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Princess and Cupcake

Posted on Wed Dec 30th, 2015 @ 7:15am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Colonel Jonathon Hayter [Hawkins]
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Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]

The turbolift doors slid open and introduced Hawkins to the bridge of the Resolute. The technicians had completed their checks of all the systems and were at their respected homes. She was truly a beauty of a ship and with her new hall configurations and internal dampeners, he couldn't think of a better place to have this meeting he had been called for.

As he stepped out onto the bridge, he saw his Task Group Marine Commander sitting in the center chair eating an apple in his marine BDU uniform. Before him was the Trill that had called him. Tayla, the Chief Security officer of Memphis Island, he personally chosen for the position, looked up at him. Her chin raised in respect, along with her stance. "So, you called us, Commander. What do you have for us?" David asked as he stood in his civilian attire he wore at the tiki party.

Tayla looked at Hayter, scowling again. She wasn't a huge fan of the man, before she looked at the Commodore. "We returned from Limro 4 just now sir." she said. "There is a large COIL movement just as Intel has suspected, after joining several rally we managed to meet up with man by the name of Hemlock, he runs the chapter there. He was very interested bringing in recruits with their own ships. I believe if we impress him we will be able to get deeper in to the organization." she said. "Of course the Colonel here almost shot the man, which did not really help our case." she scowled she did not like it when things did not go her way.

This just made Hayter shrug as he continued to chew his bite. David sighed internally before continuing on. "What impression did you get on this Hemlock character?"

"Other than the fact he's smart, he's also dangerous. He truly has the seeds of real hate in him, and I could see it." She produced a data chip, "I left a bug behind after meeting with him. He's is gathering his group to attack a research facility on Marik, in the Benzix system. You of course, know a quite a bit about them, considering some of the tech for the Phantom Project came from there. You can hear the hate in his voice, and the blood lust. He wants to kill people who do not agree with him, people who promote and help holographic technology." she said, offering the audio recording data chip.

The commodore took the data chip and played with it between his fingers before he looked at her again. "How long before he launches the attack?"

"We got two weeks... But we can't clear that place with out losing the lead, and joining them might get us deeper... I'm not sure what to do with out loss of life. Hayter... you want to tell the commodore you're... wonderful... suggestion?" she said with sarcasm.

"Well, we do have this pretty little ship," Hayter shrugged as he took another bite of his apple with one hand while he continued to play with a throwing knife in the other hand. "Go undetected, pick up the settlement. Then send Gladiator and then send in the calvary once they drop out of warp. Capture them and interrogate them."

"Then we lose the connection into COIL at the same time," David countered pandering the information.

"They have the damn holographic technology. How hard would it be to cause a false life signs?" John questioned.

Tayla sighed, "He's on the right track though.. however... We need the lead. We need to crew this boat undercover, and join Hemlock. In the mean time, covertly, we need another ship to clear the settlement, but we'll have to be careful. They do have eyes on the ground." she said. "I think we need to sacrifice the structure and whatever research we can't get out of there in time. Save the lives and keep the lead." Tayla said.

"Hemlock doesn't need to know about this ship. This ship is out of the question. You get to him and keep your covers. We will crew this ship and head that way to get those people out of there. Gladiator will come in as the attack starts. That way, while they are distracted, the Resolute can stay in stealth mod and get the rest out of there. Thoughts?" Hawkins asked as he looked at the two.

"We'd get more attention from COIL if we are our own... power?" she said. "If its just me and Hothead over here we're just two people throwing our lot in with them. We show up with friends and a ship to join the fight... we'd get access to higher class people, more information that only ship captains would be privy to." Tayla suggested. "If we infiltrate on our own, it will take longer, but its doable." she sighed. It was her job to present all viable options and let the Commodore choose from there.

"Giving them something to look into. I don't want to risk more life so easily," he countered. "Get me a meeting with this man."

