being in a good mood. "Yes, ma'am, one tequila coming up."

Mercia stepped on to the beach from the street, having happily taken the long way here with Kanoa, the bounty hunter. She angled for the bar first off, wanting another drink, the one Kanoa had given her was already wearing off. She was dressed in a bikini top with a very short bathing suit skirt wrap, and sandals on her feet. Her hair was down, and nicely done, although likely was a little messed already, thanks to Kanoa.

She moved up to the bar and leaned against it, not having any problems showing off to her date a bit, as he followed her. She looked up and noticed Vanora waiting for her down drink. Her eyes met Vanoras and inwardly felt a little dread, how would her friend react to her showing up with Kanoa. How would Kanoa react to seeing Vanora? They were not fans of each other. She licked her lips, offered Vanora the briefest of smirks and turned to look at Kanoa, for some strange reason, she felt a thrill at the fact she was getting herself into a new mess. How was it she thrived on messes and trouble? "What do you want to drink?" she asked Kanoa.

Kanoa opened his mouth to answer, but Vanora cut him off. "Tequila. You will all be drinking tequila, because we are celebrating, and that's what we drink when we celebrate. The bartender heard her and poured added two more shot glasses, leaving Vanora with the bottle. "Here," she said, handing sliding the glasses down to Mercia and Kanoa.

Mercia caught the glasses and ensured that Kanoa's did not spill as she passed it over to him. "Tequila it is." she said with a smile. She watched Vanora for a moment before take a bit of a drink, wondering if the woman was alright or not. Was she being fake? Or was she truly giving in to the revelry of the party?

"What's the occasion?" Zeti asked she'd heard Vanora say something about celebrating and was curious. "Anything special?"

"The new home base I guess," Mercia said raising her glass, knowing Vanora had nothing to celebrate.

Kanoa had heard of what the Timariot did to Vanora's husband, and despite being upset about losing his home and ship, said nothing to the Elasian at this moment. The two of them would have another conversation at another time. "Indeed, a toast to a haven for your weary crew."

Vanora shook her head at them all. "To the Task Group. And my new job," she winked at Mercia, who apparently had not heard the news yet. She grinned at keeping her friend in the dark for a moment longer.

"Wait what? new job?" Mercia demanded. "Doing what?" she asked

"You're looking at the new Chief of Strategic Operations," Vanora replied with a sly smile.

Mercia blinked. "Wow... um... I'm not even sure what to think about that!"

Vanora narrowed her eyes a little. "How about, 'wow, I'm really happy that Vanora found something she is excited about and isn't quitting Starfleet?'"

She made a face, "of course i'm happy about that! But it still means you're leaving Gladiator and staying here with David right?" she said trying to sound happy.

"I'm not sure... maybe, now that you mention it," Vanora said. "Honestly, I had assumed I'd just be staying on the Gladiator. It being the Task Group flagship and all. But if he's staying here... yeah, I suppose I need to have a conversation with him about that,"

Mercia made a face, "I'd hate for you to leave the ship, every one is leaving it seems." she said glumly.

"Fear not, Mercia, for friendship's bonds defy space and time," Kanoa said gently.

Vanora was very uncomfortable with the Molai man nearby, likely as uncomfortable as he was with her, but she nodded in agreement. "Even if I'm not officially attached to the Gladiator, I'm certain that I'll be on the ship with you more often than not. Even with the Res... even with other assignments, the Gladiator is still always going to be at the forefront of our work."

Mercia glanced between them, "Yeah I hope so." she said before she took a bit of a drink and looked around. "I'd hate to be on my own, especially if this lug decides to stick around the planet, rather than the ship." she said elbowing Kanoa.

Kanoa shook his head. "No rock will bind me again, so long as I live. The sea of the stars is where I will finish my days, whether it is on the Gladiator or another vessel. Though I should hope to steer my own course as soon as the Universe wills it."

Vanora gave Kanoa a strange look for just a moment, before she returned to her drinking.

When Khelev got to the party it seemed things were in full swing, he'd beamed over because of the invitation he'd gotten and now things felt weird. Vanora was there, getting drunk and everyone seemed fairly content with their side conversations. There were days where he missed where he'd grown up, his family.

