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Posted on Wed Jan 27th, 2016 @ 4:48pm by Staff Sergeant Patrick Shark

Mission: Mother Base

Finally getting himself aboard the ship, Arkyn did what any good Intel person would do, he went to meet up with his Divo. After getting himself a little more composed, the brown haired man rang the chime of the officer, let out a quick sigh, and straightened his uniform, all at one time.

Zera sat, feet up on the desk, looking over the reports when the chime rang. "Enter," he said, keeping his attention on the computer before him.

Arkyn entered in, noticed the Bajoran Male with his feet on the desk and propped up to attention. "Sir, Chief Arkyn Mikra repartin' in," he said in his thick Irish accent.

Giving a solid tap on the computer, his work minimized before he turned his attention up to the man before him. "At ease, no need for formalities in here," he stated, giving his hand a wave. Dropping his feet, he added, "get yourself something to drink if you like and take a seat."

Aryn nodded and took a seat. "Thank ye fer tha offer but I 'ad a drink 'fore I got 'ere."

The Bajoran nodded and got himself a water before leaning back in his chair. "So, Mr. Mikra, tell me about yourself. I already know your position, but tell me how you got there. As much as you'd like." Leyar figured he should get to know his people, and even though he knew quite a bit of them there were still some he didn't know very well.

He looked curiously, not fully knowing how to respond to the question. It wasn't often someone asked about him personally that they didn't already know in a file, and it was even less coming from an intel person. He thought for a moment and kind of shrugged. "Grew up tha ruffian, ended up joinin StarFleet an I guess I was good at sneakin round. Next thing I know, I'm being swooped up by Intel to be an infiltration person, an I've been 'ere ever since. I like takin tha 'ard missions that no one else wants an I just go for it."

"You like the hard missions, huh?" Zera repeated. "Well then, I hope you didn't unpack too much 'cause you got one. You ever heard of C.O.I.L.?"

Arkyn nodded slightly. "Tha Strat Ops head jes read me in a little. Sounds like I'm gonna be 'avin some fun."

The Bajoran gave a brief smile at that. "We'll be departing in about 36 hours, and we'll need to be on board by then. We'll be using the Resolute, a ship more suited for what we're going to do. We'll get more information when we get to the full briefing. How much did Miss Stele catch you up on?"

"Oh jest that they be tha new big bad scary thing in tha verse who be 'ellbent on domination an death." He chuckled at himself noticing how nonchalantly he said it. It's obvious he's been in this game too long. "Sound about right?"

Zera raised his eyebrows at the man's nonchalance. He then bobbed his head from side to side as he mulled over what Arkyn said. "Yeah, sounds about right. How long you been doing stuff like this? You're certainly not new to it, that's for sure."

"E'er since I got outta StarFleet. I was swooped up by Intel at tha start," he said simply. "Jest 'ave a knack fer gettin information that is needed. From different means, or any means needed."

The Bajoran nodded in response. "Sounds like you certainly have a knack for your work. And you've already been briefed by Strat Ops..." he mulled for a moment. "Bring any civilian gear, along with any personal weapons. Hawkins wants the whole crew in civvies so on the off chance one of us gets caught, we can't be traced back to any Starfleet affiliation. We're going in to gather more information on C.O.I.L, and a couple of the crew who are going to be on the Resolute have made contact with someone affiliated with the organization. Hopefully this mission will help us discover where the rest of the C.O.I.L cell leaders are hiding." Zera crossed his hands. "So, you got any questions for me?"

Arkyn thought for a moment. "Nigh, I don think I've got any questions. Love a good mission in civvies an slightly off tha book. Actually, I think I may 'ave one question. Do ye 'ave any idea what they gonna be wantin me ta do?"

"I don't, but hopefully we'll find that out when we get there," he replied. "Likely help gather information that we can use."

Arkyn nodded. He stood up and nodded. "Thank ye. I look forward ta workin wit ye." He saluted, and then turned and stepped off. He figured it was time to go get his stuff in order. He figured unpacking was going to be a not so smart idea.


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