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One on One

Posted on Sun Jan 10th, 2016 @ 8:15am by David Hawkins & Admiral Charles Grayson
Edited on on Mon Jan 18th, 2016 @ 2:12pm

Mission: Hemlock's Field 2391 [USS Resolute-A]

It didn’t take long after meeting up with his senior staff and guests with explaining, finally, of Resolute’s true mission. David knew quite well that they all would back it up and would want a part of it. Leaving Mercia behind didn’t seem right, but he knew deep down that she was needed on the Gladiator more. If she wasn’t there, he would have to put all his trust in Captain Cooper. It wasn’t as though he didn’t trust him, but there were several other staff members on the starship that were breaking in other Senior staff members. A complete staff change on them would be hard already. But at least one friendly face would be a good thing for them. They would be able to look up to her, and she would have Cooper’s back, or lack there of.

The sound of the Resolute’s Ready Room closed, and David looked out the view port to the interior of the hidden hanger bay. He was about to get his ass chewed, at least he felt it coming, but it didn’t matter at this point. They had the green light to hunt those assholes down, and there was nothing going to stop them.

“Speak your mind, Admiral,” David finally requested as he stood with his hands in his pockets looking out trying to enjoy the view.

Charles took a deep breath, "This is a very cowboy way of going at things." he said coming to stand next to the Commodore. "And I'm not so certain that you should be leading this. COIL is a thorn in our side, but they know your face, they studied you. You think you can out smart them with out the backing of the entire fleet?" she asked

"That's the plan," David crossed his arms over his chest. He knew that's what it was going to be like but he was done seeing the death of his crew, his people. "Besides, we are just finding their home, then the fleet come down on their asses."

"You know this goes far deeper and is far older than just some group of people who hate holograms?" Charles asked David. "I don't want you to bite off more than you can chew. You are risking valuable members of your crew, putting distance between them and other members..." he said thinking of Mercia's pouting. He'd have to talk to her about that later. "They've been dealt a lot of heavy blows, they may not be much of a threat in and of themselves, and I doubt very much you can find the roots and destroy them... They run back.... oh many generations."

"So what would you do, Charles?" He asked breaking ranks and regulations. His fear was losing more people that didn't deserve it. "They just backed up a psychotic man trying to wipe out the complete quadrant with an alien device! I guess we should just pat ourselves on the fact that we ran into it all by mistake just in time to stop them. There are to many damn coincidences for my taste."

Grayson breathed, although the breath caught in the back of his throat making a long inward sigh. "You are right, but I'm telling you David... there are people in my rank who are against this, who are already fighting to get you out of here." he said. "I don't know why COIL got in bed with the Trinity, other than the fact their core beliefs are relatively similar." he said. "I don't know that I'd do any thing differently, but someone has to keep it in your head that you are doing something dangerous, and not just from COILs side... but from our side as well."

The thoughts rushed over his mind as he felt the irritation and anger build. Red started to cloud his view and before he knew it, the sound of something slamming against a metallic object was heard. Pain rushed through his fist as he looked up throw his clouded view. As he looked at his fist still resting up against the bulk head, David felt his heart beating hard and fast before he finally pulled slowly away and looked over his fist. Blood started to slowly come from the slight cut on his knuckle. It stung a little but not enough to cause him to flinch from it.

"Then what do you suggest?" Hawkins asked as he kept his focus on his hand.

Dealing with violent and angry youth gave Grayson extra ordinary grace and steel resolve when faced with anger and outbursts. His voice tone did not change, nor show any surprise at Davids frustrations. "Tread carefully, watch who you trust... you are getting ready to go toe to toe with some vicious and conniving people. Part of the reason I wanted to relocate out here was to watch your back son. You remember the trial when the Phantom Project failed... some of those people allowed your reinstatement because they thought you would burry yourself in time, and they want to see it happen." Charles said. "Such as Admiral Jarland..." he said. "And don't do this alone. If you are going solo on any part of it you're wrong in that instant."

Hawkins met the Admiral's eyes and sighed as he nodded. "I rather lead this, but I see your point," he stated as he turned around and walked to the desk to take a seat. He rubbed his hand for a moment before he sat and pulled a small med kit from behind the desk. "My people lead this, and only them."

