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Hey Doc

Posted on Thu Feb 4th, 2016 @ 4:33pm by Lieutenant JG Julian Winterstorm & Lieutenant Lor Lorix

Mission: Mother Base
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: A slight backpost

While Taylor had gone to Security, Julian had gone to Medical He really didn't have a choice. He was finding it difficult to take a deep breath and and felt he might have a broken or cracked rib or two. And his left wrist was hanging at an odd angle.

He stepped through the open doors and looked around.

As the doors swished open and the new patient entered Lorix looked up and frowned. He was clearly a 'new patient' as he was covered in blood and obviously had broken bones, especially that wrist. She hurried over and ushered him into a cubicle, running a med scanner over his most obvious injuries and readying a hypospray with pain killer before she began treatments.

Indicating the bio bed with her open arm, the CMO supported his lower left arm gently above the injured wrist to stop it flopping or bumping against anything.

"How did this happen? Is the wrist the injury that hurts most?" Without letting go of his arm she reached awkwardly behind herself and initiated the biobed scanner which immediately began to roll out its findings onto the monitor at the bed head behind him but in front of her. She took in a sharp intake of breath when it displayed the stab wound.

With a grunt of pain Julian eased himself down onto the bio bed. " contact... Security... the man that did this... is still out there.. His name is Caleb Mitchell."

"I'll do a report *after* I get to see what I can do to make sure his crime doesn't extend to serious or more permanent damage." Lorix replied, making a mental note to look into the details for her report later.

"What actually happened?" she repeated the enquiry as she worked quickly to stem the flow of blood and regenerate the severed veins and flesh and programming the med-bed to initiate the input of fluids, plasma, and antiseptic meds to stave off any infections that might be already in his system and currently taking hold.

With the pain easing, and his metabolism returning to near normal Julian's breathing returned to normal. "Well I was taking a day off and relaxing. I saw my friend Taylor and invited him up to the Star Lounge where I was eating.

He came up, we talked briefly. He went up to get some drinks and that is when Nigel came up to me. He threatened Taylor if I didn't come along with him and so I did. He took me to his abandoned warehouse. Yeah I know it's sounds kind of predictable, but that's the way it happened.

Caleb Mitchell was the man that got me demoted, I guess that wasn't good enough, he wanted me killed because he thought I knew things I didn't know. If it hadn't been for Taylor he would have succeed, I'd be dead now."

"That is incredible!" Lorix was horrified. "It sounds like something out of the 21st Century back in the bad old days!" she exclaimed.

"If you wish to make a full report to Security, I will back you up with a true and full report of your injuries which may or may not help. Of course I can't corroborate who did this or why but I can tell it how it is when it comes to what has been done to you and what I have had to repair."

"Thanks," Julian responded, "Taylor, he, he killed a man trying to protect me."

"That complicates things." Lorix said evenly. It wasn't an even comment to make but it was all she could say without allowing the patient to become even more agitated.

"I'll say. He was my knight in shinning armor so to speak, but I'm not sure Starfleet will see it that way," came Julian's response.

"Are you SURE you want me to put in a report?" she asked with all seriousness.

"I mean, I will of course.....and I *should*... but in the circumstances..... all I have is your account so it would be quite proper for me to only put in the medical facts..... If I add anything we've talked about there would be an inquiry... there may well be anyway, even if I am brief and simply functional with my report however I could chose whether or not to add in your account... that's all I'm saying.

It's up to you whether you want to retract the details and I will forget that you said anything at all, or if you do want me to report it ALL and get it investigated?"

"I have nothing to hide, " Julian commented, "I did nothing wrong. Nor did Taylor. It is up to you, what you want to report. As you said, I am sure there is an inquiry coming,regardless of what you report."

"I didn't mean to imply you should *hide* anything, I was just offering to follow your lead if you didn't wish to purse this." She replied.

"So that seems to be all I can do right now." she put away the regenerator she had been using. "I'd like you to stay overnight for observation and assessment but then I'll do a further session of deep regeneration on your wounds and that should be all you'll need, so long as all stays stable and continues to improve through the night. I'll need another last regeneration session 24 hours after this one and then just a check up in a couple more days. Happy with all that?" she explained, leaving the last part as a rhetorical question.

Julian managed a small grin, "I appreciate your discretion doctor and I'll just have to face the music, whatever that is. And I'll be back for my check up. I'll be a good boy."

"I approve of that!" she smiled back, her eyes twinkling.

"Good afternoon Ensign" she said closing up his file entry for the day.

"Good afternoon," he replied as he turned to go.


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