"With Hemlock? Sure. And what do I tell him to make him give you the time of day?" she asked. "He's going to what to know what value you present. We will also need to ensure that you have a falsified back ground and a new face. They dug in to me pretty far." she said, grateful for her undercover identity.

"Commander," David snapped as he glared at her. "I chose you for this mission because you were well respected by Captain Cooper under his watch. I worked with that man for several missions before you even got out of the academy. I know what is needed on my part, but make it happen. If you can't, I'll replace you."

The sound of a throat being cleared was heard and the two officers standing looked over at John who was waving his apple slowly in the air. He looked at Hawkins and the silent communication between the two made Hawkins sigh as he looked at the Commander. "Look, I am sorry. You have only read reports of what COIL did and are doing. I have watched as my hard work turned on people. We had holograms that tortured, killed, and even raped people under my command. These bastards need to be taken down."

Tayla narrowed her eyes, "Sir I have read the reports and I agree COIL needs to be taken down. But if you have ever done undercover work you would know that I need to present Hemlock with a valid reason for him to meet with you. He has to have motivation, which means you have to have something for me to offer him. And our reasoning must match," she said tightly. "Other wise he will shoot you in a heart a beat, and if ensuring we are telling Hemlock the same story to preserve your life is going to have my position threatened then I suggest you DO replace me." she said, her sense of justice flaring. If there was one piece of her symbiont that transferred over and tended to go in to the extreme it was her sense of justice. "We will not be able to work well together, SIR, otherwise." she said with pride in her voice

"I already fed Hemlock with the information already," John said before biting down on his apple.

"And you wander why I sent hot head," David stated without a beat or looking away from her. "Keep your pride at bay, Commander. I assure you, I don't plan on anyone dying while I am in charge. Now, do I need to give my order a second time?"

"No sir." Tayla said. She narrowed her eyes at the pair. They wanted her to guess if Hemlock questioned her. That was dangerous, and she did not like that in the least. It was potential to get them killed. "I will inform you of when Hemlock wishes to meet." she said before she pressed her lips together.

"And you," the commodore turned to look at the marine. "What the hell was that? She was your partner while under cover!"

"We weren't together most the time. I had to make my own impression on him, what did you expect?" John countered.

"I expect you to keep her informed. You aren't the only one under this roof that are risking their lives. So shape up or get the hell out. I chose you both because you are both very well skilled in infiltrations. You both need to be able to trust each other, not play the freaking guessing game," David demanded as irritation and anger became his ally while he dealt with the subordinate.

"Understood, sir," Hayter sollowed as he looked up at the man and nodded.

A satisfied smirk crossed Taylas face. "To that effect Hayter, I think you and I need a follow up meeting before I contact Hemlock." she said feeling a little smug about having the Commodore back her up in her frustration of hayter not being at team player. He'd forced her to hang back, or else they would contradict each other because the marine had left her so uninformed. "How quickly can you be prepared to leave. The planet is four days away." she asked Hawkins.

"Give us a 24 to 48 hours. We will head that way then. But I want you guys here as little as possible," Hawkins replied as he started for the turbolift. "Anything else?"

"No sir." Tayla said stiffly. Once the Commodore left she turned to Hayter. "You ready to be a part of this team now or are you still wanting to play the cards close to your chest and put our lives at risk?" she demanded of him.

He simply just took another bite from the apple before looking at her. He chewed the apple and stood up for the turbolift. "Let's go, princess. We got to head back out."

"Don't call me princess." she grumbled. She really wished for another partner. Hayter was good in a fight, and he was rogue in nature. Maybe that is why Hawkins wanted him on this project, but honestly he wasn't doing Tayla any favors, and she was starting to worry that he'd get her killed or he'd abandon her by the end of it all. She headed for lift as well, complying any way, considering he was right about that. They needed to be seen as little as possible around here. "So you going to fill me in or not cupcake?" she asked sarcastically.

"Cupcake... That sounds good about now," He grinned as the turbolift doors slid shut.

As the lift started to move, any crew standing in the halls would be easily able to hear the sound of a very frustrated female scream.



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