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Advanced Starship Operations, Part 1

Posted on Mon Mar 31st, 2014 @ 10:07am by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele & Cadet Senior Grade Taylor Randella & Ensign Charity Prince

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Holodeck 2


Lieutenant Stele. That's how she thought of herself right now as she prepared the holodeck program for today's lesson with the cadets. She had shown new crew the ropes before, when she was on her own freighter, but she had never been a teacher in a formal setting like this one. How to teach cadets was not a course in Officer Training School, and since she hadn't been through the Academy, she wasn't even able to mimic the style of the professors there. She would just have to make due, and right now making due was about remembering that, no matter what else, she was an officer who was very good at her job. "Computer, activate cadet training program Samsoe Stele Alpha One," she told the room, and instantly the holodeck transformed into a starship bridge.

Early... that is how Cadet Logan Hawkins was trained and willing. Being assigned to the Gladiator wasn't his place, but would have to do. It was his career and Noone elses... not even his so called father. So his actiins were his own and noone elses.

The hanger doors to the holodeck opened and in walked Logan to notice that the it was the command center of the Gladiator. He sighed a little before coming to a stop and stood at parade rest... feet shoulder length apart and hands resting over his lower back. He stood there for the others as he tried to keep his eyes of the attractive Lieutenant before him... they weren't off duty... yet.

"Cadet..." Vanora looked down at the roster on her PADD. "Hawkins?" She narrowed her eyes at him. "Any relation?"

His teeth started to grind before he spoke, "Sir, I can not help you with that question." That's all he would say, but knew that it would not be something that he didn't want to even try to explain.

Can't help or won't, Vanora wondered, but the cadets weren't here for her to interrogate them, so she let it slide. "Alright, Cadet, as you wish."

Chap entered the holodeck in plenty of time- she liked being early- and found one other cadet already there. He was cute, too, she thought as she surreptitiously checked him out. "Cadet Prince reporting for training, sir," she announced.

"Welcome, cadet," Vanora replied. "If you'll stand over by Mr. Hawkins, we'll begin in a moment when the others arrive."

"Gladly," muttered Chap to herself as she went to stand beside this Hawkins. "Wotcher," she said to him, a half grin tugging at one corner of her mouth.

Hawkins looked at the new cadet for a moment and sighed as he continued to scan the holographic bridge.

This only made Chap grin harder. Hard to catch. She liked that.

Taylor walked into the Holo deck. only to find herself on the bridge. looks like they were in for fun day. Grinning she noticed chap already there standing next to a cadet she had never met before.

"Cadet Randella Reporting" she said the the Lt.

"Randella," Vanora nodded. "A Security cadet. Excellent. Try not to get into a fight with Cadet Hawkins," she smirked. It was well-known that Marines and Starfleet Security had something of a rivalry and could sometimes get into turf wars. "If you'll stand over by Hawkins and Prince, we're just waiting on one more."

"aye sir." taylor head to stand next to Chap. tucking her hands behind her back she leaned sideways. "hey chap."

A slight looking, dark-haired human boy entered last. He looked particularly young, as if he had wandered out of the Academy from a first-year class and only accidentally ended up on the ship. His forehead was all scrunched up as he stared at a PADD while muttering something to himself. He only looked up when Vanora finally cleared her throat. "Ah!" he exclaimed, both out of his perpetual embarrassment, as well as upon recognizing Vanora. "Lieutenant Vanora Samsoe Stele," he recited her name as if giving a book report. "I was hoping I'd get to meet you. I'm Mago!"

Vanora raised an eyebrow at him.

"I mean, ahem, Cadet Mago Barca, reporting for duty, sir!" he squeaked.

"At ease, Cadet Barca. Stand with the others, if you will. Now that we have everyone here, this is your first lesson in Advanced Starship Operations. Each and every one of you will eventually be given the privilege of taking an active shift aboard the Bridge, without constant supervision. But only," she noted, "after you've been appropriately certified. Now," she said as she walked over to the Command station. "Every Starfleet vessel has a slightly different bridge, but they all have four core stations in common. Who can tell me what the four stations are?" It was a softball, but Vanora wanted to make sure they knew the basics before she let them get to the more interesting work.

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant, but I am a marine cadet, when will I ever be on the bridge?" Logan questioned still not completely sure why he had to be there. This was irritating and at the same time, confusing. He wanted a gun in his hands and a target to practice against.

Vanora gave Logan a reproachful look. "Apology not accepted, Cadet Hawkins. If you don't know the answer to the question that was asked, please hold your existential questions until I ask if there are any questions. Anyone else want to inform me what the four core bridge stations are, or should I just send you all home and mark you as unprepared for today's lesson?"