After ordering a drink from the bartender, he took a look around and found himself lost in a sea of crew members feeling lost. The normally confident Andorian was, for the first time in a long time, at a loss, so he did the only thing that felt right. Find a spot at the bar and start drinking.

Delvok sat on an isolated sandy rock watching the party and nursing his drink. He wandered Lorix would be attending the party.

The young Cardassian, Junior grade cadet, you could tell because he was still wearing his uniform. Nervously and hazardously made his way through the party. Apart from the civilian children, at aged nineteen, he was probably the youngest here. He felt a little awkward being here, having only arrived a matter of hours before to start his last cadet year placement, he did not know anyone. He had had a couple of encounters with some department chief…..that had been difficult. So he was hoping that his third encounter with the ships crew and associates would be a little more, welcoming.

Mercia spotted Khelev, grinning she tugged on Kanoa's hand urging him to follow before she bounded over to the depressed looking Andorian. She put her drink on the bar next to him and threw herself against him, her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "Bout time you showed up, and if you don't smile I'm going to harass the crap out of you until you do." she said. "Me and my date." she said smirking at Kanoa.

Kanoa laughed heartily. "So lovely the assailant, I fear this fellow shall remain somber as to invite your most welcome 'harassment.'"

Khelev turned his head towards the bounty hunter and resisted the urge to break his arm and knock his teeth down his throat and instead ignored him completely. He turned towards Mercia, as he raised his antenna. "This loser? Really? You could do a hell of a lot better, you should really try respecting yourself sometime."

Mercia was a little stunned but shrugged it off, "You're funny." she said rolling her eyes. "You didn't care about that so much about me respecting myself when we met." she elbowed him. "There's more to Kanoa than meets the eye, give him a shot." she leaned close, "Plus he's hot, and I'm lonely..." she whispered.

"Sometimes being alone is a good thing," Khelev grumbled, trying to convince himself of that more than her. "I don't like him and you could do better."

"Address your insults to me directly, Andorian," the bounty hunter said in a low, calm voice, though his muscles appeared to flex as he straightened up and turned from the bar toward Khelev. "And speak not to the lady in such a manner; an eagle one need not be to see that her self-respect far exceeds that of yours for her."

"I'll insult you when I'm good and ready," Khelev eyed the bounty hunter, even drunk Khelev was sure he could beat the man to death but this wasn't the time or the place. "Why don't you go back to wherever it was you came from? You've screwed up enough around here."

Mercia slugged him in the arm, "Khelev!" she growled at him. Kanoa might have attempted to trade information for his freedom, however he had not lied. It wasn't his fault.

"Don't scold me," Khelev growled in the back of his throat as his antenna whipped at the air a couple of times, showing his agitation as he tightened his fist. "He shouldn't even be here, he aint a part of the ship and he runs bounties for the Klingons. All it takes to be wanted by the Empire is a person with enough latinum and a grudge."

"I have heard of Andorian honor," Kanoa said as he stepped up closer to Khelev. "Yet, did I not see one here? My eyes forsake me; only a mewling targ pup stands before me, playing at fighting as if insults were darts."

The blood drained from Mercias face, and she started to swear in her mind, hoping Khelev would not react in a very Andorian way to that. Kanoa was rough around the edges, but he apparently didn't know not to poke the Andorians? "Whoa whoa whoa." she said "As much as I'd love to see you boys show off for me, I do kind of want to enjoy the party and NOT shoot you both."

Andorian honor was one thing, a drunk and angry Andorian was something else entirely. They were warriors, artists and more but when they got angry there was no reasoning with them. At the onset of a dangerous situation, their adrenaline rush made them clear headed, until their rage took over. He formed his hands into fists and glared at the Molai, as he teetered back and forth between rage and control. "Then get away from me or I will kill him with my bare hands."

Mercia rolled her eyes, and bit back a remark about the man needing to get laid, because the fact was, the two women he'd last slept with were both right here, and that likely was not helping his mood. "You and me should talk some time." she said before and dropped a kiss on his cheek, not caring that it was likely unwelcome. The man was angry, but he wouldn't harm her, he had been her big brother when she needed one, and one of the closest members of her little 'family'. She turned to Kanoa and offered him a flirting smile and moved further down the bar, not ready to go mingle with the bigger crowd just yet.

