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Deeper connections

Posted on Wed Dec 30th, 2015 @ 8:01am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Mother Base

"Begin personal log." Mercia said as she put her elbow on the desk and let her fingers rest in her hair. "Well the last few weeks have been crazy, just as I've said, and it seems its not changing. Last night I took Kanoa to Davids party." she giggled.

"Well... First I stepped for drinks at his place, and we almost never left his room. The man is hot, and his manor of speech... Every girl wants poetry huh?" she chuckled. "We flirted like crazy... Khelev hates hims though, the two almost came to blows." she shrugged.

"But we had a great night, call me crazy but I think there may be something to this. I know... Noah left like six months ago, and it devastated me. Then I was really in to David... flirting and we almost got something going but that was rebound. desperation. Yes Lizzy, if you ever hear this be proud I finally confessed it was a desperation for acceptance and a rebound." Mercia laughed and rolled her eyes. She sipped at the coffee she had sitting on the desk next to her. "Sure the night was really about physical passion, but... thats how I really used to be before Noah, I'd go with any man if I thought he could make me feel good for a night." she toyed with the mug.

"I think I've grown though. I've learned quite a bit about Kanoa's culture, as i've said before." she sighed. "The crazy thing is, as much as I identify with Vanoras culture, I also identify with Kanoas. I see the torment and struggle in his eyes. I see he is just like me in the fact he really had no childhood... He was a fighter from the start, a survivor. Peace was not his until he was powerful enough to make it his, and he ran away to find it, much like myself." she sighed.

"He dosen't seem to realise or value his own power... damn maybe I have grown up, because now I'm talking like Lyla and Lizzy, seeing deeper in to men, seeing value and progress." she laughed, "Whats happened to me?" she grinned.

"Not to say that I wasn't all bout the pleasures as well. Moon lit ocean... after a fantastic party. We really connected, and when that got a little too deep we went back to the things we're both good at..." she sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Reeeeaaaaaallllly Good at." she grinned. Mercia took a moment to relive it, with a little grin on her face.

"He's great. Hits all the right markers for me... physically and mentally. Call me crazy, because I know I am... but I would really like to see where this goes. I can't explain the connection I felt. Plus Vanora and Khelev aren't a fan which makes it even more fun."

Mercia sipped her coffee, "Well I need to get some work done today, if I could stop thinking about Kanoa." she grinned. "Then I'm headed down to MI to check out the market that is starting to take shape. Should be fun." she said before she logged off.


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