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Mission: Homecoming (Reborn)
Location: Memphis Island
Timeline: Slight Backpost


Zera was in the gym, focused on the wooden dummy that he had been practicing on for the past hour. His hand movements, albeit quick, were slower than normal, as if his mind were occupied and he was just going with the motions. It was true, he was slower. His mind was trying to gather up the courage to suck it up and go talk to someone. And following the events of the Gladiator's demise, he had a lot on his mind. Setting his jaw, his hands moved faster, following the speed of his thoughts. The numerous deaths on that ship weighed heavily on them all, even though nobody was really to blame but the enemy.

His hand whacked the arm of the dummy in the wrong place, which made the Bajoran wince and stop as pain shot up his arm. Taking a step back, he gently rubbed his hand as his blue eyes glared at the simple piece of wood that waited for him. Deciding it was time for a break, he moved to a nearby bench, reaching for his water bottle as he took a seat.

Coming off shift, Keira had noted that there was a few hours before Kra'awa would be finishin the excursion for her class. She knew that with the exercises today, the others would want to just chill, but Keira was a bit too wired. So she headed back to her quarters and changed into some light off-duty exercise gear.

Making her way to the gym, she entered inside and took a look around, spotting that it was pretty quiet except for a Bajoran man off to one side. Smiling, she headed over to him, "Hello, my name's Keira and I don't think we have met. I'm part of the Marines and Medical."

The Bajoran looked up at the voice, recognizing the woman from the mission to Hemlock's planet. "Oh we've met, it was just under circumstance where proper introductions could have been dangerous. Zera, if you must know, I was an Intelligence field officer on the Gladiator." Taking another swig of water, he added under his breath, "that is, before she got blown to pieces..." He was smitten by that day, and despite protests from some of his colleagues he transferred to Memphis Island. He was helping security more than doing what he was trained to do, but it didn't bother him all that much.

Seeing that she was still standing there, he added, "it's kind of Counselor Johnson to send someone to talk to me or check up or whatever, but you can tell her that I'm just fine." It was a blatant lie, and he knew it, but he didn't want to talk about it, about the battle. "Hell, I even got me a loving relationship with a good aged bottle at the bar. And you can tell her I said that, too."

Keira blinked and then realised, "Oh crap. I'm sorry, its been so long since then for me and so much has changed. That mission got me thinking and I switched over to the Marines. Then I got stuck back in the past for six years. I've got a daughter now."

At his last comments, Keira grinned, "Nah, no one sent me, and I've always found that there are much better things for relationships other then bottles. Come on, how about we do some sparring?"

The Bajoran paused to look her over and, seeing that she was telling the truth, gave a heavy sigh. "I've been stuck for twenty. Sure, I'll humor you with a match." With that, he stood and walked over to the matted area, leaving his water bottle on the bench. As he adjusted the wraps on his hands he added, "anything goes, whoever taps out first loses. Safeword?"

Keira smiled, "Okay, but that's not good.."

Grinning mischieviously, she nodded, "Sure, and why, Lieutenant, I didn't think you had it in you to know that. I know someone who went with 'restraining order'. I normally go down on Sausages. Any do it for you?"

"Sausages is fine," the Bajoran bitterly replied. Once he saw out of the corner of his eye that they were both on the mat, he stopped before spinning, using his momentum to aim a roundhouse at her with speed.

Keira's naturally quick reflexes due to a lifetime of yoga, parkour and gymnastics caused her to react fast enough, and she side-stepped to the side & in close to him, took a good hold of his shirt and used his own spinning momentum & her hip to provide a safe pivot point that caused him to throw himself to the ground gently.

Looking down, she smiled, "Are you okay? My mum taught me to be respectful of my elders."

Zera grunted when his body slammed into the ground, laying on the ground for a moment as he caught the breath that was knocked out of him. How did he not see that coming? Perhaps he was more sidetracked than he had thought. "Oh yeah," the Bajoran replied with a little smirk of his own. He then caught her feet between his legs and twisted himself around, hopefully making her lose her balance long enough for him to recover.

When Keira felt his legs shifting and hitting hers, she quickly leaned back and let herself drop so her hands hit the mat, deliberately shifting her weight so she could shift one leg out past his ankle and out to balance as she twisted her body. Continuing her twisting, she let his motion knocking her remaining foot out and away. In that pose, she deliberately overbalanced herself down and dropped, landing on her feet before springing forwards towards him.

Seeing that his attempt to make her lose her balance didn't work, Zera decided a retreat would be best. When she lunged at him he rolled sideways before landing on one knee, the other leg extended for balance and one hand lightly touching the mat. He then rocked backwards so that he'd be on both feet and he stood, his hands up about chest height as he waited for her next move.

