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Poking around

Posted on Wed Jan 20th, 2016 @ 8:50am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Officers Lounge


Dinner time. It came every evening, Mercia had to eat. She considered staying alone, but that was just bothering her. She wasn't used to being alone so much. She closed her eyes as her mind shifted from scene to scene, no, she was honestly rarely alone, so much so being alone bothered her now. Settling in at the table in the officers lounge she did her best concentrate on her food.

"You really can't tell the difference between the replicated stuff and the kitchen-made variety, no matter how hard you look. Believe me: I wasted too much time as a child convinced that I could," Vanora said as she walked up from behind Mercia. She placed her own tray down on the table and sat across from the XO. "May I?"

Mercia glanced up and saw Vanora sitting there. "Food is food in my experience." she said. She sighed picking at it. "You're already sitting so I guess, why not?" she said. "I didn't expect to see you here... seeing as you have a new job." Mercia said finally looking up at the woman.

"Mercia." Vanora sighed. "I understand that you're upset, but I'm not vanishing into thin air. Neither is Khelev, or David. We all still have quarters and offices on the Gladiator. Sure, sometimes we'll need to do work on other ships in the Task Group, or to coordinate from Memphis Island, but we aren't abandoning you. You get that, right?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "Would it matter if you all were?" she asked. "I have to grow up and stand on my own two feet some day." she muttered. "And didn't you just get back from abandoning all of us?" she asked raising her eye brows, and yet her face remained rather neutral.

Vanora became visibly upset. "Yes. I just got back from abandoning all of you. I thought we were past this. Besides," she said leaning back in her seat, "no one is leaving you. We're all still here. I know I've been busy the last few weeks, and I'm sorry. I miss you, I miss talking with you. Tell me about Kanoa," she attempted to change the topic. "How is that going?"

Mercia shrugged, "It's going. We kind of got some good connections going. He's good in bed. Not a fan of you or your people." she commented, playing details closer to the chest. "I think he likes me." she chuckled.

"I'm glad," Vanora said with some relief that the conversation was back on track. She was used to Mercia being completely open with her, so the reserved demeanor was unfamiliar, but understandable given that they were still rebuilding trust. "You deserve some happiness, after everything that you've been through. Regardless of how he feels about me or Elasians. Honestly, you know that I can't blame him for it. I don't need him to be my friend, I just need him to behave himself and be good to you."

"Well if you want him to behave I think you'll be sorely disappointed. We barely made it out of his room for the party the other night." Mercia chuckled. She bit her lower lip, details were so fuzzy sometimes and it was causing her issues. But she knew that Vanora was her best friend, so she needed to use that pull. "What should I know about his people?"

Vanora raised an eyebrow and looked slightly concerned. "It's only been a couple of months. You don't remember that conversation we had? The one right before you took me to see him that first time, right before..." She stopped. It definitely wasn't her intention to keep bringing up the fact that she'd attacked Mercia in order to run off on her own. "It's probably better if we don't dwell on all of that." The sentiment was genuine, but selfish as well; it was painful enough to think of Tang and home without thinking too about the occupation of New Elas.

Mercia swore internally, "Its a little different when I was looking at him as a prisoner, and looking at him as a potential lover." she snipped. "If you don't want to help me learn more about him, fine." she grumbled before she shoved a few bites of food in her mouth.

Something about the way that Mercia was eating felt off-putting to Vanora, but she filed the concern away for a later time. "If I can help, I will, but remember, I left home when I was 16, and a lot has happened since then, including the defeat of the KDM. LCARS probably is more helpful than I am, if you're looking for specific details. Also, like you said, he hates me, so I'm not sure you'll want to take relationship advice from me," she said, trying to make light of the situation. "What do you want to know, besides the fact that Molai are big, resilient, and proud to a fault?"

Mercia sighed, it wasn't helpful really. "Those parts I knew... but I don't see much of an issue with them though." she laughed. "I don't know. I just wanted to know if I could know things that might surprise him, a tradition or holiday... some cultural thing I can do." she shrugged. "Thought it would be nice."

Vanora stared out the viewport thoughtfully, before looking back suddenly at Mercia. "Ah! There is one thing that I remember. Driftwood. You should get him some driftwood," she smiled.

"Driftwood?" Mercia frowned, "Who the hell would want drift wood?" she asked, "Thats that water soaked for hundreds of years wood right? so its all smooth and what not?" she asked.

The Elasian resisted the impulse to make another face. Mercia had always been fiery and blunt, but she was acting even more volatile than usual. Actually, more than Vanora had ever seen before. "The Molai use it for carving. It's one of their traditional art forms, wood carving. I've seen some pretty amazing pieces. And when I was on Kanoa's ship, I noticed that he had some of his own carvings. I assume they were his, and not anything he'd brought with him from New Elas."

"Hmm... Interesting. Maybe I'll have to see if I can dig some up next time we're on MI. I doubt that replicated driftwood would mean any thing to the man." she commented. "I assumed he would be more interested in weaponry and that the artistic stuff was just in the weird way he talks, but I suppose that's not his fault, but the UTs." she sighed. "I never really thought to ask what kind of art he liked. Driftwood hmm..." she said losing herself in thought.

"I don't know him personally. Maybe he is into weaponry. As part of the KDM I'm sure he became proficient with a lot of them. Maybe you should get him onto the holodeck. Speaking of which, it's been a while since you and I have had any holodeck time together..." Vanora suggested.

She glanced up and looked at Vanora. "I'd like that. I mean, I'm not a fan of holodecks, but I've not been on one in a really long time." she said before she leaned back in her chair watching Vanora. The woman didn't see very open to her, was that because of the whole Elias thing that recently happened or because Vanora knew something?

This time Vanora managed not to make a face and give away her thoughts. Something was wrong with Mercia, she was convinced of it. The Mercia she knew didn't sound like this, and besides, Vanora's understanding was that Mercia had been working on her trauma and was beginning to conquer her fear of holodecks. More than that, there was just something off, something that had changed since the two of them had made up over revenge sucker punches and booze. If she was in trouble, Vanora was determined to help her. "It doesn't have to be the holodeck, if you're not ready yet. We could get some training in on the planet; I'm sure I can whip up something challenging using training drones."

"That sounds more like it." Mercia said. "I'd rather avoid holodecks if I can." she said. Mercia finished the last of her meal and stood up, "Shall we?" she said before she began to saunter away. Things were going well, and it was such a relief.

"I'll find you a bit later, Mercia. There are some things I need to take care of before we launch."

Mercia frowned, "Alright..." she said feeling a bit odd about it. "Catch up with you soon." she said before she sauntered off.


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