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Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2016 @ 8:56am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Before leaving MI

Skimming through the latest entries that were in the Counselling records for Mercia, Lizzy closed down the files and tapped the desk, "Computer, please tell me the location of Commander Kavi."

The computer told her and Lizzy thanked it before getting up. She had found that Mercia was off duty and left the office, heading to a turbolift.

Arriving shortly later, it wasn't hard to really spot the executive officer across the room, and since she was alone, Lizzy grinned and headed over.

Lizzy had known Mercia for long enough to know that straight out wasn't likely to work, and that maybe trying to do soft gentle prodding could work better. So for this one, she decided that trying a page out of the book of Socrates might work - just without aiming for the forcible drinking of hemlock, but.. and no practical jokes, pranks, strawberry scents or plush toys.

When she was next to the table, Lizzy plopped herself down in a seat opposite and smiled, "Hi."

Mercia glanced up as the woman dropped in front of her, "Counselor..." she stated as she picked up her coffee and took a long drink. It was nice to sit here in the quieter officers lounge and look out the window at the planet below. So many changes recently, it was getting hard for Mercia to keep up. Maybe too hard, and that idea scared her. "How are you enjoying life Lizzy?" she asked reverting to a more personal tone as she looked over at her.

Lizzy grinned, "Doing good. How are you going? Noticed you earlier at the party, and you looked happy."

Mercia arched her brows, "Isn't that the point of parties?" she inquired.

"Yes. That is true. But I wasn't really meaning just about that single party."

She arched her brows and looked at Lizzy, "Oh really?" she smirked, "Just how so?" Mercia folded her arms. She wasn't going to give away too much, and she wasn't going to just let Lizzy have more information than she already had.

Lizzy smiled, "I'm wondering how you are going with relationships. You've been under lots of stress recently, and work hard. Getting enough? Its a good stress relief."

Mercia frowned and tipped her head, "Getting enough... Oh!" she blushed. "I don't think my sex life is any of your business counselor." she said. She thought back to what she knew of the last night she'd spent with a man. Kanoa, after the party. She bit her lower lip and blushed again. Stop it Mercia! she chided herself. you are NOT a blusher! Never have been!

Lizzy giggled with amusement when the executive officer blushed, "True, but I wanted to make sure you are okay and happy."

Mercia shrugged, "I'm alright I suppose. There are a lot of changes happening. From Cooper... Vanora, Khelev... David... every thing feels different." she said with total honesty. "Nothing is really what I expected." she sighed.

Lizz nodded, "Yes, but change is good. I think of it this way. Who wants to stick with vanilla when there is Rocky Road, Mint Chip, Sweet Corn Gelato and Wildberry Lavender. Oh and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang."

This made Mercia laugh. "I'm not complaining about the changes, just pointing out the fact it is a fact of my life. things always change." she said. "So did you just come here to harass me about my sex life?" she asked arching her brows, not certain if that was the counselors norm or not.

"No, I just wanted to check up on you in general. Things have changed and after that last mission, it did rattle me a bit & I suppose that I'm sort of throwing myself into work, especially with T'Madh's issues. Which others are looking after, okay?"

Mercia frowned a moment before she nodded, "Good. You can't do it all Caldera." she said. "How is the mental health of every one else on this god forsaken boat?" she asked.

"Same old, same old. Everyone who got dragged off by the cultists is dealing with it in their own way.."

"Any ways that give you concern?" Mercia asked flatly. "I need to know if it is going to hinder functionality."

"Nope, they are all going well. There have been a few cases of sleep issues with bad memories and nightmares, but otherwise, no serious problems.. Speaking of which, how are you going with holograms?"

Mercia rolled her eyes, "I hate holograms, do we have to talk about them?" she grumbled. "I have to use holodecks enough, why in the world do we have to talk about them?" she said.

Lizzy smiled, "That's wonderful news that you are using them at least.. Anything better then running away screaming is good, Mercia. It is okay to hate them and not want to talk about it. I have the same sort of thing with clothes actually, although not as extreme."

"Is that a fact?" she smirked. "You sure as hell have to keep your clothes on, me using holodecks is not a requirement, you keeping your knickers in place IS a requirement"

Lizzy mischievously grinned, "Yes, Mother. I know and was joking. Dated a Chameloid girl once - was rather unfair, but I do follow the regs..It isn't like I have lost my clothes on away missions or visited the bridge au natural."

"You didn't?" Mercia teased. "Make sure you never do." she said with a false stern voice.

"Aye aye."

A moment later, there was a zzzt sound and then Lizzy jumped, rubbing her arm where a small leather band was around her wrist.

"Ouchie. I have to go for an appointment, Commander. I need to turn down the zapper in my reminder band, but at least it works to jog my memory. I'll see you around."



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