"Methinks your Andorian friend cares not for me," Kanoa said in a low tone as he and Mercia moved away from the others.

"He's more like my big brother... but yeah, because you told Vanora about her husband, Khelev lost her. So he is not your biggest fan right now." Mercia whispered.

"Nor I his, though I thought his wrath toward me rooted in his placing blame upon me for the Elasian's assault upon thee."

Mercia laughed, "Yeah well. I knocked her on her ass when she got back... settled it like warrior women, I don't know if his grumpiness had any thing to do with that." she made a face, "Khelev is allowed to be a little selfish after she left so suddenly." she added.

Kanoa nodded in agreement. "The heart wounds more quickly than it heals," he said.

Perhaps most interesting of all was the sight of Ensign Charity Prince gripping the arm of a marine as they arrived at the party. She had shown a marked improvement in the past week and the marine assigned to her had suggested she attend the party. She had resisted at first. Although she now realized how ridiculous her notions that the captain wanted to take her baby had been, she was still irrationally afraid of the man. Somehow, Kavi escaped this fear, but even Chap couldn't have explained why. Eventually, she had agreed to go as long as the Marine came with her. "Don' leave me alone, okay?" she said nervously.

"No Ma'am," said Sergeant Zul ghotratreisa, he was an Efrosian, had Slight cranial ridges and a copper skin complexion, deep blue eyes behind antique spectacles with long platinum blond hair and lengthy moustache, he wore his marine fatigues, as he escorted the young officer.

Zera spotted the pair as they arrived, and raised an eyebrow before looking over at Delvok. "I think I understand how this is working, so I'm going in. Don't wait up."

“Good Luck,” said Delvok Solemnly as he toasted the man heading into the crowd. Delvok wandered if he would ever get this sort of thing.


Once T'Madh felt herself calmed down enough, she twisted around in Lizzy's arms, resting her head on her wife's chest, "Thank you. I think I am okay if you want to.. mingle."

Lizzy took T'Madh's hand and gave it a kiss, "Are you sure? I'm fine just being with you."

She wasn't going to say it, but she still felt terribly guilty about getting taken away - even though it wasn't deliberate, and how it had affected the Vulcan.

T'Madh squeezed Lizzy's hand, "I am okay. Besides, it is logical that I need to not become a shut in either. Which I would if I could."

Lizzy giggled, running a hand down T'Madh's back and slid a hand under the top, "Depends on what we are doing."

T'Madh grabbed Lizzy's hand tight, "Elizabeth."

"Sorry, was teasing."

"I know."

They got up and Lizzy spotted that Chap had come along, including with the Marine guard that she seemed to be very comfortable with - like a big squishy teddy bear or safety blanket that could crush, kill, destroy if needed. Taking T'Madh's hand, Lizzy directed towards them.

Coming up to the ensign, Lizzy smiled, "Welcome, I'm glad you could make it, Chap. If it gets too much or anything, I'm around if you wanna talk. Or you can come over to the quiet timeout section with us every so often."

T'Madh squeezed Lizzy's hand tighter a bit for a moment.

Chap gave Lizzy a nervous grin. "Timeout section," she repeated. "That's actually a really good idea." If she were honest with herself, she would have realized that the reason she was a bundle of nerves just now was because she was afraid the crew would be mad at her for going a bit psycho in the middle of a mission. She almost wished they'd transfer her away so that she wouldn't have to face them, but so far, nothing of the sort seemed to be happening. "I fink I'll be all right," she said finally. "I mean... oi... I dunno wot I mean."

T'Madh nodded, "It does help sometimes. If it helps coming from another social leper, things will get better according to Elizabeth."

Lizzy grinned, "Yeah."

Chap grinned a tiny little grin that may have been more nerves than anything. "Yeah," she said. "Tha's wot granddad always says. I s'pose he's right. Can't really get much worse 'n this, anyway."

