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Posted on Sat Mar 19th, 2016 @ 1:07am by Lieutenant JG Jacob "Jay" Jordan
Edited on on Sat Mar 19th, 2016 @ 1:09am

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Chief Operations Officer's Office
Timeline: Backpost (Memphis Island)


Peregrine had known this day was coming. When she'd received her promotion it had come with the clarity that her role as Acting Chief was temporary, and that Vanora had put in a personnel request for a more more experienced replacement. Still, she hadn't been expecting the job to be filled so soon, and Peregrine had to admit that she was a little disappointed that she was losing the gig so soon after having started.

She waited for her new superior in what had been Vanora's office, then hers, and which would now again be someone else's.

Jay walked down the corridor, a big black bag over his shoulder. He had spent the morning taking his first jog around the ship and had even indulged in a small self-led tool. He'd spent a lot of time pouring over the specs and schematics, trying to learn every inch of the beast that was Gladiator, but he knew that it would be a marathon and not a sprint that would bring him the mastery he sought. Now he was scheduled to meet his assistant department head and officially move into his office, something he knew was temporarily hers until now.

He stepped through the doors of the operations center with confidence, immediately taking note of the many faces roaming around the room, sitting behind desks, or looking over charts, plots, and graphs. He smiled, amazed at the size of the place compared to his last posting. Without speaking to anyone, he quickly headed to the Chief's office near the back of the room and walked through the doors without indication.

As the doors closed behind him, he noticed a shorter Asian woman standing on the other side of the room. His expression toward her didn't indicate immediate acknowledgement as he turned to look around the room quickly and then headed to the sitting area and put down his heavy bag.

"Hello.." he said passively, as he laid the bag down, clearly more interested in the room than in her for the time being. That would undoubtedly soon change, he was definitely a people person-particularly those of the female variety.

"Sir," Peregrine greeted Jay as he entered, standing at attention. "Lieutenant Peregrine Wong. Welcome to the Gladiator." At least the new boss was easy on the eyes, she thought to herself. Though to be fair, Vanora had been as well.

"Thanks." he said, turning his gaze to her and offering a charming smile. "Lieutenant Jay Jordan; nice to meet you, Peregrine." he came in close enough to offer a handshake. He was calm, easygoing, and confident, and his colon was distinctive and very pleasant.

The woman smiled as she shook his hand. "You're younger than I thought you would be." And more attractive as well, she thought to herself.

Jay's smile widened as he gently squeezed her hand. After a few seconds, he released it and allowed his hands to slip slightly into his pockets again. "How young did you expect me to be?"

Peregrine shrugged. "Commander Stele's got a decade on me. I was thinking somewhere closer to the midpoint. Anyway, I'm you're Assistant Chief, like you probably already know, at least until you decide someone else is better for the job."

Jay let out a chuckle at that comment. He hardly suspected he would have to do that. "Oh, come on. You deserve more credit than that." he said, giving an encouraging expression. "You've been running this whole department for a little while, haven't you?"

"Two months," she admitted sheepishly, "although 'running' is generous. I've been doing my best to keep as many things from falling apart as I could. Plus, we've been in orbit for the last month, so really I was only Acting during an active mission for a month."

"Well, now there's two of us." he said, giving a subtle and friendly fist-bump like gesture toward her before he put the hand back in his pocket and leaned against the desk. "We should be able to figure it out, yeah?"

Peregrine didn't know what to do with the fist bump, but smiled with some relief. "Yeah. I guess we should. I feel like I've been juggling torches or swords or something. There's that," she said, pointing to a precariously situated stack of PADDs on Jay's desk. "And then there's that," she motioned to the outer offices, which were still rather chaotic as the Operations staff scrambled to finish the final onboarding of gear and non-replicable supplies before the Gladiator shipped off for its next mission.

"Have you had any problems I should know about recently with them?" Jay asked, also looking at the yellow-uniforms scurrying around outside the door.

"Yeah," she sighed. "There's too few of them and they don't appear to be multiplying on their own. Maybe we should call Science about starting a cloning program." She smiled again. "The truth is probably that I'm not ready yet to keep a department this size in line and running smoothly. I know I did what needed to be done, but I'm glad you're here now. They're a good group, just... young. Not necessarily age-wise, but they can get flustered. Or maybe me being flustered makes them flustered." She stopped herself, realizing that she was babbling.

"Well, we'll get better day by day." he said in a reassuring tone, walking behind the desk and running his hands over its surface for the first time. "Did you have any questions or concerns for me?"

Peregrine laughed. "Sorry, I'm just used to being the one who asks that question. My main concern is just getting everything done, and my question is how we're going to get through all these PADDs..." She laughed again, though nervously this time.

"One at a time." he said to her with a charming wink as he lowered himself down into the chair. "Now....where should we start?"


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