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Tiki Torches Part Three

Posted on Sun Dec 20th, 2015 @ 6:17pm by Admiral Charles Grayson & Commander Mercia Kavi & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi] & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Lieutenant JG Paula Winchester & Lieutenant Lixor Nabohn & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & 1st Lieutenant Taylor Price

Mission: Mother Base


Lixor shrugged his shoulders as he watched the counselor and her wife walking off, "well, I guess we'll give you our orders."

He turned to M'Gann and offered a sheepish smile, "I guess there is a change in plans."

He turned back to the bartender and drew in a deep breath, "we would both like a drink and would like you to surprise us."

The man behind the bar smiled and nodded, "any idea what you think you might like?" He lifted twp silver shakers and set them on the bar and started to pour a clear liquid in one of them, "you sir don't look like someone who would be pleased with a fruity drink, am I correct?"

The blue man nodded and offered a faint smile, "you must have a talent for reading people?"

"A little," the brown haired bar tender replied, "comes with the job."

"And for you miss," the man mixing the drinks said pouring a blueish green liquid into her shaker, "you seem to have an adventurous side."

M'Gann chuckled, giving a nod. "Sounds about right... but make sure whatever mine is doesn't have strawberries, please."

The barkeep scooped up a bunch of red berries, "these are Betazoid Cherries,"he sated watching the blonde a moment as he dropped some more fruit from behind the bar, "and ripe blueberries." Picking up a lemon he squeezed in some juice then added some clear vodka to the container before he took it under the counter to mix it.

Bringing his concoction back to the top he selected a bloody merry style glass and poured about four centimeters of the now purple liquid into the glass then added more vodka and filled the container with the rest of the mix until only a few centimeters from the top before sliding a g glass skewer stick with cherries and large plump blueberries into the drink. Oddly as Lixor watched The colors separated as it dirk fizzed placing red liquid towards the top and a bluish liquid on the bottom with a streak of clear near the center. The man man added a straw and started to hand the drink to M'Gann.

Lixor saw what he was doing and intercepted it and placed the woman's hand on the cool glass surface so she would know where it was. "Looks rather interesting," he commented before turning back towards the bar tender.

"Your's won't be quite so fancy but I think you will like it better, " call it the 'rust nail." the man chuckled a little as he began pouring four different alcoholic drinks into the glass. The drink at fist seemed perfectly clear and then once he added a few ice cubes to the short round glass the drink became an shade of auburn."

"For you sir," he said with a nod, "I hope you like it."

The blue man took a sip and was quiet for a moment then turned towards M'gann, "i like mine how is your?"

M'Gann nodded her thanks to the man, and again to Lixor when she felt his hand guide hers to the glass. Lifting it, she took a sip. "It's amazing, thank you," she replied. She then leaned in a little closer to Lixor and asked, "can you describe what it looks like to me?"

"Sure," the man said with a smile, "there are three layers of color, and I will have to figure out how this works but the top is red from the cherries, there is a clear area in the middle and the bottom is a deep blue." Lixor tilted his head slight as he continued, "there is a glass rod that he put both cherries and blueberries on that rests against the side of the glass." He chuckled, "rather amazing but I think it may have to do with the effect on the alcohol on the two types of berries.
She nodded, intrigued. "Sounds like it's pretty cool. Tastes great, too."

"Shall we get something to eat," Lixor asked as he gazed on the blonde Bolian he had come to admire, "let's get some food and then I can find us a place to sit."

M'Gann gave him a smile. "Sounds good to me. Lead the way."

The blue man sat his glass down on the bar and then placed the woman's hand on his arm so she would know where he was. He picked the glass back up and began walking towards the food, "there barbecuing over here M'Gann anything in particular you would like?" He looked over at the woman and stopped taking in the aroma of grilling meat at it sizzled.

The blonde stood and followed him, then paused to sniff the air. Oh wow, it smelled amazing. "It all smells so good... what are you in the mood for?" she asked him. "Don't worry, I'll pick something next time," she added with a smile.

"I think I'll have one of those porterhouse steaks he cooking and some grilled mixed vegetables," he chuckled as he patted her hand gently, "and to think I was going to order something off the replicator."

M'Gann laughed. "That makes two of us!" Any chance to grab freshly made food was a good chance to take. Plus, it helped her stay down on the beach for a little longer.

Lixor placed his order for two of the steaks and placed his glass on one of the treys and then picked them both up, "ok beach babe let's find a place to sit." He chuckled, "sorry, couldn't resist."

The blonde rolled her eyes, feeling the shift in his arm as he picked stuff up. "If you weren't holding things right now I'd probably slug ya for that," she said with a smile. She then tilted her head, "can I take something? I have a spare hand."

The man laughed and turned his attention directly on M'Gann, "guess I'm lucky for for that."

He sat his trey don then guided her hand towards hers. Reclaiming his own he began scouring the beach for a good location for the two of them and smiled when he found one not too far away. "There are some seats still left, in the shade even." With that he began moving that direction being careful of obstacles along the way.

Julian spotted Taylor and walked up to him. Looking up at the bigger man, at his size most everyone was bigger, he said, "You do realize this is a beach party right?"

He lifted his eyebrow at Julian, he hadn't expected to see the Akadian again and yet in some small way he was actually happy to see him. "Yeah, well... I'm just impressed that I came." He said. "Parties and me.." He shook his head.

"Well I'm glad you did," Julian responded, "but you were supposed to reach out to me before this. What happened?"

Taylor glanced at him, he was. He'd failed to do that. "I'm sorry my assignment here's been a little taxing on my free time." He admitted. "How are you settling in?"