Once the Bajoran was immersed into the party, Leyar had no idea what to do. People were just... chatting with each other and drinking. He looked for someone who might actually stand talking to him, finally settling on talking to Zeti. "Long time, no see," he said, coming to a stop beside her.

Zeti looked up and smiled at Leyar, she'd had quit a bit of rum and was feeling very good about life at the moment and watched her fellow Bajoran. "Come! Have a drink with me, it's rum and I've had quite a bit."

Leyar looked her over and gave a slightly confused smile. "Clearly," he replied, getting himself a glass. "I hope you're enjoying yourself," he stated, taking a sip of the rum. He then made a small face at the sweet flavor before swallowing, choking it down. "Can I get something less sweet?" he asked the bartender.

"Get us a bottle of bottle of Kentucky Bourbon and a couple of glasses!" Zeti set aside what she had and turned towards Leyar. "You look a little lonely Leyar..."

The male Bajoran set the barely touched glass of rum down, opting for what he thought was the better option of beverage. "This is kind of a new concept to me," he admitted. Someone bumped into him, and he looked over his shoulder at the laughing crewman before adding, "it's loud and a little cramped... can we relocate? I swear if my foot gets stepped on again..."

"That sounds wonderful," Zeti grabbed the bottle and the two glasses and handed him the glasses before slipping her arm around him and encouraging him closer. "Come on handsome, let's go find a quiet spot."

Zera, with the glasses in one hand and a possibly drunk woman possibly flirting with him, sighed before leading her through the mass of people. At least, there was alcohol, otherwise, he may not have shown up at all. "I'll take this before it gets dropped," he mentioned, grabbing the bottle.


Delvok who had given up trying to mingle went back to sit on his rock.

Sadie Turner arrived on her own. She wasn't sure that Sid would come, but that didn't matter. She wanted to have a good time. She spotted the Vulcan marine headed for a rock as she passed by, "Why such a long face?" she grinned smirking at him with a drink in her hand.

"I am not a crowd kind of Vulcan," said Delvok as he toasted Turner with his glass and went to find his rock

Sadie glanced around and followed him, "Doesn't it make logical sense to mingle and get to know the crew?" she asked. She smirked, well that didn't take long. She'd found something to poke with a stick... this time in the form of a Vulcan marine.

Lorix had decided she wouldn't go to the party and most of the evening she had stuck to her resolve but she wasn't the sulky type and she realised that she was 'cutting off her own nose to spite her face' as it were. ~Delvok can do what he likes. I'm going to party. I love to party and he's probably not there anyway.~ she reasoned as she arrived, late but looking very special. She'd had a lot of time while she was telling herself she wasn't going, to get herself ready while she argued it out internally.

As she arrived a very nice young bartender with dark hair offered her a drink and she accepted happily. Maybe she didn't know much about mixed drinks, or about alcohol, in general, but she did know that it would help her relax and forget what Delvok had said earlier. She also knew it would help her be more open and friendly and..... happy.... she hoped.

~How could it be that one man could make her feel so disinterested in all the nice things life had to offer? After all, in her society, women usually had three husbands at least. Maybe that was to make it easier to put up with it when one of them was off on one?~ she thought and then shook herself. She wasn't going to dwell on it. She was sure he wouldn't be here anyway so she looked around to see who she knew and maybe even who she would *like* to know.

It was then that she saw Delvok, sitting on a rock away from the main crowd. He didn't seem to be alone there, though. It looked as if he was with a woman and as they were separated from the rest of the party, talking together..... Lorix downed the first *mix*, sputtered a little and held out her glass for a refill.

Lorix' second 'mix' was another to burn away the dust and she began to warm, in every sense of the word. Downing it in a way that defied her human half to cope, the Denobulan side of her shrugged it off with a shudder and held out the glass for another. The Barman questioned it gently and mentioned how soon it was after the first two, but Lorix just smiled at him.

It was a broad smile, but it was an 'exterior only' type of smile that only Doctors can carry off - Doctors and Poker players perhaps.


Delvok swirled his drink in his glass watching the liquid, in turn, different colours as it hit the insides of the glass. He looked up at Sadie with her thick dark hair and wide dark eyes and full lips and then said rather bluntly “Go away”

Sadie frowned at the man, "Excuse me?" she said. "I'm just being friendly, and trying to get you to join the party. Sorry for doing you a favor," she said. Poke poke she thought in her mind as she smirked at him again and tossed her dark hair back.