Keira continued her spring into a ball out of the the ring and then up before racing towards the wall. At the right time, she kicked off the wall to do a parkour turn and coming to a halt. Without any hesistation, she pulled her shirt up most of the way, showing there was nothing underneath, and sprang forwards again.

The Bajoran raised an eyebrow at the rather... unorthodox technique that she just did, and tensed when she moved towards him. When she was close enough he suddenly moved toward her, his arm stretching out and the last moment to catch her in the chest. The second he felt contact he brought a foot behind hers and then rotated using his core to drop her hard onto the mat.

"You alright? My mother had told me to pick on people my own age," he asked, a hint of a smirk playing across his lips.

Keira let her body relax as she realized what he was doing and didn't fight it. As she felt herself shifting, she didn't hear little tear and landing on the mat, Keira looked up at him and smiled, "Well, actually, I reckon I'm probably half that."

Rolling away, Keira came up onto her feet and then realised that she had managed to leave her sports bra behind. Shrugging as she got into a fighting stance, Keira grinned, "Bring it on, Grandpa."

The Bajoran noticed the sports bra lying on the fround beween them and replied with amusement, "I wasn't aware this was strip sparring... if I had known that I would've worn cuter boxers." As he spoke he returned to his fighting stance, and when he was done he lunged forward, sending a series of attacks her way.

Catching his lunge, she shifted to the side and blocked his attacks with her arms as she rolled to the side.

Keira grinned, "Hadn't planned it, but I can put it on if you want. Doesn't matter to me though."

The Bajoran tsked at her while following her steps. "You really think that your enemy will pause a fight just to let you put your undergarments back on?" As he stepped parallel to her, he kept the distance between them so he could keep an ongoing attack.

Keira smiled, "Yeah, but I thought I should offer anyway. Honestly, doesn't bother me."

With that, Keira sprang forwards to close the distance seeing he was doing an attack and shouldered into him. Even though he had size on his side, Keira just used other techniques by shifting in with her foot between his and hooking it behind with a pull. She really didn't care if it would bring her down too, and planned to just work it out after the landing to the matts.

Zera felt his weight shift and knew he was going to fall, so did the best he could to control it so he didn't get himself hurt. His back hit the mat, and he felt the weight of Keira on top of him. "That makes two of us," he replied.

Keira laughed and went for his shoulder to apply a pressure point.

He watched her with amusement for a moment before wiggling enough to make his shoulder a harder target to hit. "You're not so bad at this... where'd you train?" He asked conversationally. As he spoke he kept himself focused on her attacks to make sure he didn't get pinned.

Keira shrugged as she tried to get the upper hand, "Bit of everywhere. A lot from my Gunny, Jorgan Bartan, at Marine Academy, and tried to out marine Marines. Then in the Mirror Universe as a slave for Klingons. You're not bad either and doing well holding your own. You're a slippery one."

The Bajoran then gave her a smirk before twisting his legs around hers. In the next instant he had them flipped over so she was underneath him, her legs and hips stuck under his weight. "I grew up with Cardassians, I think that implies enough. That and my training at SFI."

Keira let out a yelp of surprise as she found herself rolling suddenly, and then found she was underneath in a position that she knew she wouldn't be able to get free from.

"Yeah, that would do it."

From underneath, she wriggled and did a test to see if she might be able to, but in this hold like this, Keira knew there was no way that she could get free with her weaker muscles thanks to being brought up on Luna and her choice to specialize more in using agility & cunning. And it was just making her feel hotter.

"Okay, so you definitely have me. I concede defeat."

The Bajoran kept her pinned down for a moment longer before releasing her and rising to his feet. He reached down and offered her a hand up, "Mirror Universe, huh? Can't say I've ever been... But then again, few have actually gone there."

Keira smiled and took his hand, pulling herself up. "Yeah, I was aboard a transport that got sucked into a rift, and we ended up there. Some nasty Klingons overpowered us. It was pretty hard, but I've got a beautiful daughter that came out of it. And I would still do the same things and go through it to have Kra'awa. Even if she does drive me up the wall at times."

Grabbing her top and her towel, she wiped her face and took a sip from the water bottle she had brought, "Ever thought of a family?"

"No." The response was abruptly short, and the male Bajoran didn't have anything else to say on the matter as he moved to the bench where his own water bottle was waiting and took a swig. "You seem like you are confident in raising your own, however."

Keira noted the quickness of the comment and decided to let it go. When he told her about confidence, she couldn't help laughing, "Oh yeah right.. I had to go visit the Chief of Security because my juvenile delinquent daughter kneed a boy in the family jewels after he called her a buttercup. I'm so far out of my depth and she really has had a mixed up childhood in between Klingons and time-travelling."

Zera merely nodded his response, taking his towel and wiping his brow before draping it over the bench. Taking one last drink of his water, he stood and stretched his arms a little. "Ready to go again?"

Keira nodded and slipped her top back on better, tying it tighter, "Sure."


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