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Posted on Wed Dec 16th, 2015 @ 2:29pm by Lieutenant JG Jacob "Jay" Jordan & Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Sickbay


It had been a quiet day in Sickbay, which Gwen was thankful for after her hectic week. She was just tidying up around sickbay, singing softly as she cleaned every tool and put it in its place. She was so absorbed in her work and song that she almost didn't notice when the door swooshed open and someone walked in.

"What's that one called?" came the young baritone voice of the man that had just entered. He sat back, his hands casually half in his pocket as he looked on. His smile was subtle but present as he examined her. He always had such a calm way about him, the type of presence that quietly drew the room toward him, commanding attention without action.

Gwen jumped, turning to face the man. Her face was already red as she replied, "Oh, it's called Come What May, from Moulin Rouge, a twenty-first century musical." Then added, nervously, "How long have been here?"

"Long enough to hear your beautiful voice." he said with a deeper smile. His eyes moved over her in a way that suggested he was sizing her up. It wasn't aggressive, nor did it suggest any intent, but it was mildly flirtatious. His gaze moved back to her eyes with a personal confidence that could be easily felt. "I'm Jay Jordan." he said, extending his right hand casually. "Nice to meet you."

Gwen didn't miss his gaze or comment on her voice, but decided to ignore them. "Geneviève Charmignon," she shook his hand, "So what can I help you with?"

"I just arrived, and I've been told I don't have a choice but to come down here and get a checkup." he said, looking around the room. After a few seconds, he turned to her again. "Is there any way you can help me with that?"

This managed to solicit a small smile from Gwen as she replied, "Of course, follow me." She led him over to a biobed and patted it, saying, "Hop on up, I'll go grab a tricorder and a paDD."

He lifted himself up onto the bed as he had been ordered with a clearing of his throat. He watched her as she walked to get the items she had just told him she'd need. Once she was back, he looked at her with a smile. "You're a doctor." he said with a nod. "You must enjoy torturing people like me."

Gwen shook her head and replied, "I try to keep it as painless as possible," as she swept the tricorder around his head, down the neck, across the chest, down the torso, and then back up. "So have you had any recent illnesses? Any medical conditions I should know about?"

He shook his head but didn't give a verbal response on the subject. He was, as he tended to be, more interested in the person he was talking with. "How long you been aboard?"

Gwen thought for a moment, before she replied, "I lost count after the first couple of months. I'd say at least 6, probably more." She typed some data from her tricorder into her paDD and asked, "And you're feeling well today?" She didn't mind the idle chit-chat, but she also needed to do his evaluation.

"Yeah, I'm just fine." he said. "Adjusting to a move is a little difficult, but nothing I can't handle."

Gwen gave him a small smile and said, "Imagine the transition with two five-year-olds," as she folded up the tricorder and added a few more notes on the paDD.

"You've got kids?" he asked with a small grin. He was particularly curious about her, but was respectful of her seemingly reserved nature.

Gwen nodded, "Twins, Gustave and Gracie." She was tempted to ask him about his own family, but she found that to be a sensitive subject for most people.

"That sounds like a handful." he said with a nod. He had no children, but envisioned himself one day finding the right woman and settling down. He thought it was nice that she had a family.

"Sometimes, but it's nothing that suspended dessert privileges can't solve," Gwen joked, shrugging her shoulders.

"And I thought you said you weren't interested in torture.." he said with a chuckle, his calm charm radiating. He focused on her as she did her work, taking in her features with reserved interest.

She chuckled and smiled, shaking her head. She wasn't good at small talk, but she made her best attempt, asking, "So, do you miss your old assignment?"

"Little ship in the middle of nowhere?" he asked with interest. "Nah. I'm pretty glad to be here. Had a few friends back there, but I won't have a problem making more."

Gwen nodded, "I don't doubt it." then added, "Well, I've run out of tests to run on you, but if you ever feel under the weather, you know who to call."

"I do." he said, lowering himself off the bed and standing before his new acquaintance. "Thank you for the checkup, Gwen."

"Of course," She replied, craning her neck to meet his gaze as she stuck out her hand for him to shake. "It was a pleasure meeting you."

"And you." he said, shaking the soft hand again. After a few seconds, he released it and gave her a charming smile, then turned to walk away.

"See you around," She added to his retreating back. When the door closed behind him, she picked up her song where she'd left off, but this time she was smiling as she worked.


Lieutenant JG Jay Jordan
Chief Operations Officer


Lieutenant JG Geneviève Charmignon
Nurse, USS Gladiator


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