Delvok bowed his head in apology and said in his emotionless and monotone voice “I apologise If I gave the impression that I wanted to be here, participate in the party or actually cared what you were saying. You are absolutely right I should vacate this area immediately and leave, thank you kindly for your insight.” Half way during his words his attention was drawn away from the woman with the naturally shapely body and long legs and instead to the bar were Lorix seemed to be downing a number of drinks.

Sadie glanced at her drink, tempted to throw it at him. What a jerk! She was about to when her eyes caught the direction of it. Looking towards the bar, and a woman there. Oh, this was rich.... "What you're gonna let a woman chase you away?" she said turning on the charm a little more. "Jealous? Two can play at that game... and it will be more effective than being a cowardly jerk," she smirked.

Delvok downed the rest of his drink “Pardon me Ma’am” he said politely “but I think I may have missed something, perhaps on a cultural or intellectual level. But I have no idea what you are talking about. So with my sincerest apologies, I find I need to expedite myself from this situation.” He got up to go thinking that this was getting worse than a 21st-century office Christmas party.

Sadie stepped into his path, "Oh no no no my dear Vulcan." she laughed. "You have your eyes cast upon someone... Dr Lorix. It's so obvious... you want her attention... how about I help?" Sadie waggled her eyebrows.

Delvok raised one quizzical eyebrow “I do not believe that to be a wise or logical course of action Ma’am,” said Delvok without feeling in his voice and his eyes conveying Vulcan aloofness far too well.

"The names Sadie," she said with a laugh. "Why wouldn't it be wise? Clearly you want her. You might be Vulcan, but you're a man." she glanced him over. "Men of any race tend to be obvious... Shall I call for her to join us?" she grinned Poke poke pooooooooooke she sang in her mind.

"Urmmmmmmmmm," said Delvok thoughtfully "No. Goodbye," he said as he walked passed her and waved goodbye.

Sadie paused for a moment, before getting an evil grin. "Doctor LORIX! Over here!" she yelled before she started running through the sand and disappeared into the crowd.

Lorix heard her name and looked around. She thought it had come from the direction she had last seen Delvok in, but it had been a woman's voice. Curious, the doctor glanced around. She stopped drinking her latest 'mix' and reached for a snack with her free hand.

Delvok rolled his eyes mentally shook his head a little in disbelief and headed over to Lorix. He approached the bar and said, "Do you want to go somewhere quieter, and talk?"

Lorix' human half wanted to giggle, but her other half got serious when Delvok came close. There was something about him and the serious look on his face that made her feel like she'd been doing something wrong. That in itself was confusing too as he *always* had a serious look, even when he was happy but it must be a guilty conscience although all she had "done wrong" if it could be classed as such, was to drink too much.

She nodded agreement and followed him.

Paula stood on the beach as Davina stood next to her when she caught sight of a familiar face from her past, she thought~ no it couldn't be could it?~ She called out," Lisa Creed, is that you?"

Lieutenant JG Lisa creed wore a pale green bikini that she had been given by her one-time lover Paula, As she turned round to see who had called her, She found that she was in for a shock of her life.

"Paula," she squealed upon sight of her as she ran towards her, she continued," what the hell are you doing here?" as the two women embraced one another.

Davina looked skyward once more as she muttered," Oh god not again," as she understood her mother's sexuality as she continued," I can not take you anywhere without you kissing another woman,"

Paula turned to face Davina and said," Now Davina, this is my friend Lisa whom I haven't seen her since the Academy," as Lisa stood shocked to see her friend with a teenage Daughter.

"So Paula, Who is this teenager?" asked Lisa looking back at Davina, as she smiled at Davina, she knew that Paula had lost touch with her and things had changed a lot since they had last seen each other.

"This Lisa is my adoptive Daughter Davina," replied Paula looking at her old friend, as she wondered how Lisa was going to take this news, Davina came to stand next to her Mother and knew that her Mother wanted to pick up where they left off.

Davina replied,"Hi,"



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