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The Morning After

Posted on Sat Mar 19th, 2016 @ 10:28pm by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan]

Mission: Anarchy among us
Location: Memphis Island
Timeline: :: Backpost :: After First 'Date'


The gentle cawing of a bird just outside the window was enough to wake the big Andorian, he was about to move when the events of the last evening came rushing back to his memory and he realized the blonde science officer he'd spent the afternoon with still hadn't left. He wasn't complaining, she was warm, soft and felt incredible in his arms.

Khelev gently caressed the curve of her thigh and buttock as he was satisfied just to lay, listening to the birds, the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore and M'Gann's gentle breathing. He'd wait until she started to wake before getting up to get them both breakfast, for now he didn't want to disturb her.

A soft sigh escaped M'Gann as she awoke, slowly shifting to stretch. There was something warm beside her. She heard the gentle breath of the waves outside, along with the bird's call, and briefly wondered where she was. Khelev. Dinner last night. Oh. Slightly turning, she sleepily asked, "Khelev.. that you?"

"It is," Khelev replied gently, he continued to idly move his hand, tracing it over M'Gann's form. "You stayed the night last night. Worried I was someone else?"

"No, I was jus' making sure," she mumbled. Oh Rassilon, did last night really happen?? M'Gann told herself to shut up and enjoy this while it lasted before her brain chastised her. She wasn't exactly going with her family's traditions right now. "You're warm," she commented, giving him a small smile.

Khelev chuckled warmly, he reached up and brushed her hair out of his way before he leaned in and kissed her shoulder and neck, "So are you. I don't want to get up, but I'm getting hungry."

M'Gann chuckled, getting shivers at the touch of his lips on her neck. "Hmm, tough decision." Turning around to face him, she took a moment to find his cheek before planting a gentle kiss on his lips for a couple moments. When she was done, she pulled back a little and said, "breakfast does sound good, though."

"What if I want more M'Gann for breakfast?" Khelev asked her gently. "Than maybe some waffles, I've always loved waffles."

"Waffles sound delightful," she said, her smile faltering a bit. Now that she was more awake, so was her head, and more thoughts kept creeping into her mind and feeding the guilt that was settling in her stomach. The thought of going against her family's traditions made her want to crawl into a hole, and the longer she was with Khelev the more she was reminded of that.

Khelev noticed the change on her face and he reached up and gently touched her chin. He knew she couldn't see him so he leaned down and kissed her cheek softly. "What's the matter M'Gann?"

Knowing it was pointless to try and hide it, the blonde let the rest of her smile dissolve. She adjusted so that her hand was comfortably under her head, which helped in an attempt to casually cover up a little, and she bit her lip. "I'm sorry," she sighed, casting her eyes down as she were avoiding his gaze. "I'm angry at myself, I feel guilty. My family... we follow the tradition of arranged marriages. My husband has been chosen for me, but I don't want to be with him. I'm trying to avoid it for as long as I can."

M'Gann paused, considering her words. "A lot was on my mind last night, and my arrangement was one of them, but I feel like... like I used you to get back at my parents for picking someone to be with me. I do have feelings for you, Khelev, I really do." Turning onto her back, she draped an arm over her eyes and mumbled, "Rassilon, I feel terrible..."

"Used me?" Khelev laughed a big, warm laugh before he turned onto his side and moved his arm around her. He leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "M'Gann, if all we ever have is last night, you didn't use me. It was a wonderful night I'll never forget."

Turning her head back in his direction for the kiss, she blinked before a warm smile spread onto her lips. "I won't forget it either," she replied. It was somewhat comforting to hear it from him, which eased her guilt, but a hint of it lingered. Perhaps food would help. "Now, I do recall waffles being a part of the conversation..."

"Ah yes!" Khelev grinned, he kissed her again quickly before he got up out of bed and pulled on a t-shirt and shorts. "I'm going to make them from scratch. I've got a replicator but I'd rather fresh off the iron."

M'Gann sat up and found her way to the edge of the bed before using her toes to find the dress she had last night. Finding something, she reached down to pick it up and determine what it was. "Fresh is better," she commented. She put on the dress, pulling her hair out of the collar before standing and carefully walking in the direction of the clinking that she figured were cooking items. Lightly touching the counter, she added, "What can I help with?"