The marine cadet glared at her for a moment before raising hos hand. The sooner they got done with these lessons, the better. "Sir, the stations you are requesting are command, tactical, helm and Engineering."

"Good, Mr. Hawkins. Almost correct; the fourth is Operations. The engineers will be in Engineering, or wherever else the ship is falling apart. But I appreciate the effort." She looked at the four cadets. "I want each of you to tell me which station you would feel most comfortable manning, if there was an emergency situation and all officers were incapacitated."

"Helm, of course, sir," said Chap, feeling it was a rather silly question as she was in Flight Control school. It would be like asking a Ferengi if they'd rather sell something at a profit or a loss.

"Tactical I guess," Logan replied as he shrugged not knowing any better. He was a fighter so why wouldn't he chose that?

"Operations...?" Mago said, more like a question, as he looked around. He also thought it was a rather silly question.

"I'm trained for tactical, but i'm willing to learn any station." Taylor said

Vanora smiled after they all replied. "Alright then. Prince, you're on Tactical. Hawkins, Ops. Barca, Helm. I'll have the XO's seat, but I'm giving you all ultimate responsibility over the systems under your station. Please take your seats, and we'll begin."

Chap grinned. She'd known that was coming. The only trouble was that Tactical was her weakest area. Oh, well, she'd just have to do her best. She headed over to the Tactical station and began examining the console, trying to memorize it as quickly as possible.

Once all the cadets were seated at their stations, Vanora began speaking again. "It's an easy enough thing to learn your specialty, whether that be as a Marine rifleman or a flight navigator. After all, that's what you've been training for, and that's what you'll be doing, 99% of your career. To answer Cadet Hawkins's earlier question of why he's here, however, and the implied question of why all of you are here: there's going to be 1% of the time when your preparation as a well-rounded officer will determine whether or not the ship you're on implodes in space, or whether you live another day to continue doing what you were trained to do. You'll all be expected to be certified to operate each of the four main Bridge stations before your time on the Gladiator is finished. Computer," she intoned, "start program."

"Lt? What station do you want me on?" taylor didn't want to just stand there looking stupid.

Vanora smiled. "Ah, sorry Cadet Randella. There's only one station left, of course. You have Command," she motioned to the Captain's chair. "Everyone else, you'll be taking your commands from Randella."

Chap grinned. "Orders, sir?" she asked Randella. Secretly, she was pleased. Even if her roommates were a bit dull, she liked them and was glad to see one of them had the chance to play command.

crap, taylor thought to herself. she always got nervous when put in charge of anything. she usually had this nagging feeling that she would screw it up at any moment.well you had to face your fears some how. signing she walked to the captains chair. taking a seat she scanned the room. "ok, do a scanned of the area. lets see where we are and what we are dealing with."

Vanora nodded at Taylor's command as she walked between the stations observing the cadets. It was always a good place to start.

"Sir, three warbirds decloaking directly ahead!" announced Chap.

"Crap!" Mago exclaimed, as he tried to remember the helm controls from his basic flight control class at the Academy. "Uh..." he said without much confidence as he tried to bring the ship up hard to avoid crashing into one of the Warbirds

Chap rolled her eyes. All stop wasn't a hard command, really. There was a button for it, for crying out loud! She very nearly shouted the information at Mago, but held her tongue.

The ship shook hard as the Gladiator's shields bounced off of the Warbird's. Mago looked at Vanora anxiously. "What do I do, sir?"

"Don't ask me; ask your CO," she pointed to Taylor.

"helm, back us away to a save distant."Clenching her fist Taylor snapped out of the frowziness she had been in when she saw the ships. "Hail them. let's make sure no offence was taken"

"Aye, sir," Mago said as he awkwardly brought the ship about, "breaking away at half impulse. I think this is half impulse..." He avoided Charity's gaze as he continued to do his best not to embarrass himself too badly.

"Hailing," announced Chap. "No response. They're not doin' anythin' either, though. No weapons powering up, nor shields. They're just sittin' there."

"Scratch that," Cadet Hawkins called out as he read the Ops station. "Power fluctuation on the outer vehicles which are targeting the lead ship. The lead ship's capacitors are starting to reach maximum."

The pair of Romulan Warbird that Hawkins identified shot a barrage of disruptor blasts at the lead Warbird, which now appeared not be a "lead" ship in formation, but rather a ship fleeing the other two. Some of the blasts appeared to penetrate the shields and some explosions could be seen on the ship.

Taylor pursed her lips, unsure of what to do. "Hail the ships again, and scan for life signs on the fleeing one. I want to know why they are attacking the other one."



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