"Well enough for now thanks. You want to hang out together here?"

Taylor considered it for a moment or two, he didn't see anyone else coming to ask him to hang out. "Sure." He offered Julian a smile.

"Why don't you get yourself something to eat and we can sit over there." Julian said as he pointed towards the seat he had just vacated. "I'll go make sure no one gets our spot."

"I'm good," He said holding onto his drink. He started to walk towards the spot with Julian and took a seat with him.

Peregrine had finally given up on trying to be helpful and left the restocking of drinks to one of her staff. Able to relax and enjoy herself, she strolled around the party with a bottle of beer in her hand, sipping frequently to catch up. She happened upon Julian and Taylor, and raised her bottle in recognition and hello. "Yeoman. Lieutenant Price." She smiled at both of them. "One of you owes me dinner and the other one a drink, though I have to admit that, given the week I've had, I don't remember which one of you owes me what." She laughed to herself.

"Well, I owe you the dinner, if that helps," Julian offered, "so that must mean he owes you the drink. Since we are altogether now, "We could combine everything. You want me to go get you a plate?"

Taylor opened his mouth, almost positive that she owed him the drink, but he shook his head. "What's your poison, Lt?"

"That does help," she answered Julian, "but I'm good," she waived her bottle again in response to both of them. She looked at Julian, and then Taylor, and then back again. "Why do I feel like I just walked into the middle of something? Am I interrupting?" Peregrine silently kicked herself. She was always being so damned socially awkward.

"You're not interrupting," Julian claimed. "Taylor and I were just hanging out a little, but it's no big deal. It's a party after all. I mean everybody is supposed to be hanging out with everybody else right?"

Taylor nodded his head. "You know, Lt. You could probably actually be of help, why don't you point out to us whose here? Julian and I being the newest officers on board."

Julian nodded in agreement, "Taylor's right, I've only met a couple of people so far. It would be helpful to know who's who."

Peregrine felt like the two were not being completely honest, but she felt her pride in being Acting Ops Chief swell up and needed to show off her knowledge of the crew manifest. "Well, the old guy over there is the Admiral, Grayson. To his right, out by the edge, the pretty brunette is our nurse, Lieutenant Gwen Charmignon, and the blonde next to her is Commander Samsoe, CO of the Banting. Then, er... ah, yes, the Bolian with the Trill spots, that's Lieutenant Nabohn, from Sciences, near him are our counselor, Lizzy Caldera and her wife T'Madh. By now you know the Marine CO, Captain Delvok, and the Bajoran woman next to him is Lieutenant Halan, assistant chief engineer. And there's Paula Winchester, assistant chief security, and the teenager is her daughter, Davina..." It was clear that if someone didn't stop her, Peregrine would be listing off names all night.

"How long have you been on board, Lt?" He asked. "You seem to know everyone." Taylor asked

"Over a year. But I only know everyone because I'm in Operations and have to study the personnel roster all day," she explained.

Julian nodded, "so how much do those reports tell you about he personal?" he asked as nonchalantly as he could.

"As much as their former commanding officers want Starfleet to know," she shrugged. "Why, is there a deep dark secret that I should go back to your file and look for?" Peregrine asked with a raised eyebrow. The truth was that she would go back and review his file again, regardless of his response.

Taylor started to chuckle. "He's just worried you'll find about my phobias." Taylor offered quickly. "Terrified of a dozen things that could probably get me kicked out of the officers program." Taylor glanced at Julian.

"Things besides a penchant for disobeying orders you disapprove of?" Peregrine said in a joking tone.

Julian's face briefly, almost too quickly to notice, turned a pale green at her words. That was exactly why he was here and he really didn't want anyone to know that.

Taylor nodded in the direction of the Lt. "Oh I'm sure my fitrep is littered with questionable actions. I even got into a fist fight with a senior officer once." He teased. "There's a good reason they call me a black sheep."

At the words, Julian turned to Taylor, and before he could stop himself, "You too?" tumbled out of his mouth.

Taylor lifted an amused eyebrow in the Akadians direction. No, not really, but he was trying to take Peregrine's attention off Julian's files. Julian had told him about his history, he figured it wasn't something the man wanted everyone knowing.

Julian quickly managed to recover and now his face was an impassive mask.

Peregrine looked between the two again. "Riiiiight," she said, breaking the awkward silence. "I'm going to go get another drink now," she laughed, "because clearly I'm still much too sober to be part of this conversation. See you two around." She waved, still chuckling to herself, and walked off back toward the bar.

Taylor groaned. "I'm definitely not going to making many friends on this ship."

"Bring me back something, I'm not picky," he called after her.


Paula watched as her Daughter who now had finished what she had been doing and had now joined her mother,"Hi Mom, Anything happen whilst I was working?"

Paula replied," Not a lot Davina," as she watched the proceedings.

Julian hadn't been fully paying attention and when he saw Paula he said, "Looking for someone?"

"Well, I was just talking to my daughter," replied, Paula as she looked back at the male officer, She continued," and are you?" giving him a smile.

He returned her smile, his eyes twinkling, "just enjoying the party and trying to get acquainted with people. I'm new here. Julian Winterstorm, I'm the ship's new yeoman."

"Excuse me, ma'am." The Marine cut in softly, Taylor wasn't as social as Julian was, so he patted the man on the shoulder. "I think I'm gonna head back to my office and work. This.." He gestured. "Is a bit much for me."

"Are you sure Taylor?" Julian queried as he turned to look at the taller man.




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