"Just sit around, look beautiful," Khelev replied with a soft chuckle. He'd already pulled out the waffle iron and started it warming up and was now gathering all the ingredients to make the waffles. "I like to cook breakfast the morning after, if that's ok."

The blonde gave a giggle in response. "Alright," she replied, finding a chair to sit in. "Compromise: I'm making it next time." M'Gann then caught herself and blushed, "I-I mean, if there is a next time. Or I can make dinner sometime..." at that, her cheeks grew a deeper shade of blue than before.

Khelev laughed, he paused for a second and walked over to M'Gann, giving her a gentle kiss before returning to his work. He was almost done with the batter. "Whatever happens, dinner and a next time sound great though."

As much as she tried to use her other senses to try and anticipate, the kiss still made her lightly flinch, making the blush linger. She could still feel its heat on her cheeks, even as he walked back to where he was cooking. "Great," she said with a smile. The light pattering sound of batter being manipulated by whatever Khelev was using to stir it reached her ears, and she could also pick out the faint hum of the iron and the occasional scrape of the stirrer against the bowl. "And don't worry, I will be safe while cooking," she added with a chuckle.

"Good, I would hate it if you hurt yourself M'Gann," Khelev chuckled softly. He poured batter into the waffle iron and closed it, the iron sizzling as it began cooking. "The only part of the evening where pain is acceptable is while we're having fun and that's only if you enjoy it."

M'Gann rolled her eyes playfully, subconsciously folding her arms. "I wouldn't purposely do that... besides, I've gotten my fair share of oil burns so that it doesn't bother me. And you should know that I am a klutz, getting hurt unintentionally is like routine for me! Honestly, I'm surprised I haven't run into more things!" She smiled at her joke, and a moment later the smell of cooking waffle batter reached her nose. "Smells good," she commented.

"That it does," Khelev replied, before he leaned back against the counter and fell quiet for a moment as he watched her. Everything was conflicted, he wasn't looking for a long term thing with M'Gann but he liked her and didn't want to hurt her. Before saying anything else, he pulled off the waffle that was cooking and put more batter on. "First one is up."

"Great," the blonde replied, letting a faint smile tug at her lips. She picked up on that moment of silence, and maybe it was just a lack of things to talk about, but without seeing his body language it was hard to tell. "So, after breakfast, do you have any plans for the day?"

"Nothing in particular, just more time walking the island and enjoying myself," Khelev replied with a shrug. "Why, are you looking to spend the day with me?"

The blonde pulled her hair to one side and began braiding it. "I wish I could, but I've got stuff to do on Gladiator," she sighed. "Catching up with Lieutenant Nabohn on reports, and updates and whatnot."

"That sounds awful," Khelev laughed. "I really hope you have some fun today."

"Maybe I'll read a book later," she joked. M'Gann then shrugged, "doing work has been calming lately. I did recently catch wind of an Animals for the Blind center on the island... I might go check it out. Exploring my options, you know what I mean."

"I understand," Khelev nodded. "You know how to reach me if you want company. Now eat up darlin', there are a lot of waffles and we need to get rid of them."

M'Gann felt the warmth of the freshly baked waffles near her hand and touched the plate, sliding it over. She gently ran her fingers over the table, finding a bottle. "Before I pour it all over my food, is this syrup?" she asked, chuckling at herself for asking as she held up the bottle.

"Yes, that's syrup. Just don't pour too much, it's maple and it's very sweet," Khelev cautioned her.

Giving a short nod, the blonde opened the bottle with her thumb before cautiously tilting the bottle. She felt the sticky liquid inside shift, and she made sure it was over her plate before tilting the bottle some more. Once she smelled the sweet syrup she counted for a second and a half before placing the bottle upright on the table. "I didn't drench my waffles in sugary syrup, did I?" She asked, giving a sheepish chuckle.

"No, it should be just enough," Khelev said, eyeing her plate for a second before he took the bottle and poured some syrup on his own waffles in perpetration to eat them.



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