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Another Chance Meeting

Posted on Wed Feb 24th, 2016 @ 7:04am by Lieutenant JG Jacob "Jay" Jordan & Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Beach
Timeline: Backpost

Julian had been on his new ship for just over a week, and so many things had happened to him during that time. But aside from his time at the party, he'd not been to the beach. But that Saturday morning he'd decided to change all that. So after watching the sun rise, getting himself ready for the day and a quick breakfast of fruit he put on a pair of teal swimming trunks, a white tee shirt. Then he grabbed a towel and his surfboard.

He'd spent a couple of hours surfing and now was laying on a towel on his back, shirtless, his eyes closed, drinking in the sun.

It never took Jay long to find friends, particularly those of the opposite gender. He had managed to spark a game of beach volleyball with three other woman. They'd played formally for a while, but eventually just started talking and tossing the beach ball back and forth in a circle. The were very attractive and he couldn't think of anything he would rather be doing.

They had been doing tossing the ball back and forth for only a few minutes when it was thrown a bit too hard by one of the women and Jay started into a run as fast as he could to catch it. He leaped into the air and caught it in a impressive display that aroused clapping and cheers from the women, but he hadn't realized he had knocked a heap of sand on a nearby man laying on a towel in the process.

Julian's eyes flew open as sand was shot onto his face and onto his chest. An Akadian curse came out of his mouth and he sat up abruptly. He saw a man standing beside him, with a huge grin on his face holding a volleyball.

Brushing the sand from his face, he stood to his feet, losing some of his aggressiveness in the process. It didn't really appear to have been a purposeful attack. It helped of course that the man was good looking and that there were a group of even more attractive women that were staring at him.

Shrugging his shoulders he said, "Seriously, don't you have eyes?"

Jay looked over at the source of the voice , the smile still on his face. He pulled himself up to his full height, his physical fitness suddenly becoming more obvious. "I don't know, man. Take a look at me. What do you think?" he observed the man's body language with the same distant and confident smile. "We got a problem?"

Julian looked at the much larger man with an undecided look. He was impressed, though not intimidated. He certainly was not inclined to back down, but the man was smiling at hi, so more than likely it was accidental.

He eyed Jay up and down and moving said, "I don't know if we have a problem or not," he said, "Did you do it on purpose?"

Jay furrowed his brow, putting his hands on his hips. "Did I do what on purpose?" he asked, genuinely confused and relaxing now that he could tell the man meant no trouble.

"You kicked sand in my face, my eyes really, but uh, I can see you were a bit distracted."

"Oh." Jay said, suddenly seeming surprised. "I'm sorry about that, man!" he said, putting his hands together for a moment before he looked over at the ladies, standing near enough to hear them. "And yeah...there pretty distracting alright."

Julian shrugged, he almost said, "you're distracting too, " but thought better of that comment. Instead he said, "you need another player?"

Jay licked his lips casually and smiled, putting his hands in the pockets of the cargo shorts he wore. "We're just standing in a circle and tossing the ball back and forth, but you can join if you want."

Julian looked at him intently,trying to gauge the seriousness of his sincerity. "I don't mean to interfere, but if you're really okay with it, I wouldn't mind."

"Of course you're not interfering." Jay said, crossing the distance between them and guiding his new acquaintance along with the ladies back to the place where they had been bouncing the ball. "I'm Jay, by the way."

'"Julian," the Akadian said, not quite smirking and allowing himself to be moved along, "nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Julian." Jay said. When they arrived at their destination, Jay spoke again. "Laddies, this is Julian. He's going to be joining us if that's okay?"

It was less a question than an obviously made decision, but the women smiled and nodded and then began to introduce themselves. Once they were finished, Jay through the ball to Julian. "You wanna start?" he asked.

"Sure thing," the other man responded, his competitiveness, giving him the ability to keep himself focused on the game and not on the eye candy in front of him. He moved slightly into a better position and tossed the ball into the air.

Jay watched as one of the women reached up and knocked the ball back into the air and another one moved into its path. He spoke without taking his eye off the ball. "You Starfleet, Julian?" he asked.

"Yeah, "Julian replied taking a step back and hitting the ball up in the air when it was his turn, "Captain's yeoman, what about you?"

Jay gave a seemingly impressed nod as he launched the ball in the air himself. "The new Chief of Operations." he said simply. "Just transferred and trying to get some R&R between the intense study sessions."

Julian watched as one of the attractive females had to dive to keep the ball from hitting the sand. "Study sessions?" he asked.

"I've got to know Gladiator bow to stern, just about." Jay answered. "It's not exactly easy to do in such a short amount of time."

Julian nodded slightly. "But isn't one ship just about like any other?" he asked, "I mean as long as they are in the same class?"

Jay bounced the ball with a jump as he responded to the question. "Not really. Each ship has its quirks, curves, and edges that are unique...and that's on top of the class information that could fill several volumes of technical manuals. It's not an easy job."

"I'll take your word for it," Julian replied, "I am a man of many talents, but I'm in no way an engineer."

"Just because I know how a ship is supposed to work, doesn't mean I know how to fix it." Jay said with a grin as he watched the laddies pass the ball back and forth. "I leave that to a more hands-on type of officer. The engineering department has that sort of thing under control."

"Well, I'll take your word for that, like I said I'm not the most technical type. So where'd you pick up the ladies?"

"We're civilians assigned to the base." came the voice of one of the women. "Our dad is starting up a restaurant and we came with him to help."

Jay looked over at Julian and a grin. "Sisters." was all he said, though the look on his face indicated more than was contained in the words he'd spoken.

Julian returned the smile. Sisters? You sly dog you. "

Jay let out a chuckle. "That's what they call me.."



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