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Flu-like Symptoms

Posted on Sun Apr 6th, 2014 @ 12:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele
Edited on on Sun Apr 6th, 2014 @ 12:31pm

Mission: Photons Everywhere Part 2
Location: Sickbay


Mago was sweating profusely when he entered Sickbay. More accurately, when he swayed and stumbled his way into Sickbay. He was not in the best shape at the moment, and felt as if he was going to fall over when he finally made it to a biobed and propped himself up on his forearms. "I think I might be sick," he said to no one in particular as he stared down at the bed.

"Oi, get yer arse in tha bed 'fore ye pass out on me," he said quickly coming from the office.

"Hey... I mean, Sir," Mago babbled as he fell forward onto the bed and awkwardly crawled himself onto it. "I know you. You're Doctor Connor McMannis. The virologist! It's a pleasure to meet yaaa..." The cadet had excitedly tried to sit up again to greet Connor, but quickly fell back down onto the bed with a light thud. "Ouch."

"Dun sit up," Connor said. He grabbed his tricorder and went over to the man. "'ow tha 'ell ye know who I be?" he said scanning the cadet.

Mago would have been blushing, except he was already quite red and flushed as it was. "Ah, well, you're relatively new to Starfleet, I know it might be surprising that you already have fans, but Skee... one of my buddies at the Academy, he's in Medical, and he told me about how you saved those three planets from those epidemics. So, I, uh, well... some of us made a card." The explanation seemed to drain the cadet of whatever energy he had left.

"Didn't think I 'ad any fans," he mumbled to himself. He started scanning Mago with the biobed controls as well as the tricorder. "Diaphoretic, temp not bad at 37.2, 'eart rate slightly tachy at 112." He stared for a moment then looked at Mago. "Ye be vomitting, 'ave diarrhea?"

"Yes and yes, on both ends," Mago admitted, trying to cover his embarrassment with the bad pun. "Um, but I guess I ran out of... stuff to expel, I haven't done either for over an hour now."

Connor nodded as he stared at the vitals and his medical tricorder. He nodded as he grabbed a quick small syringe and went back over to Mago. "Ye ain't got issues wit needles eh? I need ta draw blood real quick."

"Needles? What needles?" Mago was blathering at this point, and it was unclear whether he knew what was happening. "Heya Doctor McMannis, will you autograph my card?" he mumbled as he pulled out a stack of his Starfleet Officers' Trading Cards and began shuffling through them, looking for the right one. He pulled out one with an image of a very stern looking Klingon who bore no resemblance at all to Connor, and tried to hand it to him.

Connor grabbed all of the cards and tossed them on a desk close to them. "Stop fidgeting lad," he said slightly more sternly this time. "Jest lay there." Connor drew the blood he needed and put it in a quick vial, which was placed in his tricorder. He waited for a moment as he stared at the results. "Well mate, I dun think ye got tha flu. I actualy think ye got whats called gastroenteritis." He walked over to his desk and grabbed a hypo with a few different injections. "Most people think they got tha flu wit this but it aint. In other words, it's a stomach bug. An yes, it causes eerything ye be currently dealing with."

"Gastronomical what?" Mago tried open his eyes wide. "Am I going to die?"

Connor laughed slightly as he injected the first Hypo into the next. "Not unless ye want ta. Tha first thing I just 'it ye wit is antinausea. Tha next is gonna be fer tha fever an tha last is gon be fer the bug. The third will take full effect in bout 2 'ours but ye need to be off duty fer tha rest o' tha night. Ya need ta sleep tha rest o' this off." He hit Mago with the second then third hypo sprays. "Tha nausea should go way in bout 30 seconds an tha fever in bout 2 minutes."

Less than a minute passed, and with it went Mago's nausea. Soon after that, the fever receded, and the sweating with it. He was able to sit upright. "I'm alive!" he shouted out, and then, looking sheepish as he realized where he was, smiled at Connor. "Thank you, sir! I won't ever forget how you saved my life."

Connor stared at the man for a moment. "Uh, ok," he said curiously. "Jest make sure ta rest taday an not report for duty until tomorrow."



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