Charles took the opportunity to get a coffee from the replicator as he grunted his agreement, "I sure as hell wouldn't trust any one else." he said. "Play it close to the chest, but don't go it alone. Fine balance... but remember you are eradicating a problem for the federation. This can't be a personal vendetta. Vendettas get people killed." he reminded David as he sat down across from him.

It took a moment fore him to fully calm down before he finally agreed to what the Admiral was fully saying. "I should step back from this then."

"To a degree. You are the leader. Leaders provide Direction, Obtain plans, ideas, and recomendations, then commission the work, provide for the succession of the team, and obtain evaluations from your team." Charles said, listing the discription from memory. "Where will you be able to provide for the success?"

He took a sip from his coffee and continued, remembering one of the greatest lessons form his own career and life. Advice given to him, from his uncle, that changed his life, and helped him become a success. "Think of battles in old earth history, the men, the kings and generals, in charge of the army can not see what is happening on the field if they are on field. They have a post, they see over all the battle and even beyond it to traps, movements, and ambushes the enemy is setting up. A leader in his post can win the day. When he step out of place... goes down on the field, he can't see the ambush, the traps, or the movment which will take out their own army. He'll never see it coming."

He met Davids eyes knowing he was being a bit long winded, but he knew it was important. "As passionate as you are, as much as your desire is to fight, you have a greater purpose, and you will not live to your potential if you do not position yourself in your most effective place. But rest assured, your day of battle will come David."

"Do you think I care about my position or potential?" David countered as he worked on his bruises. "I want them to hurt as they hurt us. They killed people for no reason and the only reason why superiors signed off on this was because they became a large threat."

"What if part of your purpose and potential is hurting them where they hurt us?" Charles countered. "The higher ups may have signed off on it because of the threat, and some may have put you in charge hoping you will self destruct, but the fact is a number of us know you will get the job done, but you will do it right, if you are in the right place. We, who believe in you, gave you that power, wield it well."

"Yes, my Lord," David mocked as he sighed before coming to an agreement with this before him. "Very well, Commander Stele will be asked to lead it with ch'Koro as her second in command. I will oversee things as planned on Memphis and Gladiator as my Flagship."

"Sounds wise." Charles chuckled. "Thoughts?" He asked. He drank more of his coffee and eyed Hawkins, he liked working with Hawkins, he was real, and that is exactly what Starfleet needed.

Taking a moment to rub his now healed hand and knuckles, David looked at Admiral and sighed. "You damn well know my thoughts, Charles. All this is going to end my career and several others. You know it is coming. But I don't care at this point if we take care of COIL."

The Admiral leaned back. His own career was on the line, however, his experience and record gave him enough pull he could continue his program in the civilian world. He wasn't so worried about himself. The Starfleet structure was helpful to him. "I am hoping to shield as many people from repercussions as possible. Take my advice though David... don't put someones career over their conscience. If they stand with you, let them take the risk with you." he said. "I think you do well with that, but it must be said."

"Yeah, well... Only time will tell," David replied as he took it all in. It was only a matter of time before the Resolute needed to launch and do their mission. "I'll talk to Stele and ch'Koro. And you have your little children to tend to. But I'll need you to fill in for me if I leave Memphis Island, if you don't mind. The staff aren't all in place just yet."

Charles nodded, "I'll be happy to. The facility is not fully updated yet, and the first load of recruits will be here soon, my staff arrived three days ago. Suffice to say, I can wrangle your staff and fill in." he said. "Whatever I can do to help you kick COILs ass." he grinned widly and finished off his coffee. "I better get back to the training facility before Lyla tries to call me again, she is happy as can be designing and setting up and moving her family in to her new house, you wouldn't know it though... the woman is is raging and its best to say 'yes ma'am' when she calls." he laughed thinking the redheaded head of Psycology for the program, who was his partner in 'crime'. He stood up and returned his coffee cup to the replicator.

"Lets plan a follow up meeting in two weeks, unless someting comes up before." Charles said, wanting to ensure he tried to stay involved and a support to David. This may spell the end for their careers... but the mission was first, and more important than career.



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