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A rush

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2016 @ 9:03pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Mother Base
Location: XO's Quarters/Memphis Island
Timeline: BACKPOST


Mercia was rearranging a shelf. She didn't like it. Changing things around was never a good idea, but she just couldn't help it. It was bugging her. She pushed the hair back from her face and let out a breath as she looked at her handiwork. It still bugged her. Maybe it was the picture frame images of Molly and Mercia, stills taken from a video. Memories rose in her as she looked at the pictures and with memories came pain. She licked her lips and turned the picture frame off, leaving it blank. She stepped back and sighed, "That's a little better." she said gently. Her chime went off a moment later. She glanced down at herself, she was clad in a pink halter top and exercise shorts, good for just relaxing alone. "Crap." she said. Frowning she turned to face the door. "Come in?" she said hesitantly.

Kanoa entered with a bottle of ale and a bouquet of wildflowers from the island. "The world does await your beauty with breathless anticipation..." he began to say as the door opened, though he cut himself off as he saw Mercia. The Molai looked her up and down, a slightly concerned look upon his face. "Perchance I have erred in some manner; your attire speaks not of one prepared for adventures beyond the boundaries of either bed or gymnasium."

Mercia's eyes went wide, seeing the man step in to her room and question her attire. She started to swear in her head as a slight panic rose inside. "Oh um... Was that today?" she asked. She rubbed her hands together, "I.. Uh... I've been so busy getting the ship ready to launch I mixed up my days." She looked him over and bit her lower lip feeling rather awkward. After that expressive personal log she knew how she was feeling new things with this man. Her eyes roaved over him another time, taking him in.

The man raised an eyebrow. "It has been every evening this week past, has it not?"

She flinched, "Oh Um. I should get dressed.. Sorry." she said. "What plans did we have for this outing? So i can dress properly?" Damn it Mercia why did you put this on the calendar?? she growled inwardly.

"Are you feeling unwell?" Kanoa asked. "Your thoughts float about with some distress."

She laughed dismissively and waved her hand, "Nah. I've just been busy. The command crew of this boat just shifted and changed and duties have been changing. I got overwhelmed and forgot." she shrugged. "I was still looking forward to this date, just thought I was in a different day." she shrugged as she turned and headed for her bedroom to change. Hopefully she'd recovered that well, she was crossing her fingers.

As Mercia went to change, Kanoa went to the kitchen and found a vase for the flowers. After he'd gotten them into water, he poured a pair of drinks, bringing one to Mercia in the bedroom. "No being orbiting this star deserves respite more than thee," he said as he handed her the glass, keeping the other for himself.

"Are you saying that I need a break more than any one else?" She asked as she held her removed shirt against herself. She took the glass and sipped at it before she turned around again and grabbed the blue simple maxi dress she had pulled out of the closet. It had some white trimming to give it some shape, but it was simple and even she thought it was a little cute. "Because if that's the case... You have no idea how true it is."

"Indeed, I know not the burden you carry in your office," he nodded. "I therefore propose this: distraction. Let us go, you and I, to follow mischief without direction."

Mercia downed the drink. She was going to need a few more, that was for sure. Internally she winced, but this was the path, this was the track. As little deviation was possible. She offered Kanoa a smile, "No direction huh?" she asked after taking a deep breath, "Sounds like an interesting time. Are we headed to the surface or going to a holodeck?" she asked him.

"The... surface. As planned. Are you certain you are well, Mercia? There is no shame in requiring respite from the world, and I will endeavor to assist in your recovery should you require it."

She smoothed the dress as she looked at him, "No... No Kanoa it's fine." she said. "I'd like to go to the surface, too long on the ship makes me stir crazy and we're about to leave on mission." she said as she touched her hand to his chest. She leaned down, her hand in place as she wiggled her feet in to some sandles.

He took her hand and kissed it. "Then to the surface we go, to escape this cabin fever," he smiled. When she was ready, he led her out and down the corridor toward the transporter room. As had been the case on previous occasions, the couple drew stares from every crew member they passed.

Mercia felt a bit under scrutiny. She shot death glares towards those people, unwilling to be bullied or pried in to. Didn't every one know too much about her as it was? "So what did you think of our previous date?" she asked him wanting to get details directly from him.

"In my life, no revelry has thus far exceeded that night. For in beginning, middle and end, I did find this beauty by my side, whether amongst others, submerged in sea, or otherwise enraptured," he grinned. "How is it now you need reassurance, Mercia? Do you doubt my professions of joy?"

How could she really answer that question? She shrugged a bit, "Maybe..." she said looking up at the big man. "Or maybe I had a little too much to drink that night and don't remember as much of it as I'd like and reminders will do me good." she laughed.

"I am aghast," he said with faux shock. "How anyone might forget an evening so magical!" He laughed heartily.

Mercia glanced up, "Magical hmm?" she said as they headed in to the transporter room. She stepped on the transporter pad and ordered the transport down. They were dropped along side of a river, she took a deep breath as she turned to look at Kanoa. "OK maybe I haven't forgotten it. Hell I even made a personal log about it. Maybe I just wanted to see what you thought after thing had cooled a bit." she smirked. "Or have they cooled?"

Kanoa leaned in and kissed Mercia deeply. "Nay, neither hearts nor lips here have chilled a single degree, for your kiss to me still seems as though it is our first," he grinned.

