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First Response

Posted on Sat Feb 6th, 2016 @ 8:19am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Anarchy among us


Mercia tapped the control of her tread mill in the gym. She jogged harder, it felt good after a long day to run for a little while. Maybe soon she'd go back to the holodecks... She glanced over, along the row and saw Lorix running along side. She looked forward again, she didn't really want to talk much to the doctor, however she didn't want to be unfriendly.

Lorix was absorbed by her own thoughts as she ran. She too was enjoying the release of a workout at the end of her shift. It was good to feel like the holo scenery that showed in front of the machines was a real place to run in. It would also be possible to replicate a run inside a holosuite with scenery around but it was safer to exercise with others or at least a 'trainer' near by just to get advice and to stay safe in case of injury. Not that there were usually any of those here Lorix thought, running faster as the 'scene' in front of her seemed to turn down hill making it 'feel' easier to stride out.

A clever incentive to the exercising participants to up their pace for a little while. In a while it would appear to rise again and the treadmills would be set to tilt up and imitate a climb. It all made the exercise more interesting.

Mercia wasn't a fan of the holo screen, although it was bothering her less now, and at least there were no holo people around. That would really bother her. She kept running, moving harder, with out noticing her laces had come untied, until one slapped the back of her leg. That was enough to distract her, she looked down, as the machine increased her incline, and suddenly she tumbled. The machine stopped in an instant, but she still hit it hard, and caught herself on one twisted hand, shooting pain through it. She let out a swear as she flipped over and sat up, as the pain radiated up and coursed through her. It could be broken. she scowled. Seeing medical and having medical scans was NOT what she needed right now.

Lorix noticed the other runner across the set fall. She couldn't miss it. She stopped her own machine and caught up her med kit, hurrying across. "Ouch... that looked painful. Are you alright?" she asked, taking out her medscanner in anticipation of taking a look. "May I look at the injury?" she inquired, knowing from experience how little the Commander liked medicals.

Mercia looked at the doctor untrustingly, the pain was too great to not need medical intervention. "Fine." she said through gritted teeth. She hissed as the pain increased, this was not going to go well. She couldn't even tell if she could move her fingers, but she couldn't look at her hand either, she was afraid of what she would see.

Lorix inflated a support pillow in a soft 'greatex' cover and placed it beneath Mercia's lower arm allowing it to lay without weight on it cushioned on air.

She then ran a portable med-scanner across it and winced at what she saw. Taking a vial of pain-killer out of her ever handy Medical Kit she looked up into Mercia's face and asked before loading it into a hypospray. "Are you allergic to.....or do you object to.... having some pain-relief?"

Mercia shook her head, "No In fact I'd rather have some, because this hurts like hell." she growled with a grouchy tone. She never did well with pain. She could take a lot, but it made her kind of mean.

"Good because people who try to go without it, do tend to tense against the pain itself and it makes already damaged or strained ligaments or muscles tighten up even more." she elaborated as she lock-loaded the vial ready for use and shot the dose into Mercia's neck at the appropriate spot for quick relief.

Then she turned her attention back to the injury itself and the medscanner's results.

"I tend to not let pain stop me." Mercia grumbled, "Just hurry up will you? I don't need to be seen with an injured hand in the gym, people look down on me enough." she snapped. She hated medical and she hated being hurt.

Lorix worked carefully and made a good job of her treatment nonetheless. "I don't understand why you think 'people' here look down on you?" she said as she worked.

Mercia looked up at her, "Aint that a question for a counselor to ask?" she asked. She gritted her teeth, "No one wants to see someone in in leadership crying like a baby in the gym." she snipped.

"You're not even looking upset, let alone crying!" Lorix replied, still perplexed. "Showing that you can hurt yourself but yet cope with it and carry on is showing strength and resolution. It shows character and that's one of the first things people look for in a Leader, isn't it?"

She looked at her the pain killers were helping, but she was still grouchy and just looking for any reason she could come up with, "Yeah I guess. So how bad is it?" she demanded. "When will I have full function back?"

"When I finish this regeneration, I will need to take a second go over in 24 hrs, until you should rest it but after the second treatment you will be good to go again." Lorix explained.

"Great... That dosen't sound like fun. I was planning on going to the range later, I'm not going to be able shoot very well." she grumbled. Needing a distraction she sighed heavily, "So how are you liking your job here?" she asked.

"I like it very much. The work is standard from a medical point of view but it's always about the people and I really like the crew here." Lorix replied, still working away on the injury as she progressed with the layering of the regeneration.

Mercia sighed again. "I suppose that is a good thing. You and I haven't met much, maybe I should stop by sickbay more. I just hate doctors, no offence. I've been poked and proded enough... I've been hurt by them." she said.

"Hurt physically? Or hurt emotionally?" Lorix wondered aloud absently but then checked herself.

"Oh..... I'm sorry.... that was an inappropriate question. I withdraw it. I didn't mean to ask it out loud, just a wandering thought in my head." she apologised.

Mercia watched the woman for a moment but did not volenteer the information. She didn't care to. She sighed heavily though in responce. "So how have things been in your department?" she demanded trying to change the subject.

"Tense but we're getting sorted." Lorix replied honestly, accepting the change of subject without further fuss.

Mercia arched her brows, "Tense? What is tense. I haven't seen any reports of people being at odds with each other and I have been reviewing recent reports extensively. Why don't you tell me what's going on?" Mercia demanded.

"Nothing is going on. It's just some uncertainty." Lorix replied and finished up her work on the XO's arm.

"We're all going to find out sooner or later exactly where we stand and then it'll all pass by as if it were nothing, I'm sure" Lorix was uncertain as to whether she wanted to have this conversation given the tone of Mercia's demands.

She packed away her med-kit.

"I'll see you in the morning for the second regeneration session. Take care of that work, I don't want to have to do it all again." she smiled at her own little joke. The Regeneration would hold against most things. "But do be a but sensible with it anyway. You might find there are deep bruises which will work their way to the surface in due course. If they are painful, let me know and I'll regenerate those as well."

Straightening up and settling her top, Lorix gave her work one last look over and then added a layer of elastisplint before finally discharging her patient.

Mercia grumbled and got up, deciding her time at the gym today was done. Maybe she should go find Kanoa and seek diversion for a little while.




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