She blushed, "Well then, I suppose that answers that question." She said. Mercia looked around, "Alright where are we off to?" she looked at the jungle and river around them. "We were at a beach last time aye? Maybe we should go in to the jungle and find some beast for you to chase." she teased.

"Speakest thou of thy own self?" he teased back. "Yes, let us to the tropical maze of vines and trees, so that we may lose ourselves to our hidden animalistic desires. In this endeavor, I cannot promise you safety from my hunger."

Mercia's eyes grew wide as she blinked. He seemed dangerous in that moment, but she liked danger didn't she? She made a coy smile cross her features. "Well then, I suppose I should get a head start." she said. She released Kanoa and took off in to the jungle running over roots and under bushes, leaving the trails behind. What was fun about trails? She was out here to have an adventure was she not? Well. She was here on a mission, but keeping life normal for her was part of it, and adventure was something Mercia always craved, and that could not change.

The woman was faster than he was, Kanoa had always known that. After all, who could hope to capture a Black Widow? Still, the bounty hunter was deceptively light on his feet for a man his size, and he dodged between the plant life with a natural grace as he chase after Mercia. He could not catch her, but he managed to keep her in his sights.

Mercia ran, but as she burst out of the underbrush there a massive gave before her. She tried to skid to a halt as her hands grabbed some vines, but her feet slipped from under her. She tumbled over the edge of the cliff with a yelp, holding on her dear life. "Kanoa!" she screeched.

"Hang on!" Kanoa shouted as he watched her go over the edge, his heart skipping a beat when he heard her cry out. He skidded to a halt before the edge and dropped to his knees, taking a firm hold of Mercia's arms and pulling her up effortlessly. Once he had pulled her up into safety, he collapsed with her on the ground next to the cliff. "This lesson is well-learned; more ways there are than desire to boil blood." He pushed himself back onto his knees. "Art thou well?"

Mercia leaned against him, "Damn... that was scary as hell... I'm fine..." she said laying on the ground. Suddenly she started to laugh, at first it was giggles, but soon it disolved in to fits and she held her stomach, rolling against him as she laughed hard enough to make tears come out of her eyes.

Her laughter was infectious, and Kanoa began laughing too, in his deep, booming laughter. Their voices mingled together and echoed into the canyon below. "I know not even of what you found such amusement," he admitted when he finally calmed down, "but your spirit truly flies freely, even in the face of death." He leaned in and attempted to kiss her deeply.

Mercia put her hand to his chest, "Whoa slow down there big boy," she said. "Who says a rescue deserves a kiss for a reward? Your job was to catch me, You've not accomplished that yet now have you? Wouldn't a hunter like you be ashamed to take the spoils of a prize he did not win?" she arched her brows.

"Is not capture by any other name still as sweet?" he laughed. "One man's rescue is another man's capture. I embrace you now; the words are mere trifles."

She stared at him for a moment before she laughed, "You are a strange man." she admitted before she relented to the kiss he seemed so eager to give her. When it broke a moment later she watched him again. This may not have been her idea of a plan, but this was how things had to be, weather she liked it or not, she might as well try and enjoy it. Her log has been clear, she was smitten with the man, and things must remain the same. With that in mind, she let her hands wander again. "Tell me about what things you like... Like what would I have found on that little ship you lost?" she asked him, trying to slow things down.

"My ship, my home," Kanoa sighed wistfully. "I did not name the vessel, for who christens their dwelling? Therein you would find such mundane items as in any of your own quarters. Memories in the form of trinkets."

"Right... so what trinkets would I find there? Isn't it true that to know ones friend or enemy you are best to look at their art and collections? You learn so much about such things." she said arching her brows. "You have been in my room, what did you learn about me there?" she asked.

"A fondness for the martial belies your history, such quarters filled with weapons might put some armories to shame. You run from your past yet fill your home with these reminders. Alas, I do the same; my ship displayed within it clothing and carvings taken with me from Daem'rehv."

She sighed and put her hands behind her head as she laid there. "Carvings... Of driftwood right?" she asked. "A little bird told me you like driftwood carvings." she said. "Did you make those yourself of buy them?" she queried.

Kanoa grinned. "Indeed!" He was clearly happy that Mercia had taken the effort to learn about him, though he wondered who would have shared this detail of his heritage with Mercia. Certainly, it was possible that the tidbit was in LCARS, but that wasn't what she had said. "Molai do not purchase carvings," he explained. "We tell the story which the wood contains within; such journeys as it has seen in lives that render ours the blink of an eye. Some were gifted, some of my own hand."

Mercia blinked, "Really?" she asked with surprise. She was surprised and fascinated by that. "So each has a story?" she grinned. "So what story did the last one you carved tell?" she asked. "Maybe I should obtain some driftwood and see what story you find inside of it." she said. She let one hand move up and caressed the side of his face, her eyes drifted away for a moment, although they continued to look at his "Can you use such skills to carve out the story with in other things?" she asked softly. "Such as women?"

"In truth I can and have," he smirked with narrowed eyes, slipping his hand to the small of her back, "Dost thou desire a demonstration?" he whispered throatily.

Mercia swallowed hard before she nodded. Maybe she should have expected this but this what who she was, this is what she'd want. "Oh very much so." she said before boldly kissing the man. "Show me what you can do." she grinned with a challenging smirk.

Kanoa grinned back and pulled Mercia into him, and into the ground.



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